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New zones?

The Amazonian and Eastern Peruvian zones were recently announced, but I've heard conflicting reports. Should we say "sources report" or take the official declaration for what it says? —person1 (talk)

Copy what the Hglerian Minister said and note some other sources report differently. —I dont like lettuce (talk)

There's been some confusion on the Eastern Peruvian zone specifically, authorities have released four different conflicting maps, and say the matter is "settled" but that we should not count on any particular arrangement until there is "confirmation". What have RS been saying here? —person3 (talk)

They've mostly been reporting things as they are announced, and note that there are previous plans. Nothing really to read into it. —person2 (talk)

Then that's what we should write in the article. We follow the RS. —Cyrroid (talk)

Classification by the SCP Foundation

The SCP Foundation recently announced a new arrangement with the Hglerian Occupation Authority on the management of anomalies in the Sino designation zone. Sources: (1), (2), (3). I think this is worth adding to the "containment resolutions" section. —DaveJonesLocker (talk)

Shouldn't this go in the Foundation-Hgleria relations article? —Ralph Lemhart (talk)

I think a brief mention is acceptable in the Sino zone. Though after the dissolution of the PRC that zone gets a lot of news items, it may be worth spinning into a separate article. —I dont like lettuce (talk)

Edit request

I found some more sources regarding animal control in Hglerian zones. Replace starting after "The Hglerian government has not stated …":

Beginning in May 2041, Hglerian authorities adopted a policy they described as "No More Rebellious Pests".[1][2] More than 240,000 domestic animals, primarily dogs,[3] have been euthanized as of August 2041. A government spokesperson said the action was necessary to avoid uprisings in "unruly designation zones".[4][5][6] Further communication clarified that the ban was absolute, and those with trained guide dogs were not exempt, further noting that "[any] humans now useless without their animals may choose to appear at a nearby health clinic for a cost-free euthanization."[7]

Billy from Florida (talk)

approved.png Done.PrimateWarfare (talk)

Unicode codepoint updates

Another editor added a mention of the new Unicode characters used to write the name of the Micronesia/Oceania designation zone. It's not appropriate for this article, so I moved it to Hglerian script. —DaveJonesLocker (talk)

more stuff

Edit request

hglerians are disgusting stinkers who should go home and stop killing us — (talk)

declined.png Denied. Furthermore, you have been indefinitely blocked from Wikipedia for hate speech, which has been referred to the Internet Peace Center for prosecution. —Cyrroid (talk)

Automatic infobox updates

I have extended RobinBot IV (see bot request for approval) with automatic updates to the human casualty portion of the article's infobox. Cheers. —jengamtk (talk)

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