SCP-ES-117 Translation
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Item #: SCP-ES-117

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Site-57 web crawlers are to monitor the Internet for descriptions of SCP-ES-117 and remove them. Any witnesses of SCP-ES-117 should be amnesticized.

Description: SCP-ES-117 is an event characterized by the spontaneous manifestation of an anomaly that occurs far from civilian populations within the countries of Peru, Argentina, Bolivia, and Chile, typically in rural and forested locations.

SCP-ES-117-1 is an adult male in his twenties that spontaneously appears in forests away from human population centers at irregular intervals, along with SCP-ES-117-2. SCP-ES-117-2 is an adult woman in her twenties who appears to be dead, and is always carried by SCP-ES-117-1. In all manifestations, SCP-ES-117 instances have worn different clothing and have been reported with different physical features.

SCP-ES-117-3 is an indestructible stone slab that appears within the vicinity of the other two instances. At various points on the slab Celtic words are inscribed, as well as symbols of unknown origin, engraved in a seemingly random pattern.

To date, all SCP-ES-117 events have been identical: SCP-ES-117-1 appears and runs towards the stone slab, places SCP-ES-117-2 upon it, and (with a sharp object)1 opens a wound in his hand so that he could draw a triquette2 with his blood on the woman's forehead as well as his own. Shortly afterwards, SCP-ES-117-1 will shout "I wish I could change things! I wish I could do it all over again!", after which a lightning bolt will appear at a height of approximately 57 meters and strikes both of them, followed by their disappearance. SCP-ES-117-3, however, will remain in place until all eyewitnesses stop observing it3.

To date, The Foundation has registered 213 SCP-ES-117 events, the oldest being recorded in 4/5/1837.

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