She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not
She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not
Author: JakdragonXJakdragonX
Published on 07 Feb 2021 15:39
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Item #: SCP-5313

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5313 is contained within a standard Anomalous Object Containment Chamber at Site-119. Foundation personnel are authorized to remove SCP-5313-1 from SCP-5313 once it sprouts for experimentation or testing purposes.

Description: SCP-5313 is the designation given to an anomalous flower pot, capable of predicting the romantic and/or sexual attractions of target individuals towards other subjects. SCP-5313 can perform this action through SCP-5313-1, a singular, seemingly non-anomalous red rose that sprouts once a seed is planted within SCP-5313. The type of seed is irrelevant, as any that are used within the object will always sprout SCP-5313-1. Tests concerning this process have ascertained that SCP-5313-1 will always sprout regardless of the current life-cycle of the seed, which means that bulbs of plants will also manifest as SCP-5313-1. SCP-5313-1, while being resilient and able to thrive without the standard requirements of a typical rose within the object, will die if disconnected from SCP-5313 for extended periods of time.

SCP-5313 can only predict romantic attraction once a series of non-anomalous actions are performed::

  • A performer will first name their target, whether aloud or through thinking about them. How this is executed is irrelevant.
  • Said performer will begin to pluck off SCP-5313-1's petals. On each pluck, the performer must alternately state aloud either "They Love Me", or "They Love Me Not", beginning with the former on the first petal.
  • They are to continue plucking SCP-5313-1 until only one petal remains. Whichever statement follows the removal of the final petal will dictate whether or not the targeted individual does or does not possess romantic or sexual feelings towards the performer.1

Addendum 5313-1: Discovery

SCP-5313 was recovered from Researcher Marcel Dupont on 2018/09/13, who submitted it into containment following quote, "a sudden realization of its anomalous properties and [his] responsibilities towards the Foundation." Researcher Dupont also noted that this object had been in his family's possession for several generations prior to Foundation custody, and was considered an heirloom prior to containment. He would later discover SCP-5313 in his attic, whilst moving to a suburban house within Indianapolis, IN, United States. Once contained, several experiments involving SCP-5313 were approved, with results verifying the extent of the object's anomalous properties.

Subject Target Results Notes
Rs. Marcel Dupont Clarisse Chesterfield [NO] Rs. Dupont reported these results to Foundation personnel prior to SCP-5313's containment. Refer to Interview in Addendum 5313-2.
Dr. Frode Kastor Sr. Rs. Trini Kastor-Riva [YES] The two subjects present within the experiment had been married for 32 years and lived together throughout most of their lives.
D-125423 Ordinary primate (infraorder Simiiformes) █████2 "Whoever the hell decided to request for this test, come see me in my office. Now." ~ Dr. Devin Collins
Js. Rs. Arun Macias Js. Rs. Margie Zavala [YES] The two subjects were chosen due to expressing romantic feelings amongst each other at Site-119 beforehand.
Rs. Kyan Bell black-eyed Susan sunflower plant (Rudbeckia hirta) [ERROR] SCP-5313-1 wilted prior to completion. These results conclude that SCP-5313 requires organisms with baseline intelligence in order to output an answer.
D-472761 Kamron Dawe [NO] Kamron Dawe, age 14, was the daughter of D-472761. SCP-5313 seems to indicate strictly romantic feelings, not platonic or paternal ones.

Addendum 5313-2: Investigation

An investigation into SCP-5313 and its relation to Rs. Marcel Dupont was enacted alongside experimentation. An interview was later performed, with Rs. Marcel Dupont questioned about his reasonings for utilizing SCP-5313 and its anomalous attributes.

Interviewer: Dr. Daniel Reigen

Interviewed: Rs. Marcel Dupont

Dr. Reigen: Greetings, Marcel. We doing well?

Rs. Dupont: Yeah, yeah. Just fine. We can probably skip the formalities if you'd like.

