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Item#: XXXX
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The Channeler Array


Sundown Island, AK, USA.

Special Containment Procedures:

Description: SCP-XXXX refers to a series of anomalous events surrounding a now-defunct facility owned and developed by the Kervier Mining Corporation1 on Sundown Island. The SCP Foundation was not made aware of SCP-XXXX's existence or the corresponding facility (SCP-XXXX-1) until 1974, at which time it was noted to have been abandoned. An expedition to the island revealed that significant portions of the complex and surrounding towns were absent, with no indication of their destruction or location of displacement.

Information taken from letters and other pieces of correspondence suggest that SCP-XXXX was built by the Kervier Mining Corporation under the "AVK Expeditionary Group" front company. The intended purpose of SCP-XXXX is still under investigation, which has experienced limited results due to the current absence of most physical evidence.2 Despite this, it is known that SCP-XXXX had an acute detrimental effect on the mental and physical well-being of the inhabitants of Sundown Island.

Discovery: SCP-XXXX was discovered after a series of disappearances within the immediate area of Sundown Island. Although initially believed to be coincidental or due to poor weather conditions, the disappearance of Jason Wilket and his attempts at contact with the US Coast Guard alerted the Foundation to potential anomalous activity. The interaction occurred as follows:

DATE OF LOG: 12/22/16 Approx. 2:00 Local Time

PARTICIPANTS: Jason Wilket; Bethany Curtis (Operator)


Wilket: —llo, hello, anyone there? Hell—

Operator: You've reached emergency services, how may I help you?

There is a short pause.

Wilket: I'm trapped. It's cold out here, the water's too high, and I can't reach the ground.

Operator: Are you stuck at sea? Where are you located exactly?

Wilket: Not sure, around Sundown Island.

Operator: Can you provi—

Wilket: I don't need help, I'm perfectly fine. I need to reach the ground.

There is a short pause.

Operator: I… I don't think I understand, sir. Why are you contacting the Coast Guard if you don't need help?

Wilket: I need to reach the ground, there is too much water here.

Operator: I'm not sure I get what you're saying. If this is a prank call, you're committing a—

Wilket: This isn't a prank call. I don't need help, I need to reach the ground.

There is a short pause.

Operator: Sir, please state clearly why you're calling us, or I'm going to just hang up.

Wilket: …I am stranded at sea.

Operator: Alright. Can you describe your surroundings? Approximate your last known location.

Wilket: I was approaching Sundown Island. My daughter lives there with her fiancé, and I wanted to visit her for the holidays. I brought my boat out to the docks and started it up, but half-way to the island, it shut off. I must've forgotten some fuel or whatever, but it wouldn't turn back on. I figured I had plenty of rations, a good sleeping quarters, and I could always contact y'all tomorrow, so I decided to pull out a chair and gaze at the stars.

There is a short pause.

Operator: …That was irresponsi—

Wilket: But then the strangest thing occurred; one minute, I was dozing off to sleep, and then next, all the stars vanished, as though they were never there to begin with. That snapped me out of my doze for a minute, but before I could settle back into a sleep, the sky was on fire.

Operator: The sky was on fire?

Wilket: The sky was on fire. I looked towards the island and, sure enough, the fire that lit the sky was emanatin' from there. It was hypnotic; I couldn't stop staring at it. I got the call then.

Operator: The call? Did you receive a call from someone?

Wilket chuckles.

Wilket: I figured you wouldn't understand it. The call of the land. The place I must return to.

Operator: You mean, like a drive? An instinct?

Wilket: Pretty much. I guess I always had it, but now it was stronger. It felt clearer, like it blossomed from my core. You ought to come out here too, sometimes, and we'll stare at the stars together, forever.

Operator: This is a waste of time.

Wilket: Oh well, your loss. Even if you don't help me, I'll get to the Earth eventually. Perhaps someday, you will too.

The Operator hangs up.


Although Mr. Wilket's boat was located two days later, no signs of habitation were present. The location of Mr. Wilket is currently unknown.3


Addendum One — Initial Exploration

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