Flounder House
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Item #: SCP-XXXX


The Ghadsberg family's house.

Special Containment Procedures: Provisional Site-1221 is to monitor and record all anomalous events surrounding the Ghadsberg family.

Those affected by an SCP-XXXX event are to be administered Class-C amnestics and local newspapers are to be given the cover-up story of a familial feud.

Description: SCP-XXXX refers to a series of anomalous events surrounding the Ghadsberg family. SCP-XXXX events occur approximately once per month, on average taking two weeks to complete. The purpose and mechanism behind the events are unknown.

The beginning of an SCP-XXXX event is characterized by an anonymous letter materializing within the Ghadsberg family's home. The letter is typically encrypted under a cypher or uses a language other than English, and will demand numerous items to be delivered to its sender. If the demands have not been satisfied, anomalous occurrences will begin to take place for a period of roughly one week, before ceasing entirely, signaling the end of the event. No specified location to deliver said demands has been provided thus far.

The following is a list of events which occurred post-discovery:

Date Affected Family Member Note Prior to Event Event Details
2/12/1982 Allen Ghadsberg (Father and Husband) Good day, Allen Ghadsberg. You probably still don't remember me, nor your blasphemous treatment of me back in your younger years, as evidence by your lack of responses. I still remember every insult and every hate-filled stare that you sent my way, and, to be quite honest, that's why I'm continuing to write. You see, all of this time, I was thinking about how I will exact my revenge. Now, looking at you, with your family and home, it makes me more infuriated. You're a wonderful breadwinner now, aren't you Mr. Ghadsberg? If you still plan on being one, then drop off a whole ounce of gold to my location, or else you won't bring in a single gram of dough ever again. Numerous species of birds began to manifest around and inside of the Ghadsberg family's home. All birds were passive, but would aggressively seek out and consume any bread nearby.
3/1/1982 Lila Ghadsberg (Wife and Mother) When was the last time you left your home, Mrs. Ghadsberg? You're cooped up away all day in your little den, whether in your bedroom or the living room, the kitchen or the cellar. You don't go much farther than your porch, even when the weather is beautiful and the breeze pleasant. If you don't leave the safety of your abode and deliver to me personally one ounce of gold, you may never leave your home ever again. All doors in the house locked suddenly, and could not be opened except with keys. All doors locks again once used. Foundation staff on-site provided replicas of the keys for each family member until the effects wore off.
4/14/1982 Charlie Ghadsberg (Eldest child) Charlie, oh Charlie. Son of the man I despise more than anything. You always go to your friends' houses, driving around without a care in the world. You ignore your mother, father, little sister, and pet, and instead go to play video games and party with people whom you've met on the street. If your family does not bring forth a single ounce of gold within the week, your friends will not be drinking with you much longer. All alcoholic beverages in the house turned into apple juice.
5/21/1982 Beth Ghadsberg (Youngest child) Something about her life being sugar-coated and how her entire life in terms of emotions have been candy so why not her physical life. All of the water in the house turns into red kool-aid
6/19/1982 Izzy (Pet Iguana) how it eats and eat and never stops but maybe if given enough it will split its belly with its gluttonous ways. packages filled with 500 crickets arrive in its cage, but cricket can open the package.
7/20/1982 Eric Ghadsberg How a storm is coming to his way water always runs
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