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Item#: 1341
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:


Foundation Outpost-201 after being overwhelmed by SCP-1341-A

Assigned Site Site Director Research Head Assigned Task Force
Area-179 R. Joseph Barrow N/A Theta-4 "Gardeners"



Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1341 is to be held in Containment Locker B-E-3, located at Area-179.

In conjunction with the Australian government, four guard posts have been established 15 kilometers out from Outpost-201, arranged around the location's perimeter. Outpost-201 has been shuttered from public access under the auspices of hazardous materials cleanup.

Select personnel sourced from the Foundation Department of Anomalous Damage Assessment are to maintain a position at Outpost-201 for the purposes of stymieing SCP-1341-A growth through the use of Compound-XJ0 until the effected area can be completely cleared.

Consumption of fruits grown from SCP-1341-A is prohibited.

Description: SCP-1341 is a red-glassed mason jar containing dirt.1 The words ''JUNGLE IN A JAR'' are written on a small piece of duct tape placed over its lid. SCP-1341 weighs approximately 120 kilograms.

When SCP-1341's lid is removed, dirt will exude from the jar at a pace of 100 kilograms per minute. This process will continue until SCP-1341's lid is placed back on the jar.

Shortly after settling on the ground, SCP-1341's soil will grow a variety of anomalous plants, designated SCP-1341-A. Not unlike that which is found in ordinary tropical forests, most of this vegetation is dense, tangled plant life. These plants grow abnormally fast, and usually reach full maturity after a period of 28 hours. Following this, SCP-1341-A will continue to grow, but at a much slower rate. SCP-1341-A possess remarkable durability, and are resistant to all known chemical defoilants with the exception of the anomalously procured Compound-XJ0.



Fruits, resembling those in the genera Durio, have been observed to grow from SCP-1341-A and have been given the designation SCP-1341-A2. Consumption results in subjects gaining knowledge they did not previously possess, specifically on topics such as:

  • Agriculture, and the growth of plants under extreme conditions such as heat and dryness
  • Antibiotics and modern medical knowledge
  • Mathematics, specifically metric measurements and other practical applications
  • A general timeline of world history leading up to the late 19th century, with a focus on when specific technological innovations were developed, such as the compass, the printing press, the telegraph, the steam engine, and the production of steel. Events, figures, dates, and technologies present in this account of history do not accurately reflect understood reality or any Foundation historical databases.
  • An innate understanding of the inner workings of these innovations, including the knowledge required to reproduce them
  • A vast Eastern European nation named Svarania, as well as its supposed history, technologies2, and geological location, all of which contradict understood knowledge of world history.

A more complete analysis of SCP-1341-A2's account of history is available to personnel with Level 5 security clearances. The effect of SCP-1341-A2 is poorly understood, and due to the security risk posed, is barred from further testing.

Addendum.1341.1: Discovery and Incident-1341-A

Collected information from Outpost-201


Retrieval site of SCP-1341

SCP-1341 was discovered on 2021/03/03, in the Simpson Desert, Australia during an archaeological dig. It was then allocated to Outpost-2013, where its anomalous properties were documented. The following journal logs, taken from head researcher Dr. Boyd, have been transcribed below.

We set aside a small room where SCP-1341 could grow uncontrolled and free. In little over 5 hours, the room was fully encompassed by soil, which SCP-1341-A sprouted from. After realizing that SCP-1341 wasn't going to stop pouring any time soon, we closed the jar and left it on a shelf overnight.


Surveillance footage

It wasn't enough. By the next day, an overgrowth of foliage had covered the entrance to the testing chamber. Cutting it didn't work, and neither did burning it. We made a makeshift entrance from the ceiling, managing to find a clear spot large enough for D-0981's body to fit in.

We lowered her in, she grabbed the jar, and we brought her out as quickly as possible. Our entrance was inaccessible less than an hour later.

