Magnadeus Supplement
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Unrecognized Username. Automatically detecting user from access key. Connecting to Communication Link 413 as Mochlos.

Mochlos: Hello. Been a while since you contacted Earth.

Corsica: I've been trying to avoid it.

Mochlos: And why would that be?

Corsica: Recent developments.

Mochlos: This about Agent Moriet?

Corsica: It's more complicated than that. Have you been looking at the exploration logs?

Mochlos: Me? No. Mostly the research and archive teams we have on Earth.

Corsica: Right. And I'm assuming you haven't heard anything significant from them.

Mochlos: Why would I?

Mochlos: From what I've seen, everything is going perfectly.

Corsica: Oh, the missions have gone perfectly well. I'm talking about the results.

Mochlos: What?

Corsica: We've gone through hundreds of planets. 523, to be specific.

Corsica: Exactly two of them have any remaining civilizations, and you know what they're like.

Mochlos: Intensely paranoid and violent. What are you suggesting?

Corsica: Of the remaining 521? Luxurious cities and endless scientific developments, or a complete blank slate.

Mochlos: Are you suggesting that science itself caused all of these apocalypses?

Mochlos: I can't support that conclusion.

Corsica: Certainly not. Those living two planets are rich with scientific development. The violence and paranoia comes from something else.

Mochlos: Religion, from what I can tell.

Corsica: Religion, yes, but that's not the point. They remain well away from SCP-XXXX, and other such demonic folly.

Mochlos: So then, what would these demonic things be, exactly?

Corsica: The same thing that killed 521 planets. Anomalies.

Mochlos: What?

Mochlos: Are you seriously insisting that *all* anomalies are the work of some sinister demons?

Mochlos: What about every anomaly we've used for containment? For saving lives?

Corsica: Precisely the helpful ones. Every one of these planets died horrible, anomalous deaths, and every one of them lived in an era of integrated science and magic.

Mochlos: So you're claiming that all the Great Filters of Fermi's Paradox are simply the result of anomalous studies.

Corsica: What other conclusion can we draw? The Foundation started as a small organization, reigning in neck-snapping statues and corrosive old men. As we grew, we fought off beasts that could destroy a city. Now we have world-ending demons at our door. This isn't a coincidence, and it isn't an Earth problem.

Mochlos: What do you want us to do, then?

Mochlos: We can't just stop in our tracks. Where would all those demons go if we left?

Mochlos: Do you think they're all a part of one organized force, and they'll all just leave us alone? Anomalies aren't a part of one system, that goes against the core nature of what an anomaly is.

Corsica: Maybe they really are just demons, maybe they're just one demon, maybe there are no demons. Maybe everything has a scientific reason. I can't tell you what will happen. But I can look at the data, and you can tell as well as I can what it says.

Mochlos: You're suggesting we all give up and go home. After everything. After the things we've jailed and slain together.

Corsica: What's one more, then?

Mochlos: We've fended off the apocalypse more than enough. This is cowardice.

Corsica: No, 13. This is taking initiative.


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