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The following document contains cognitohazardous properties. You must possess a Cognitive Resistance Value (CRV) of 3 or more to continue without risk of psychological harm.
If you do not possess such psychological resistance, please contact your local drug department and administer Class-A amnestics.



A portion of SCP-XXXX-כ.

Item #: SCP-XXXX-כ

Object Class: Neutralized

Revised Special Containment Procedures: Webcrawlers are to scout online media for mention of SCP-XXXX-כ. Archeological sites are to be dug in the approximate area which SCP-XXXX-כ used to exist. All archeologists employed by the SCP Foundation working on SCP-XXXX-כ are to be administered amnestics once exiting the location. No other entry is permitted.

Revised Description: SCP-XXXX-כ is the designation for a series of formerly-anomalous ruins located in northern Syria.

SCP-XXXX-כ's primary anomalous effects were believed to be extra-spacial in nature while the governing civilization responsible for the anomaly was still active. Although the exact uses of these anomalies are still unclear, it was believed to have been developed in order to increase the density of the human population. Residue of the anomaly's influence can still be found — specific buildings will have different dimensions than their outside appearance would dictate. Noteworthy examples include:

  • A rectangular house that, when entered from the window, leads to a similar geometry as the interior, but is entirely cylindrical. House cannot be exited through the front entrance. Similarly, once inside the house, a person cannot exit through the window.
  • A stairway with two entrances that continues upwards and downwards continuously. While climbing or descending the stairs, both exits will still be at ground level on each floor.
  • Two hallways which intersect each other spatially, but do not collide.
  • A tunnel which exits at its entrance. All individuals, despite never rotating in three-dimensional space, exit from the tunnel facing the direction they entered from.

The current method of recreating these anomalies artificially is unknown.

Discovery: SCP-XXXX-כ was discovered accidentally on April 3rd, 1901 by a group of amateur scientists, two male and one female. The group had been attempting to cross the area in order to relocate their laboratory equipment to a newer office, however had made a wrong turn. Eventually off-roading, they discovered a section of land which contained rudimentary structures, later discovered to be SCP-XXXX-כ.

Later, the group returned to the location, and set up a temporary facility. During their time investigating the ruins, they stumbled upon SCP-XXXX-כ's anomalous effects, and began to study its properties. During their time there, they discovered a series of glyphs which described [CLASSIFIED].

After seventeen months studying the anomalies, they returned to the United States of America. Upon returning, they reported their findings to the United States government.

Addendum: The following is an abridged series of notes from the three aforementioned scientists.

Our trip across the desert was halted yet again, but this time we might have made a discovery.

I think it was Fred who spotted it first. Looming over the horizon in the midst of a desert were a series of ruins that had been untouched for eons. Laura suggested we make a slight detour to investigate further and maybe jot down some findings. Fred seemed hesitant, but I agreed, and he steered the automobile in that direction.

The area was pretty grassy in comparison to the rest of the desert, but that wasn't so unusual. We all jumped from the car and decided to do some sightseeing before we continued on our merry way. The structures around us were mostly decrepit, which was expected, and they were buried almost entirely underground. One house seemed to have been mostly preserved, though, so we trotted over and went exploring.

There was a single window on the house, and a door frame without a door. The inside was nothing special; it was a square box with dust and bugs in it. Fred and I spent our time punching one another over jokes, but for some reason, Laura seemed hesitant to enter. She would look inside the house with confusion on her face, and then quickly move behind the wall next to the door frame, so we couldn't see her anymore.

"Laura? What are you doing? Scared of a few bugs?" I teased.

"What? No, you guys need to see this."

"Something wrong?" Fred replied.

"I… I guess you could say that."

I paused, but Fred walked out without hesitation. I quickly followed suit, however, and saw that Laura was staring through the window.

Staring through the window myself, I could see that something was wrong. The room we were looking at was cylindrical, despite us being in a rectangular room moments ago. Something clicked in me, and I rushed back inside the rectangular room. Upon looking out the window, I saw no one was there. I called out, "can you see me?" to the other two, and they responded that they couldn't.

We all were amazed at this… anomaly, I guess is the best way to put it. We're going to be requesting to stay out here a while longer so we can study the ruins, especially [CLASSIFIED]. I'm looking forward to it; perhaps, eventually, we will be able to completely reproduce the effect.


I've never been out in the heat for so long. The tents they set up for us three don't have plumbing like in Europe, or any actual entertainment. The bathroom (if you can even call it that) is a pathetic excuse for a faculty, and doesn't even have a lock. You just have to hope no one walks in and sees you leaking into a hole — it's disgusting! Fred and [CLASSIFIED] don't seem to have an issue with it, probably because they're men.

If I'm going to be frank, I was reluctant to even come out here to begin with. I've heard the stories of women who made some incredible discoveries, only to have the credit be taken by their spouse who hadn't even contributed to the effort. Now I'm out here as an "assistant" helping two men who aren't even related to me, in the off-chance that I'll get a sliver of credit. What bullshit.

But… I guess it's not entirely for the credit, either. There's the thrill of discovering something new, and in this case, something impossible. Tinkering with forces you don't understand in order to help the world at large.

And then there's also those two. While they're goofy and sometimes lacking in proper conduct, they're my friends. We've known each other since the start of college — where they thought I was a man, no surprise — and I helped tutor them. I used to prepare us three lunches since the two could hardly cook for themselves. God, that was so long ago…

Nonetheless, I'm going to be staying. Even if the world doesn't appreciate me now, I have friends who do.

–Laura Williams, 5/7/01

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