We've been authorized to use anomalous means, and in our case, that would be our sole Thaumaturgist on-site. It's working about as well as expected. We sent in a call for assistance to Site-201, and they're sending someone to assess the situation tomorrow morning.

Contact arrived. Authorized an order of Foundation-made defoliants to the Outpost. They should be here within the next two days. Plant growth has completely overtaken the testing chamber. Security cameras indicate that they've even started growing fruit. There's no way in hell we're looking deeper into that until we get this thing under control.

Curiously, a small clearing has been made in the entrance we lowered D-0981 through. It's not big enough for a person to fit through. Surveillance shows nothing out of the ordinary.

No further entries were recorded.

On 2021/03/07, a shipment of anomalous defoliants arrived at Outpost-201, when it was found that the 8 kilometer radius surrounding Outpost-201 had been completely overgrown with SCP-1341-A. Soil from SCP-1341 was present, indicating that the object had been opened again. Site-201 was contacted immediately, and logs of inter-site communication were analyzed.

SCiPnet details reveal that Outpost-201 had successfully maintained daily automated safety checks with Site-201 from 2021/03/05 to 2021/03/07. The Outpost's power had been running the entire time, no outgoing contacts were made, and no security interference was recorded.

Addendum.1341.2: Exploration Log-1341

Exploration Log-1341 Audio/Visual Transcript

MTF Theta-4 "Gardeners" Fireteam Six
* T-4-AUDREY - Team Lead
* T-4-TRIFFID - Fireteam
* T-4-BIOLANTE - Fireteam
* T-4-MATANGO - Communications

Foreword: The following is an audio-visual transcript of the initial foray into Outpost-201 following overgrowth by SCP-1341-A. Mobile Task Force Theta-4 "Gardeners" was inserted into the area 15 hours following failure to make contact with the Outpost.


Vehicle comes to a stop. Theta-4 emerges, equips their gear, and initiates a brief microphone check. A test of nocturnal gear is conducted. MATANGO sets up a radio transmitter. After confirming that the equipment functions, the rest of the team sets off. The overgrown perimeter of Outpost-201 is visible in the distance, stretching on in both directions.

AUDREY: Searchlights on, close formation. Safeties on, use your best judgement.

Team enters the overgrowth. AUDREY signals them forward. Surrounding area is encompassed by foliage, including various trees, vines, and plants. The ground is barely visible, overtaken by small plants. Unable to cut through them, the team navigates carefully, stepping over and around the obstacles. After 10 minutes, they come to a thick, thorny growth of hanging vines.

AUDREY: Triffid, clear.

TRIFFID: Got it.

TRIFFID activates a flamethrower whose contents have been laced with Compound-XJ0. After 15 minutes, a path is cleared. A high-pitched howl is heard in the distance, followed by a second howl shortly after.

BIOLANTE: Any reports of entities?

AUDREY: Negative, but that's how these things usually go, don't they?

The team moves in silence for 8 minutes. BIOLANTE shines her searchlight to a nearby clearing, where a shadow darts away. The team stops and performs a visual check of the surrounding area, but nothing is observed. AUDREY signals to move again. The team vaults over a fallen, mossy tree into a large clearing. The soil is dug out and displaced.

AUDREY: Ground displacement. Something was moving around here.

TRIFFID begins coughing. He activates his helmet's respirator.

TRIFFID: Smell that?

BIOLANTE and AUDREY turn on their devices as well. AUDREY shines her light ahead, discovering the back of a large, serpentine carcass, positioned over a fallen tree. The team moves in closer to observe.

The massive serpent has been reduced to bone, though small bits of tissue and flesh remain in parts. The skeleton has four legs, two positioned around the middle section of the body on each side. Blood drenches the ground, and a massive swarm of flies surround the fallen creature.

AUDREY: Picked clean. Must've happened recently. Matango, how far out are we from Outpost-201?


AUDREY: Matango, report.

Silence. AUDREY fiddles with her radio, causing it to give off feedback.

AUDREY: Interference. Everyone check their devices.

