SCP-3995 - Ontocarcinoma - Archived
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Item #: SCP-3995

Object Class: Thaumiel

Threat Level: White|Circumstantial-Black

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3995 is stored in Extradimensional Site-94. SCP-3995 must be used on a weekly basis (relative to the facility's timeline) to avoid the spontaneous mass production of SCP-3995-A. Full information on the anomaly and containment procedures is restricted to level 5 councils.

Description: SCP-3995 is a large machine primarily composed of conceptual property editors, which produce SCP-3995-A. SCP-3995-A are unstable masses of paradox matter1 contained within a rapidly decaying unreal matter shell.[1]2 Full knowledge on the specifics of the paradoxes cannot be determined. SCP-3995-B is a paradox generator connected to SCP-3995.

Usage Procedures: SCP-3995-A may be produced if one or more of the following are identified:

  • A pseudo-Foundation3 (designated PF-###)
  • Class-VII or higher essokinetic anomalies
  • Class-IV or higher temporal anomalies
  • Essoexistential4 anomalies
  • Pan-universal anomalies
  • Unfeasible containment of the above

The following must be done during usage.

  1. Interdimensional gateways will be disabled.
  2. Ontological debris will be funneled into SCP-3995.[2]
  3. One Multi-Universal Observation Device (MUOD) will be activated.
  4. Two Multi-Universal Transit Arrays (MUTAs) (one serving as a backup) will be activated.
  5. A destination universe will be set for the MUTAs.
  6. One SCP-3995-A will be produced and will enter a MUTA.
  7. Both MUTAs will be deactivated.
  8. Monitoring via MUOD will be done until the affects of SCP-3995-A have been determined.

Reclassification of anomalies, universes, and Foundations will immediately follow usage.

Addendum - SCP-3995 Logs:

Use #: ██1
Universe #: U-5764
Target: PF-245

Outcome: SCP-3995-A proliferated at high rates, instigating a CK-Class reality restructuring event from the fusion of five fundamental interactions. PF-245 reclassified as PF-245-D.

Use #: ██2
Universe #: U-1256
Target: PF-128, SCP-████

Outcome: SCP-3995-A proliferated at high rates, instigating a CK-Class reality restructuring scenario from mass to imaginary mass conversion. However, SCP-████ is suspected to have entered another universe via a thaumaturgic way. Investigation to locate the universe is ongoing. PF-128 reclassified as PF-128-D.

Use #: ██4
Universe #: U-2780
Target: PF-126, SCP-█████

Outcome: SCP-3995-A proliferated through all branch universes5 connected to U-2780, causing ██████████ additional universe casualties from a TK-ϑ-Class causality deletion event, caused by the generation of a mathematical proof in SCP-3995-A. An unknown number of non-pseudo F-126 variations were affected by this. PF-126 and SCP-█████ reclassified as PF-126-D and SCP-█████-D.

Use #: ██5
Universe #: U-5764
Target: PF-798

Outcome: As SCP-3995-A entered U-5764, the usage of several pan-universal anomalies created and displaced replicas of PF-798 into twelve floater6 universes. As the continued existence of PF-798-0 is undetermined, reclassification is pending approval. Efforts into locating the floater universes are ongoing.

Note: The following audio transmission was received from PF-798 prior to their communications blackout.

You can burn in hell for what you do.

Use #: ██9
Universe #: U-4526
Target: PF-734

Outcome: Two SCP-3995-A were produced and entered U-4526, which initiated a CK-Ʊ-Class cyclic reality restructuring event due to conflicting SCP-3995-A paradoxes. Unknown paradox interactions led to multiple sub-universes forming within U-4526, which began to exit the universe at a consistent rate. ███ new universes have been generated by U-4526.

Note: Revisions to the Zyta Paradox Regulation Network in SCP-3995-B's containment region have been made. Research into removing paradox matter from all universes made by U-4526 for potential usage by Foundations is ongoing.

Use #: ██0
Universe #: U-4658
Target: SCP-████, SCP-███

Outcome: SCP-3995-A caused the collapse of SCP-████-A, which initiated a TK-Ɣ universal temporal reversal event. A Class-X essokinetic entity (designated SCP-█████) was created following the reversal and re-created SCP-███, matching with the start of U-4658's initial timeline. Containment entities were deployed in the universe, though these were destroyed by SCP-█████. SCP-███ exited U-4658 immediately afterwards. U-4658 has been modified to contain SCP-█████.

