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Lucifer Hodge hated silence. He didn't always hate silence. Sometimes, silence was good. In some silences, he could focus on his computer studies. But the silence in his house right now was deafening. And he couldn't stand it another second. He quickly shoved his laptop in his bag before cautiously walking out into the hall. He walked towards the front door, pausing when he saw his father sitting in the living room.

His father stared at the images of the Martian Riots on the TV, but it was clear he wasn't actually watching them. He had a stern look on his face, brow furrowed and deep in thought. Lucifer wished he would go back to being the happy, carefree, cool dad that was just a few weeks ago. Not that he would say any of that out loud, especially not the part about him being cool. But Lucifer did not like the angry man that had taken his place ever since Rion had left. He just wanted things to go back to normal.

"Are you still not talking to Mom?" Lucifer asked, not expecting a response. His father barely looked up, silent and still pondering. Lucifer sighed. "Whatever. I'm gonna go hang out with Esther, if anyone cares." His father nodded slowly. Lucifer wasn't sure why he thought that comment would get a response out of his dad; nothing had gotten him to react to anything in a few weeks, but nonetheless Lucifer was disappointed. He rolled his eyes and left the house.

As Lucifer walked, he found himself alone with his thoughts. He quickened his pace as he walked the few short blocks to the coffee shop, blasting music out of his headphones to silence his rambling mind. He was relieved to walk in the door of the shop and see Esther already there and waiting for him.

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