BIOLANTE and TRIFFID's checks result in similar feedback.

AUDREY: Okay, stay close.

Another howling sound is heard from deeper in. The team's audio begins to lower, and the video feed is disrupted. Only visible is BIOLANTE's feed, which displays her moving through the growth for five minutes. She trips over a vine and quickly picks herself up. She frantically looks around, but AUDREY and TRIFFID are missing. She attempts to contact them using her radio.

BIOLANTE: Hello? Did we… did we get separated?


BIOLANTE: Figures. Uh, the equipment's still recording, so I'll just… explain myself for the transcription team. This may be a noneuclidean space. I was behind Audrey and Trifid, and then I wasn't. I didn't notice until I tripped, I mean, I thought they were right next to me.

BIOLANTE continues by herself. She looks behind herself multiple times. She is clearly hesitant about which direction she's going in. A shadow darts out of the corner of the feed. BIOLANTE assumes an offensive position. After 20 seconds, she relaxes herself, and continues. After she moves through a clearing of plants, a structure can be seen in the distance.

Another howl is heard. BIOLANTE approaches the fence surrounding the Outpost. A warning sign indicating high voltage is present. She walks to the entrance booth. The gate is down, and the booth is empty, sans a tree growing through its roof. She leans in front of the confirmation device to scan her ocular identification implant. The machine beeps affirmatively, and the gate rises.

The Outpost's courtyard is overgrown with SCP-1341-A, and plants can be seen emerging from the facility exterior. BIOLANTE approaches the main entrance and attempts to locate a confirmation device by digging through a curtain of vines. After confirming her identity, the entrance doors unlock.

The Outpost's lights have been turned off. BIOLANTE moves into the foyer, shining her light at the walls, which have been covered by SCP-1341-A. She then points towards the living quarters, where a stained section of dried blood trails down the hallway.

BIOLANTE follows the trail until it pools. Her light reveals the dead body of DR. BOYD, whose torso has been gutted open. Entrails and viscera are indiscriminately scattered around the corpse. Emerging from his gaped, distended mouth is a tree branch, which continues upwards into the ceiling.

BIOLANTE performs a cursory scan of the five opened personal rooms. All of them are empty and undisturbed, with the exception of SCP-1341-A growth. Retreating from the living quarters, BIOLANTE makes her way back to the foyer and enters the main hallway. As she walks, a large mass falls from the ceiling. BIOLANTE jumps and shines her light, revealing the upper torso of Foundation security guard E. LYLE, laying against a backdrop of a large pool of dried blood. She points upwards, revealing a mass of bloodstained vines that contain the rest of his body, which hangs downward. BIOLANTE continues to the storage room on the left.

A large table sits at the center of the storage room, surrounded by shelves and filing cabinets. A hissing noise is heard from the far side of the table. BIOLANTE slowly approaches, and finds SCP-1341 laying on the ground. The jar has been positioned on its side, and is continually spilling dirt. Next to the jar is the body of D-0981, which is covered with deep lacerations. BIOLANTE bends over and sifts through the dirt until she finds SCP-1341's lid. She twists it onto the jar and picks it up. BIOLANTE glances at D-0981, whose head is pointed upwards. A look towards the ceiling reveals a growth of SCP-1341-A2 hanging from a tree.


Capture taken from BIOLANTE's camera feed before disconnecting

BIOLANTE stands back up. The sound of a crate falling to the ground is heard from behind her. Startled, she points her light at the crate. On the shelf where it fell from, a squat, simian, bipedal entity4 sits. Its lengthy claws are stained with blood. The creature howls and jumps towards her. BIOLANTE fires a salvo of bullets, some of which pierce the entity's rough skin. The creature tenses, causing one of the bullets that hit its arm to be squeezed from the womb. BIOLANTE flees from the storage room with SCP-1341 in hand.

In the hallway, several more of these creatures have gathered. BIOLANTE quickly throws a flash grenade in their direction. Howling sounds are heard. Her feed shows an entity jumping out of the smoke before losing picture entirely.

