hello yes this is the essypee nine one four sadbox for koop

Name: Alexandra.aic, with Junior Researcher Koop supervising.

Date: 13/01/2020

Total Items: One 1 kilogram bar of aluminum, assorted circuit boards

Note: In this test, I will be seeing how SCP-914 reacts to items placed by an artificial intelligence. I am currently thinking of one concept, while Alexandra is thinking of another. She has taken control of a robotic arm that can reach both the interior of the input booth and the mainspring. - J.R. Koop

Input: Above items

Setting: Very Fine

Output: One crude AI core. When connected to an airgapped server, an artificial intelligence with the filename "alexander.914.aic" booted up. Compared to Alexandra's mental age of ██ and a Generalized AIC Proficiency score of 174 (baseline 100), "Alexander" has a mental age of 4 and a Generalized AIC Proficiency score of 23. "Alexander" has been shown to make crude images and stories, usually involving itself and several Keter-class or otherwise dangerous anomalous objects, such as SCP-682 and [REDACTED]. When the two AICs met, Alexander took Alexandra as a motherly figure, calling her mother and being considerably calmer, compared to their normally energetic behavior. AI core connected to closed server with a copy of Alexandra for storage and experimentation purposes.

Test Log Communication Archive

Site-19 Facility 23 Chat Server

Welcome, Junior Researcher Koop and alexandra.aic.

JRKoop914 : Alright Alex, check the output.



JRKoop914 : Huh, seems like an AI core. I'll run it up
to that testing server. Please restrict clock speed to
██.█ gigahertz and memory to ██ terabytes.

Yes, sir.


JRKoop914 : Aw, that's cute! However, I was thinking
of some anomalous hard drive. How about you, Alex?

Erm, I was thinking about a bird…


JRKoop914 : Oh. That's weird. At least you have a kid…?


JRKoop914 : My bad.



alexandra.aic has left the chat relay.



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