Westrin's Proposal: A Hospital
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RE: Unknown Anomaly

To all personnel of Site-002,

Let it be known that you were chosen for both

  • Your reliability
  • Your innate ability to keep your lips shut

and as such, you will be briefed on your next assignment. For a quick refresher, I am Milica Đorđević, Maria Jones's assistant, and second-in-command to RAISA. The project you are about to contribute to is against Foundation policy, and we are the only ones aware of this anomaly.

The file has been attached to this email. No one is to discover this email server. You know well enough what to do if we are compromised.

-attached file: scp-001.pdf

Item #: SCP-001

Object Class: Zaciatok1

Special Containment Procedures: N/A

Description: SCP-001 is an abandoned hospital located 4.5 kilometers from the border of Croatia and Montenegro. SCP-001 is theorized to have been constructed within the late 19th century by Ace Feltworth. Not much else is known about SCP-001, as in 1931 roughly 70% of all documents pertaining to the hospital were destroyed by an unknown entity.

It has been discovered that every member of the O5 Council was born within SCP-001. All members have at one point attempted to obstruct this information. This information was recovered from the [REDACTED] San Marino dig site. The oldest O5 Council member was born in 1882, and the youngest was born in 1986.

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