Distinguishable feedback as TRIFFID and AUDREY's recording feeds come back online. They traverse the exterior growths of SCP-1341-A, but their exact location and proximity from Outpost-201 is unknown.

AUDREY: —And I'm telling you there's nothing we can do right now. She disappeared without us noticing. Neural affecting, probably. Could be.

TRIFFID: We weren't told about—

AUDREY: We weren't told anything. We're far from finished, and we need to focus on getting to that Outpost before we figure out anything else, okay?

AUDREY stops, and places her hand on TRIFFID's shoulder.

AUDREY: Hey, I'm sorry. I know you're worried about her. Her equipment's life signs are perfectly fine. When we reestablish communication, we'll hail her.

TRIFFID: Yeah, I… I'm sorry too. I'm fine now. Just keep moving.

TRIFFID and AUDREY move through SCP-1341-A in silence for 4 minutes before Outpost-201 is visible in the distance. They continue, and AUDREY scans her ocular implant to enter.

TRIFFID: It's like the reports said, the power's on.

The doors to the outpost slide open. TRIFFID and AUDREY assume a defensive position as they move into the facility. An SCP-1341 instance howls and drops from the ceiling, attempting to assault the team.


TRIFFID burns the entity, but the instance does not expire. It retreats, body engulfed in flame.

TRIFFID: No reports of entities, huh?

Audrey turns. In the corridor, a group of SCP-1341 instances have gathered. TRIFFID and AUDREY slowly back into the opposite hallway, facing forward with their weapons pointed.

AUDREY: There were no reports period. Honestly, Triff, what did you expect from an anomalous expedition?

TRIFFID: Breathtaking scenery, no secondary effects, everyone alive— is that too much to ask for?

AUDREY: Yes. Step slowly. We're going to—

A scream, presumably belonging to BIOLANTE, is heard from the storage room behind TRIFFID and AUDREY.


The two immediately turn around and run towards the closed door. The SCP-1341-B instances react to the sudden movement and lunge forward. TRIFFID fires into the crowd of SCP-1341-B as AUDREY frantically presses the door's access keypad. An SCP-1341-B instance leaps, latching onto TRIFFID's chest. He positions his rifle underneath the creature and fires, causing it to flee. The door slides open and the two funnel into the storage room. AUDREY attempts to close the door, but an SCP-1341-B instance jumps between, crushing the entity's head. Another scream, displaced between the sound of loud chewing, is heard from behind, coming from the other side of the large table.

TRIFFID: Biolante? Oh, christ.

TRIFFID moves around the table. BIOLANTE is splayed out on the floor with her helmet removed, writhing and thrusting her body. Residue and juices from SCP-1341-A2 stains the sides of her mouth, and remnants of the fruit can be seen on her gear. Several halves of SCP-1341-A2 lay beside her, with their insides missing.

BIOLANTE: (Panting) Make it stop— please make… my head.

AUDREY and TRIFFID crowd around BIOLANTE's body, assessing her state.

AUDREY: What happened? You ate them, didn't you? The fruits.

BIOLANTE: I see— no! Please stop, don't touch me. (Screams)

AUDREY: Shit, Triffid. She's out completely. I told Matango to call in backup if comms are out for more than 20 minutes. We'll be fine for now, so long as those things don't figure out how to open doors.

TRIFFID: That's if Matango's still alive. Those things—

AUDREY: Only attack in close quarters. We heard them in the jungle, but they never tried anything. We're staying here until Biolante isn't a liability, got it?


BIOLANTE continues to cry out in pain. She stands up and reaches for her handgun.

AUDREY: What are you doing?

BIOLANTE points the gun at AUDREY, who lifts her hands up.

AUDREY: Biolante… Sasha. Please.

TRIFFID positions a taser towards BIOLANTE's back.