Dr. Reigen: Sure. (Clears throat.) How about we just start at the beginning? With how you discovered SCP-5313?

Rs. Dupont: Right. Well, uh, I think it's always been apart of my family. From my Dad, to his, and so on and so forth.

Dr. Reigen: Mhm.

Rs. Dupont: From the stories I've been told, everyone before me had used it to see if, well, spouses and whatnot were actually going to stay in the family. The same process, and every time it was always right. I don't think there's even been a divorce since… 5 or 6 generations? Something crazy like that?

Dr. Reigen: So was it used as an initiation?

Rs. Dupont: No, no. Well… sorta. Yes? No one was being forced to like, use it or anything. But then again, it wasn't like there was any harm in trying it out. It hadn't ever been wrong before, so like, why not?

Dr. Reigen: So how did it get into your hands? Was it inherited or did anyone else use it?

Rs. Dupont: Well, I wouldn't necessarily say that it was "passed on." Everyone at the house had free reign to use it. Hell, we thought it was normal for everyone, so we never really thought much of it at the time. (Chuckles) We hadn't realized it was like, "special" until we tried talking about it at school. Everyone looked at us weird like we just had some magical pot that could reveal our crushes or something.

Dr. Reigen: We?

Rs. Dupont: Right, sorry. My family, but also my brother and I. We both were near the same age, only a year apart.

Dr. Reigen: Understood. So I'm aware that you used the object before, correct?

Rs. Dupont: Correct, I used it several times, in fact.

Dr. Reigen: And I'm assuming that your first target was Mrs. Clarisse Chesterfield?

Rs. Dupont: (Brief laugh.) Clarisse. Yeah, she was my first little test. Well, not "test," but my first introduction to the thing.

Dr. Reigen: I guess the results didn't go as you hoped?

Rs. Dupont: It was heartbreaking, yeah. We practically grew up together, my first crush. She was pretty at the time.

Dr. Reigen: I see, hm. But who else did you use it on? After her?

Rs. Dupont: Well, I was a bit reluctant after Clarisse. But I ended up using the rose, or SCP-5313 rather, on several other people. Even all the way into college.

Dr. Reigen: Such as?

Rs. Dupont: Uh, let's see. There's Hannah in senior year… then Elizabeth. After her, I tried Jessie, which didn't work out at all. (Chuckles.) Hm… Dorris was another, and that was in my sophomore year at Yale. Oh! Agatha too, but she was more of an accident than anything else.

Dr. Reigen: That it?

Rs. Dupont: Well, after Agatha, even Dorris, I think I just sorta gave up hope? I mean, this was like the fifth or sixth time. And after each time, the results were always the same: "she loves me not." I remember just getting really irritated about it all.

Dr. Reigen: That makes sense.

Rs. Dupont: I eventually just tossed it in a box at some point and left it in my attic. I think it was during my move into Indy?

Dr. Reigen: Oh. So you just stopped using it?

Rs. Dupont: I did, for a while even. I want to say like, 3 or 4 years? I became very, uh, aromantic. Although admittedly that might've stemmed from something more than just my luck with dating. Or lack of luck, rather.

Dr. Reigen: What else happened then?

Rs. Dupont: Well, after those years I eventually made my way into the Foundation. Started pretty small, but I worked my way up eventually. It was right then too that I met Hayley.

Dr. Reigen: Hayley?

Rs. Dupont: Right, yeah, she and I met during a trip to Chicago. I was sent to investigate a crime scene, and she happened to be there too. Of course, we didn't meet during work—it was more in-transit, but things did get interesting pretty quick.

Dr. Reigen: I'm not sure I follow.

Rs. Dupont: Well, the thing is, she and I started developing feelings for each other almost right after my trip. We happened to exchange numbers, and it wasn't long before we were hanging out together at restaurants, parks—you name it.

Dr. Reigen: You two became very close, I'm guessing.

