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Item #: SCP-XXXX


Structures built by SCP-XXXX-Beta.

Special Containment Procedures: Webcrawler I/O-MIDWAY is to delete all information regarding SCP-XXXX. As per request, Dr. Elizabeth Moore has been permitted to interview SCP-XXXX-Beta once per month.

Description: SCP-XXXX is the designation for two interrelated anomalous phenomena, SCP-XXXX-Alpha and SCP-XXXX-Beta.

SCP-XXXX-Alpha refers to a previously-unknown medium centered around an island in the Pacific Ocean. SCP-XXXX-Alpha allows individuals present on the isle to instantaneously communicate with each other, resulting in a telepathic effect for all present. Long term exposure to SCP-XXXX-Alpha can result in nausea, intense apathy, dysphoria, disassociation, and/or radical personality changes1. Artificial Intelligence Constructs have had limited success accessing SCP-XXXX-Alpha; investigation into SCP-XXXX-Alpha's functionality and applications are ongoing.

SCP-XXXX-Beta refers to an elderly African man inhabiting the island. SCP-XXXX-Beta suffers no adverse effects to long-term exposure of SCP-XXXX-Alpha, and is capable of utilizing it with noticeable ease. In addition, SCP-XXXX-Beta can extract data from individuals within SCP-XXXX-Alpha, allowing it to learn large quantities of information within short periods of time. Although SCP-XXXX-Beta was initially hostile to Foundation presence (see below), it has since been cooperative in exchange for protection from outside forces.

Discovery Log: SCP-XXXX was first discovered during transport of Memetics Division personnel to the newly-constructed Site-84. Due to the recent establishment of the location, SCPS Sagacitas was required to take a new route to reach its destination. Along the route, a previously unaccounted-for island was spotted, and whilst approaching, SCP-XXXX-Beta made contact with the crew. The conversation has been transcribed below2.

INTERVIEWER: Crew of SCPS Sagacitas (Primarily Dr. Elizabeth Moore)


DATE: August 7th, 2013 (~14:15 Local Time)


Captain Bryant: 'Aight, we're passing close to the island. We ain't stopping, so take pictures or whatever you guys do when you encounter something odd like this.

Dr. Moore: Thank you, Captain. We'll have to do a full report regarding this potential anomaly when we get to the site, you know, so I'm glad we could at least slow down.

Captain Bryant: It's no big deal. We'll be a few minutes late is all, so take as much time as you need.

Dr. Moore: I appreciate it greatly, thank you.

Captain Bryant: (Chuckling) You don't need to keep thanking me.

Dr. Moore: Heh, force of habit, sorry.

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