BIOLANTE: It's so… horrible. Billions and billions of bodies erased from memory, swept under the rug like a child tossing out an old toy, and if you dig deep enough— you'll find them. I watched the world die for fifty thousand years in the creeping blue.

AUDREY: What are you talking about, Sasha?

BIOLANTE: It's just too much for me. It's too much for you too. Do you remember the occult nation of Svarania? The way they hoarded their arcane machines? When they walked, they felt the world tremble beneath their feet, as if they were giants. Where did they go? Why can't we remember them? Why did they lift a veil over themselves?

AUDREY: Please don't do this.

BIOLANTE: We lost a long, long time ago.

BIOLANTE shoots AUDREY, and the bullet pierces her left side. TRIFFID shocks BIOLANTE, and she slumps to the ground, twitching. AUDREY yells out in pain and falls to the floor, clenching her side.


Concluding Note: After 20 minutes without contact, MANTANGO issued an emergency notice to Site-201. Four assisting Mobile Task Forces arrived and traversed SCP-1341-A. In reclaiming Outpost-201, numerous SCP-1341-B instances were neutralized. TRIFFID, BIOLANTE, AUDREY were recovered safely and with minimal casualties within 5 hours of deployment. The bodies of Outpost-201's staff were catalogued, and the containment, assessment, and clean-up of the surrounding area began on 2021/03/11, headed by the Foundation's Department of Anomalous Damage Assessment.

Addendum.1341.3: Department of Anomalous Damage Assessment Report

SCP-1341 DAMAGE REPORT: 2021/03/27

Captain Valance Corrigan

Department of Anomalous Damage Assessment

Progress moves slowly, but surely, and we should have the area completely clear by this time next month. With the amount of Bending-Bits5 involved, you were right to call us. The -A material likes to grow, but we'll keep chipping away at it until it stops fighting. Either way, it's not the plants that are giving us a hard time.

Those monkey entities were aggressive at first, and then they started melting. I've attached a number of files to my report and the 1341 research team already knows this, but the creatures started biologically deteriorating about a day in. So much as touch them and you've got yourself a fine puddle of rank-smelling bio-curry. What's more is that these things are disease vectors. Some variant of Yellow Fever and Typhus that could clamp the lockdown on the world even tighter if it got out. Of course, my boys can handle it, no worries there. In fact, half of the team's probably immune to it as we speak. Routine immunity flushes do wonders for the exo-implants.

Oh, and don't rush to push papers to update your descriptions, the -B entities are officially neutralized. Not a single one left intact on the premises. Before there's any outrage about lost data or missed research opportunities, we took action as soon as we realized that they were collectively expiring. A few specimens in encased in Bakelite were sent down to Site-201. They're dead, but they should last.

- C.C

Addendum.1341.4: SCP-1341-B Autopsy Report

Autopsy Report: Specimen-1341-B-03
SCP Foundation Department of Anomalous Pathology, Site-201


SPECIMEN-1341-B-03 (HEADSHOT) prior to decomposition

The following summary has been prepared by Pathologist Dheri for the purposes of brevity in SCP-1341 documentation. Completed files, including visual footage of the operation, are available upon request.

IDENTIFIER: Specimen-1341-B-03
HEIGHT: 54 cm
WEIGHT: 12 km

DESCRIPTION: Specimen-1341-B-03 is a furred, bipedal entity resembling a primate.

A pectoral girdle and ambidextrous joints allow the entity a large degree of motion. Talons extend from its digits, tapering at a sharp point.

The anatomy of Specimen-1341-B-03— including skeletal structure, musculature, and the locations of internal organs— is identical to that of a human, scaled to the size of the specimen's body. DNA analysis has revealed that Specimen-1341-B-03's genetic makeup is similarly identical to a human, despite its appearance.

To prevent further decomposition, Specimen-1341-B-03 has been resealed in Bakelite casing and has been transported to Area-179 for research purposes. The implications of its physiology are inconclusive.

