Cleaning Instructions

Good evening, Janitor Worth. Tonight you are cleaning 4 anomalies.

The file for the first anomaly is displayed below, with redactions for your 1/JANITORIAL clearance level:

Item #: SCP-███

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: [DATA REDACTED 2/GENERAL]




Cleaning Instructions:

  1. Enter room 719-E using key Blue-33.
  2. Using cleaning solution B, wipe down the exterior surfaces of the object.
  3. Repeat the same with a wet cloth. Let the object air out instead or drying it.
  4. Configure the containment cell microphone to be in the "amplified" orientation.
  5. Vacuum the remainder of the cell. Ensure any soot or ash near the base of the object has been cleaned up.
  6. Return the containment cell microphone to the default configuration.

Advisory Notices:

  • The object is inanimate, and will not make unexpected or anomalous movements.
  • In the front of the object, there is a hinge which exposes a cavity. Do not insert any living tissue into or near this area, even to clean it.
  • If at any point the object begins speaking, pull the containment breach alarm and immediately vacate the area.
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