Rs. Dupont: Exactly. And before we knew it, things progressed even further. It went from one month to two… then suddenly we were celebrating a year, two years. At one point she moved in, and we just, uh, what's the word? Vibed? Got along?

Rs. Dupont: That sounds better yeah.

Rs. Dupont turns to his side, and after a moment retrieves his cellular device from his pocket.

Dr. Reigen: Something come up?

Rs. Dupont: (While scrolling through his device.) No, no. I just remembered our one trip to Las Vegas. I happened to record most of it, and I figured that would help you get a picture of her and I.

Dr. Reigen: Okay?

Several moments pass.

Rs. Dupont: Hang on, it's in here somewhere…

Another second passes.

Rs. Dupont: Here! Found it.

Rs. Dupont turns his device to face Dr. Reigen. On the screen plays a video recording.

Dr. Reigen: Ah. (Leans closer to view the screen.) And, why exactly are you showing me this?

Rs. Dupont: Like I said, it's to prove that she exists. You've never seen Hayley, right? I could just be talking out of my ass for all we know.

Dr. Reigen: Fair point. I can go ahead and add it to the documentation if you want?

Rs. Dupont: I, what? Yeah, sorry. Go ahead.

Rs. Dupont appears somewhat distressed as the video continues playing.

Dr. Reigen: Everything okay?

Rs. Dupont: Huh? Oh, right. Yeah, everything is fine. (Clears throat) Will be fine, rather. That was all a different time. It's always surprising to, uh, see it all again.

Dr. Reigen: Would you like a quick break while I get this copied?

Rs. Dupont: Well… (Pauses.) sure. There's no harm in that I suppose.

Dr. Reigen: Sure.

Concluding Statement: Interview was subsequently paused for nearly 26 minutes while Dr. Reigen recovered the video recording from Rs. Dupont's device.

Note: Due to media playback errors, a written transcript of the video recording mentioned in the aforementioned interview with Rs. Dupont has been provided due to its relevancy. Please note that a majority of the footage has been cut for brevity and clarity.

Recording begins on the dashboard of an unknown vehicle, with the perspective panning outward towards the driver and passenger seats. Inside, Rs. Dupont can be seen driving, wearing a casual grey shirt and brown shorts. Next to him, a younger blonde woman dressed in a red crop-top and blue jeans stares out of the passenger window. They both appear to be smiling. After several moments, Rs. Dupont can be seen turning the radio on, causing "Breakeven" by The Script to play. He quickly turns up the volume.

Rs. Dupont: You're going to have the time of your life, guaranteed.

The woman turns towards Rs. Dupont, who can now be identified as Hayley Morrow.

Morrow: Oh, really?

Rs. Dupont: What, you don't believe me?

Morrow chuckles slightly as she crosses her legs.

Morrow: Oh I believe you alright. But did you really think driving all the way there would be a good idea?

Rs. Dupont turns his head quickly towards Morrow's gaze.

Rs. Dupont: You don't want to spend time on the road? Just us?

Morrow smiles, leaning over the console to kiss Rs. Dupont on his right cheek.

Morrow: No, That's not what I meant at all.

Morrow chuckles again.

Morrow: You know our time together is always a blast.

Rs. Dupont leans over and turns a knob on the dashboard before returning to his previous position. The vehicle can be seen accelerating onto an interstate.

Morrow: I just realized something.

Rs. Dupont: What's up?

Morrow looks towards Rs. Dupont.

Morrow: We've both always kinda been on the road, haven't we?

Rs. Dupont squints his eyes in apparent confusion.

Rs. Dupont: What do you mean?

Morrow slumps backward in her seat.

Morrow: Like, even when we first met, we've both had this… this attraction, almost, to the road.

Rs. Dupont: Like roadkill?

Morrow: (Chuckling.) No, no. I just, ergh, I can't really explain it.

Rs. Dupont: No I think I get it. (Pausing.) Almost like nomads, right?

