Let's Start All Over, the Lobotomy Which Mourns Her
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O5-1, better known as The Head, reread the reports presented to him by O5-7. They were not pretty.

His fingers tapped rhythmically on the polished steel table, which extended to the far end of the unfurnished room. Rows of individuals clad in similar white-and-grey wear sat neatly before it, watching him for his next command and orders. They were O5-2 through O5-13, his Eyes and Claws, and they laid perfectly motionless — an outstanding performance of order and logic.

"How terrible. What is he doing?" The Head looked towards Seven.

"The energy outputs of A's Wing are astronomically high. These levels of power have not yet been recorded from the structure, nor have ever been matched by our generators."

A sharp inhale was heard across the room, but The Head ignored it. "I see. And the energy readings of the structure have been fluctuating for the past decade, correct?"

"Yes sir."

"And have never reached these heights?"

"Yes sir."

He leaned backwards in his swivel chair. "Well, he's certainly fulfilling his word on energy generation. That obviously doesn't explain the copious amounts of secrets he's been hiding from us."

"If I may add, sir," O5-7 continued, "all of the Fixer's we've sent in to investigate have attempted to destroy the Wing, and all have failed to return."

"Destroy it?" The Head's eyebrows rose astonishingly high, much to the shock of the remainder of the Council. "They're not under orders to destroy any of the Wings of the World."

"Er, they are. If one condition is met."

A pale silence filled the room. After but a few moments, The Head got up, and walked away.

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