The Cogs of a Great Machine (stopped turning eons ago)
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Item #: SCP-XXXX



Special Containment Procedure: Entry into SCP-XXXX's premises is forbidden, and the property is to be monitored with CCTV cameras for anomalous activity. Any attempts by SCP-XXXX to advertise itself are to be intercepted by any nearby personnel.

Description: SCP-XXXX is White Pine Montessori School, located in Moscow, Idaho, USA. SCP-XXXX exhibits predatory properties, seeking out elementary-grade students which demonstrate high intelligence, creativity, and/or problem-solving skills. SCP-XXXX will advertise itself towards these individuals as a school for the gifted, and attempt to convince its targets to apply.

Prior to the beginning of the school year, SCP-XXXX will select a student which applied to it and reject all other applicants. Following this, it will send a congratulatory letter to the accepted applicant (henceforth SCP-XXXX-A) and provide further details of the school's hours, curriculum, and requirements. In every studied case, the school's timeframe will begin at 6:00 AM and exceed ten hours in total length; in addition, all courses tend to incorporate lessons from more sophisticated classes at seemingly random intervals.

Once the school year has begun, SCP-XXXX-A will be subjected to a mandatory orientation. The orientation will be attended by supposed students and headed by an entity referred to solely as "The Principle" — of note, none of the aforementioned persons cannot be located before or after school hours. The Principle will list rules and regulations of the school up until the dress code, in which it will cease halfway, and point out that SCP-XXXX-A has violated them by forgetting an article of clothing. In all reported cases, the rest of the student body will laugh at SCP-XXXX-A, and he or she will be assigned a detention.

In the following days, although SCP-XXXX-A will display proficiency at understanding the material taught, they will slowly begin to fall behind in their lessons. This is primarily due to instructors skipping material, claiming correct answers submitted by SCP-XXXX-A are in reality false, or otherwise manipulating the affected individual via gaslighting. Additionally, all students in the school will refuse to engage in pleasantries with SCP-XXXX-A, and occasionally will burst into laughter while pointing at them. All the effects previously mentioned will continue to grow in intensity as SCP-XXXX-A's stay at the school progresses.

Individuals who were previously SCP-XXXX-A instances report universally that they felt discomfort, loneliness, depression, anxiety, disassociation, fear, and/or other negative symptoms while enrolled in SCP-XXXX. In addition, all former SCP-XXXX-A instances (despite prior personalities or interests) will graduate SCP-XXXX with apathetic, pessimistic, and hopeless outlooks on life. Documents cases of these individuals returning to the school grounds show they will experience regret, nostalgia, and shame — the reason for this is unclear.

Addendum One: A few months following the containment of SCP-XXXX, a group of advertisement pamphlets manifested in a nearby mailbox. The pamphlets were confiscated, and containment procedures were established to prevent the school from spreading awareness of itself. The pamphlet's contents have been replicated in full below.

Are you proud of your child?

Is your boy or girl gifted? Does he or she complain about how easy the classes are? How much of a waste it is that they aren't doing something better with their time?

If you've answered yes to any of the above questions, then White Pine Montessori School may be the best place for them.

Our curriculum ensures that your child will receive the attention and support they need to be successful in life. Say goodbye to feelings of bland superiority as you step into the real world and face challenging problems with people on your level! Form intimate bonds with strangers who have a common interest with you! Empower yourself through the produce of your labor! Nothing is impossible, unless it is!

By the end of our four year program, your child is bound to have their spirits changed for the better. Our school will work out the kinks, remove the baseless fantasies of youth, and instill a new aura in your little genius for all to see! Satisfaction is guaranteed when you enroll your precious little prodegy at our wonderful little paradise.

Our establishment will ensure that your child grows up to become the perfect worker.

Hope to see you soon!
The Principle
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