Morrow: Something like that, yeah. Just doing our own thing, having the wind take us wherever. Kinda nomadic, in a good way.

Rs. Dupont: Is there ever a bad nomadic lifestyle?

Morrow shrugs.

Morrow: I'm sure someone, somewhere has probably made it bad. At some point.

The two sit in silence for several seconds as the radio begins playing a new song.

Morrow: You know, you never did tell me how I was going to have the time of my life, Marcel.

Rs. Dupont: Just trust me! I promise. Have I ever mislead you?

Morrow: Yes. Definitely.

Morrow laughs as Rs. Dupont mocks a gasp.

Rs. Dupont: How cruel of you.

Morrow: Aw, lighten up, tough guy. I'm just saying—don't promise what you can't keep.

Rs. Dupont shakes his head.

Rs. Dupont: I can't believe you could even say such things. Just you wait Hayley, you'll find out what I mean soon.

Morrow: Mhm. Sure.

Rs. Dupont quickly turns his head again.

Rs. Dupont: Just you wait.

Morrow: I will. And what happens if I don't?

Rs. Dupont: Oh don't worry. (Smiling.) It won't come to that.

The camera cuts to the inside of a small hotel room, with one bed visible and a large window overlooking the Las Vegas skyline. Rs. Depont can be seen carrying the recording above his head, with Morrow walking towards him from a nearby bathroom. Rs. Dupont begins speaking with his face towards the camera.

Rs. Dupont: Man, this hotel room is fucking awesome, huh?

Morrow: Marcel, what are you doing?

Rs. Dupont turns his head but keeps the camera angled towards him.

Rs. Dupont: (Offhand.) What do you mean? I'm immortalizing our trip! Keeping memories.

Morrow laughs as she sits down atop of the bed. The TV adjacent to her flashes on, with the local news playing at a low volume.

Morrow: You look like a middle-aged man when you do that.

Rs. Dupont rolls his eyes as he continues holding the camera above him.

Morrow: Marcel, seriously.

Rs. Dupont: Aw come on, you know you love it.

They both sit in silence for a moment as Rs. Dupont moves the camera to another position, pointing towards them.

Rs. Dupont: I just thought of something.

Morrow: Yeah?

Rs. Dupont: You remember that one time, back in August, when we went to that Freddy's Dinner in Columbus?

Morrow pauses.

Morrow: I think so, yeah.

Rs. Dupont: And they didn't fucking cook your meal and you almost threw up?

Morrow: Yes, I definitely remember now. (Chuckling.) You almost went over the counter.

Rs. Dupont: I was mad, I couldn't help it.

Morrow: Mhm, sure.

Rs. Dupont: I was!

Morrow: Trust me, I know. But why bring it up now?

Rs. Dupont turns towards Morrow.

Rs. Dupont: We're going out there again someday, I have a score to settle with the cooks who made your food.

Morrow: That really necessary? I'm sure you got your point across to them already.

Rs. Dupont: Maybe, but they cheated you out. Freddy's has always been a good place to eat at. I can't just forgive them.

Morrow: I think you'll be able to just fine.

Rs. Dupont: Yeah, whatever.

Rs. Dupont walks over to Morrow, offering his hand towards her. She grasps it and then rises to her feet. The two smile at each other momentarily before they both share a kiss.

Rs. Dupont: Okay, okay. We both should probably go get ready. We got somewhere to be in an hour.

The camera changes perspectives once more, now again in Rs. Dupont's hand. The camera appears to be slightly spinning, overlooking a massive crowd. Upon closer inspection, it appears that Rs. Dupont and Morrow are inside of the Golden Nugget Casino, located within downtown Las Vegas. The two also appear slightly intoxicated, with Morrow quickly running up to Rs. Dupont and giving him a kiss on the lips as he records.

Rs. Dupont: Are you having fun yet?

Morrow nods. Rs. Dupont quickly turns towards her, giving Morrow another kiss as the two begin walking.