Addendum.1341.5: Interview Log

Following retrieval from Outpost-201, Mobile Task Force Theta-4 ("Gardeners") was returned to Site-201, with members receiving appropriate medical attention. Foundation personnel Sasha Aggwater6 still exhibited signs of hysteria and distress as a result of consuming SCP-1341-A2, prompting detainment in Humanoid Containment Wing-A at Site-201. Aggwater's symptoms subsided within 48 hours, when she was promptly interviewed. Due to irrefutable evidence of anomalous influence over Aggwater's decision to shoot team leader Diana Turst7, the Site-201 Disciplinary Committee has unanimously decided to cease further action.

Aggwater's initial interviews revealed information regarding the exact nature of SCP-1341-A2, and insight on topics she had, as a result of the fruit's anomalous properties, become familiar with. Logs of these interviews have been removed from SCP-1341 documentation at the request of the Overseer Council on account of preparing a classified investigation regarding the history proposed by SCP-1341-A2.

Interview Log

Forward: Aggwater had been interviewed by Dr. Pratten three times prior.


Dr. Pratten enters Aggwater's containment chamber. She lays on her bed, staring at the ceiling.

Dr. Pratten: Ms. Aggwater? May I talk to you?

Aggwater: Does it matter what I say?

Dr. Pratten: You may not think so, but yes, it does. Now, do you want to talk or not?

Aggwater: Kidding, you can come in.

Pratten sits down on a chair.

Dr. Pratten : Sorry… I, (exhales) you know how it is. How are you adjusting?

Aggwater: Better. It's still… odd. I'll look at a lightbulb, or a car, and my mind will just take me away for a little. Start thinking of all the gears, the wires, the exact measurements used to create them, how it all fits together. And then I'll come back, and it'll feel like I zoned out for hours.

Dr. Pratten: Is it still distressing?

Aggwater: I've gotten used to it. I think, for the first few days, my brain was like an overflowing bucket of water. The slightest touch would've caused me to spill. Either that bucket's gotten bigger, or some of the old water's evaporated.

Dr. Pratten: What do you mean?

Aggwater: Don't feel like myself anymore. Don't feel like anyone anymore. All that's there is what I now know.

Dr. Pratten: It's possible you'll gain your ambition back in time. Unfortunately, it won't be under me.

Aggwater: Hm?

Dr. Pratten: It's what I came to tell you about. First, the SCP-1341 research team was disbanded. Request from the Council. The work's been transferred to Area-179.

Aggwater: Is that supposed to mean anything to me?

Dr. Pratten: I suppose not. It's a US site, and one of the larger ones too.

Aggwater: Barely.

Dr. Pratten: What that means is that the O5s are incredibly interested in this thing. So much so that your first three interview logs have been scrubbed from the official documentation for the purpose of "upholding Foundation security".

Aggwater: Don't play coy. It's Svarania. The Council had no clue about this before last week, and now they're launching a full-scale investigation. I can't blame them, this is major.

Dr. Pratten: It's big enough to schedule me for amnestics treatment later tonight and to send you to Site-01.

Aggwater: (Pause) You serious?

Dr. Pratten: You're to be transported to Site-01 as soon as possible. I suppose they want every bit of information they can get, directly from the source.

Aggwater: How exciting. I'm assuming if they're preparing documentation on Svarania then it's not just an anomalous delusion after all.

Dr. Pratten: I, um, can't say. It's not unlike the Council to jump at the prospect of uncovering lost history, and coupled with the circumstances surrounding SCP-1341's discovery… we're in quite the situation.

Aggwater: I am, not you.

Dr. Pratten: You're taking it better than I expected.

Aggwater: I'll get by. How's Diana?

Dr. Pratten: Recovering. We'll let you see her before you leave.

Aggwater: You sure that's a good idea?

Dr. Pratten: She understands. We all do. Uh, anyways. That's about everything. Someone's flying in to pick you up in a few hours.

Aggwater: Fun.


Addendum.1341.6: Classified Information

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