Use #: ██3
Universe #: U-4215
Target: SCP-█████

Outcome: SCP-3995-A conversed with SCP-█████ for five minutes until its shell degraded, at which point it proliferated and deleted thaumaturgy. SCP-█████ reclassified as SCP-█████-D.

Note: Modifications to SCP-3995's unreal matter constructors have been made.

Use #: ██5
Universe #: U-4235
Target: PF-140, SCP-████, SCP-█████, SCP-████

Outcome: [REDACTED]. Onto-thaumic interference from the blood ritual resulted in an IK-Class reality fracturing event, the debris of which merged with U-9800 before retrieval could be performed. F-769, residing in U-9800, is currently containing the resultant anomalies.

Note: F-769 is currently being monitored for potential merging with PF-140 remnants. If merging occurs, F-769 will be reclassified as PF-769. Information on this must not be disclosed to F-769.

Use #: ██9
Universe #: U-7327
Target: PF-199, SCP-████

Outcome: SCP-3995-A entered and proliferated through U-7327 and U-3562, as PF-199 had successfully opened a thaumaturgic way that lead to the latter. PF-199 and SCP-████ reclassified to PF-199-D and SCP-████-D.

Note: Due to the viral nature of SCP-████-D, standard universe quarantine procedures were enacted to prevent its spread into branch universes. How quarantine was bypassed with the creation of the thaumaturgic way is unknown.

Use #: ██1
Universe #: U-9918
Target: PF-087

Outcome: Following the entrance of SCP-3995-A into U-9918, exposure to a previously unknown anomaly contained by PF-087 converted SCP-3995-A into an essoexistential hivemind.7 The entity is primarily composed of paradox matter and psionic networks. The continued independent existence of the original anomaly is unknown.

Note: Conversation with U-9918 is forbidden. Information on this incident is not allowed in SCP-3995-B's containment region.

Use #: ██6
Universe #: U-2398
Target: SCP-███

Outcome: Following SCP-3995-A proliferation, a Class-X essokinetic entity (SCP-████) manifested. Over the course of six days negotiations were made to not send further SCP-3995-A into U-2398 or utilize [REDACTED], so long as SCP-████ facilitates the mass production of Foundations. All other Foundations may not enter U-2398 under any conditions for a period of ████ years (relative to U-2398's timeline), though observation is permitted.

Use #: ██8
Universe #: U-1340
Target: PF-290

Outcome: MUTA malfunctions, suspected to have been induced by SCP-3995-B, delivered SCP-3995-A to U-2619. F-356 reclassified as F-356-D.

Note: Modifications to SCP-3995-B's containment region have been made. PF-290 was reclassified following Use #██9.

Use #: ██6
Universe #: U-6354
Target: PF-091

Outcome: PF-091 attempted to neutralize SCP-3995-A via a swarm of sapient conceptual property editors. SCP-3995-A proliferated in a conceptually damaged state, turning the dimensional topology of U-6354 into a Class-I essoexistential entity.8 The entity self-neutralized. PF-091 reclassified PF-091-D.

Use #: ██7
Universe #: U-8251
Target: SCP-█████

Outcome: Twelve SCP-3995-A were generated and entered U-8251, each of which attempted to reenter Extradimensional Site-94 before proliferating. U-8251 experienced an IK-Class reality fracturing event from conflicting paradoxes, and has been reclassified to U-8251-D.

Note: Installation of improved Gestation Terminators in SCP-3995-B's containment region has been completed.

Use #: ███0
Universe #: U-2386
Target: PF-999

Outcome: SCP-3995-A failed to be generated.

Use #: ███1
Universe #: N/A
Target: N/A

Outcome: All MUTAs at Extradimensional Site-94 spontaneously activated, and ██ SCP-3995-A with birth defects (primarily malformed unreal matter shells) were produced. F-522, F-127, F-128, F-972, F-186, F-279, F-347, F-624, F-909, F-287, F-354, and all branch universe derivatives of these Foundations have been reclassified.

Note: Advanced cognito-manipulative technology has been installed in SCP-3995-B's containment region.[3]

1. "Fighting Fire With Fire: Containment of Ontological Threats By Exploiting Conceptual Modification," L. Melbourne et. al.; F-952; Vol 102.1; pp. 11-14; 2017
2. "Utilizing U-███-D as an Energy Source."; J. Frieg et. al.; F-908; Vol 299.8; pp. 32-36; 2101
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