Morrow: Do we have any more money?

Rs. Dupont: (Chuckles.) Probably not.

The two continue walking around the casino, with each holding the other's hands. After several minutes, the two wander outside and continue walking northwest.

Morrow: Where are we going? (Laughing.)

Rs. Dupont: I, uh, I think there's a park nearby. Wanna stop there for a second and get some fresh air?

Morrow nods as they continue walking. After another 10 minutes, the two arrive at Symphony Park. Despite the several streetlights, the area is still dark. The two spot a nearby bench, and can be seen sitting down. After another pause, Morrow leans her head against Rs. Dupont's shoulder.

Morrow: I'm getting sleepy.

Rs. Dupont: Do you want to head home soon?

Morrow: Not right now, no. But soon, probably. What do you want to do?

Rs. Dupont: I'm okay with whatever.

Morrow snorts.

Morrow: I hate it when you do that.

Rs. Dupont: What? I'm only copying you, Ms. "Whatever You Want To Eat, I Don't Care."

Morrow playfully punches Rs. Dupont in the arm.

Rs. Dupont: Ow! That hurt.

The two laugh for a few seconds before they each go silent. It remains like this for several minutes. The camera moves and is now pointed upwards, with Rs. Dupont and Morrow away from the frame.

Morrow: Marcel?

Rs. Dupont: Yeah?

Morrow: I love you.

Rs. Dupont pauses momentarily.

Rs. Dupont: I love you too, Hayley.

Morrow: Thank you.

A final pause before Rs. Dupont can be heard chuckling.

Rs. Dupont: You're welcome Hayley. You're welcome. But hey, we should probably head back to the room soon.

Morrow: Yeah, that sounds like a good idea.

Addendum 5313-3: Conclusion

Interviewer: Dr. Daniel Reigen

Interviewed: Rs. Marcel Dupont

Foreword: This interview is a continuation of the first, following a short break by Dr. Reigen.

Dr. Reigen: Alright, I've got it. Thank you Marcel.

Rs. Dupont: No problem. Uh, thank you.

Dr. Reigen: Not a problem at all. (Smiles.) But, why did you show me that video?

Rs. Dupont: Well, it's mainly because of how all of that happened. She and I, our trips and dates? That was like… those were all special to us, and it never sprouted from what some plant or whatever had to say about it, you know?

Rs. Dupont: Well… it was after that Las Vegas trip. I happened to be moving and found the stupid thing in the attic. Just completely by chance.

Dr. Reigen: Did you use SCP-5313 then? On Hayley?

Rs. Dupont: I did, eventually. Debated against it for a while. But, it was like—curiosity and the cat, you know? I just couldn't help myself, I needed to know how she felt about me.

Dr. Reigen: You're making this sound like the results weren't as you wanted.

Rs. Dupont: (Sighing.) Well, it was going well until I got to the final two petals. And, erh, well, it was by that point when I could've guessed the answer.

Dr. Reigen: I'm sorry, that must've been heartbreaking for you.

Rs. Dupont: You think? I couldn't even finish I was so angry. I threw that stupid thing on the ground and just walked off. I was just… I was pissed off, you know? Can you even imagine how that feels? To finally have something going, just to see that it's not going to work out?

Dr. Reigen: I hear you, really. I'm sorry.

Rs. Dupont: It's fine. All in the past. But even still—I wasn't happy with any of it.

Dr. Reigen: So… what did you do?

Rs. Dupont retrieves his phone, and scrolls through it for several seconds before turning the screen to Dr. Reigen.

Hey Hayley?

hi, what's up?

Can we talk?

of course. I'm a bit busy but what's up?

I've just been thinking.


Well, I don't really have any way else to say it, but you love me, yeah?

I know I don't ever ask this, but it's been on my mind recently.

where is this coming from? you should know the answer to that already, silly.



can you please elaborate on what you mean?

