Critter Profile: Cutie!
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Critter Profile: critter name




Species: Felis catus (Domestic Shorthair)

Primary Caretaker: Terrestrial Team, Valentine Punters

Diet: Standard cat food with sprinkles!

Housed: Wilson's Wildlife Center, Enclosure 4

Creature Features!

"Cutie" is our name for our cute little white short-hair house cat! Doesn't she look so sweet in the sun? Cutie is the perfect companion for all our tech wizzes over here at Wilson's because she just loves being around phones and computers and whatnot! Always running her cute little paws over the keys, so sweet! Although, Cutie is very mischievous as well. We always find her on laptops and fancy touch screen phones despite the fact we never provide her with them! But she certainly does have her own style she likes to share with her friends. One day we walked in and whatdoyaknow, all her toys and blankets are pink! She was curled up in the corner away from all her toys that morning, must have been tired!

We recovered Cutie from the basement of a vacated building down in the Southern states of North America. She gave that place a makeover too! What a sweetie pie!




Special Needs and Accommodations!

Notes about crittername!

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