You know, you are avoiding the questoin.


sorry, I'm not trying to avoid it. work has been caught up with something and I'm just a bit confused at what's wrong.

I just need to know.

you obviously know the answer. of course.


any reason why you asked? you're worrying me.


no, it's fine. do you need space or anything? can i help?

I just needed to know, it's been on my mind.

That's all.



you know i care about you

im a bit busy right now, can we talk about this later?

Yeah, sure. Sorry.

no need to apologize. just call me when I get off work, deal?

I will.

im just busy.

and tired.

talk to you soon.

Dr. Reigen: I see. This happen a lot between you then?

Rs. Dupont: Well, it did then. And things got worse before they got better.

Dr. Reigen: I understand. I didn't know this about you.

Rs. Dupont: Right, of course.

Dr. Reigen: Can I ask what happened?

Rs. Dupont: Right, uh, she and I spent a lot of time alone after that. I think we both needed space, and that was our excuse.

Dr. Reigen: Mhm.

Rs. Dupont: I spent a lot of time alone, trying to figure things out, you know?

Dr. Reigen: Of course.

Rs. Dupont: And then finally I think I just couldn't take it anymore. I was beyond angry, and it felt like… like someone else was controlling my life. Preventing me from building relationships.

Dr. Reigen: So what did you do then?

Rs. Dupont: I did what I had to. I got up out of my slump and tried texting her again. And then we just… tried to work things out?

Dr. Reigen: Oh?

Rs. Dupont: I wish I had some more footage to show you and all but, I was in such a slump that recording it then would've probably made me feel even worse.

Dr. Reigen: There's no need to feel sorry about that. (Chuckles.) It's not your responsibility to document everything.

Rs. Dupont: You're right, yeah.

Dr. Reigen: So what happened? Did you two not work out anymore?

Rs. Dupont: Well, as I said, things weren't great between us. We both sort of lost hope for each other, and eventually we decided that we should look at things from a new angle. Because, well, if you couldn't guess by now, what we had going wasn't ever working out again.

Rs. Dupont scrolls through his phone once more.

Dr. Reigen: And…?

Rs. Dupont: Well, after another few months, we did things differently. No longer were we just "lovers" like we once were. It was time that we let go, and move on from what we had.

Dr. Reigen: So you guys broke up?

Rs. Dupont turns his phone towards Dr. Reigen.


Instance of SCP-5313-1 with three visible petals.

Rs. Dupont: (Smirking.) I said we did things differently, not break up. Remember how I said there were only two petals before?

Dr. Reigen: You motherfucker.3 So even after all of this time?

Rs. Dupont: What, did you really think I was gonna let some flower tell me what to do?

Dr. Reigen: And you and Hayley…?

Rs. Dupont: We got back together, of course. Got married soon after.

Dr. Reigen: You know, you could've started off with that Marcel. Instead of dragging this all on and giving me all of this work. Half of this conversation wasn't even about SCP-5313.

Rs. Dupont: (Rolling his eyes.) Yeah, yeah, I could've. But then where's the fun in that?

Dr. Reigen: You have anything else to say before I can finally conclude this interview?

Rs. Dupont: Do you really want to know?

Dr. Reigen: You're going to get in trouble if you keep this up.

Rs. Dupont: Probably. Oh well, it's what they get for dragging me into all of this. Wasn't I doing enough by turning the stupid thing in? I could be home right now doing anything else.

Dr. Reigen: Marcel.

Rs. Dupont continues smiling as he turns his phone back towards Dr. Reigen for a final time.

Rs. Dupont: Okay fine, but have you at least seen the baby pictures yet, Daniel? She's just the cutest.

Concluding Statement: Due to the image provided by Rs. Dupont, Foundation personnel are unaware if the extra petal spotted on SCP-5313-1 was anomalously manifested or otherwise an oversight by the Researcher. Reclassification of SCP-5313 as "Explained" is currently pending following more experimentation.

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