Sleepy demon
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Item#: 4423
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation webcrawlers are to monitor internet message boards for mentions of descriptions of SCP-4423-1 within dreams. Foundation personnel who have been affected by SCP-4423 are to be prescribed sleeping medication and psychiatric assistance if deemed necessary.

Description: SCP-4423 is the designation for a recurring dream in which the subject is experiencing sleep paralysis. SCP-4423 typically repeats itself for three to five nights before leaving.

SCP-4423-1 is a figure present in all SCP-4423 dreams that resembles a Class-I Tartarean Entity. SCP-4423-1 will sit on the subject's chest, inducing a feeling of suffocation reminiscent of non-anomalous sleep paralysis experiences.

SCP-4423-1 will then proceed to inform the subject that it intends on marrying their father. SCP-4423-1 will detail an elaborate plan designed to result in the subject's father developing romantic feelings for it and proposing to the anomaly.

In cases of parental-child alienation, SCP-4423's plan will include additional procedures for reconnecting the subject with their father and ensuring a healthy emotional bond, before marrying the subject's father, seemingly for greater emotional impact.

Subjects universally report feelings of terror or shock upon waking up from SCP-4423, although they are unable to elaborate on the catalyst of such emotions.

Zarton Tech Apparatus- whatever, do you guys really care about this? It's a machine that lets you record dreams, let's just ignore this and move on.

<Begin Log>

Researcher Heinrech "wakes" in their bed, unable to move.

Person: Hello? Is someone there!

Heinrech continues to struggle. SCP-4423-1 is seen stepping out of his closet, and walks to Heinrech's bed.

Heinrech: Oh god, please don't hurt me! Please!

SCP-4423-1 sits on Heinrech's chest.

Heinrech: Can't… breathe…

SCP-4423-1: This is a dream you idiot, I can't do anything. You'll be fine.

Heinrech: What- oh, okay. But what do you want, then?

SCP-4423-1 leans in closer.

SCP-XXXX-1 I'm gonna marry your dad, John.

Heinrech: Wait, what?

SCP-4423-1: You heard me, dumbass. I'm gonna seduce your dad, marry him, and then move into your childhood house. And then you'll have to call me "mom."

Heinrech: …I'm not sure what's happening.

SCP-4423-1: Maybe I'll go jogging by the cafe on third street he always goes to. Pass by while he's sipping his coffee with two sugars and cream. Stop to stretch right in front of him. He's kind of a pervert, isn't he?

Heinrech: Aren't you supposed to be a dream?

SCP-4423-1: Oh, I'll make your dad dream. Dream about me {DATA EXPUNGED]1 all over him. I'm gonna marry him and then have sex on all your shitty participation soccer medals.

Heinrech: Hey, I earned those medals!

SCP-4423-1: It's participation, they give those out to everyone! Even your "diving for the ground every time someone kicks the ball at you" five year old ass.

Heinrech: Well, fine, see if I care! Not like I talk to dad anyways, go ahead and do whatever you want.

SCP-4423-1: Come on, we both know that's a lie. You check in on him every Sunday, on your day off. You send him Father's Day and Christmas cards. You know, you really should visit him more often. In a world like this, it's important to realize what matters before its too late.

Heinrech: Okay, maybe I should-

SCP-4423-1: And then you'll walk in on us having sex right on your refrigerator paintings!

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Dr Heinrech woke up at this point, and began crying for four hours.

Addendum-4423 In an unrelated raid on GOI-5869 (Gamers Against Weed), logs of a conversation were recovered where PoI-6877 (jockjamsvol6) appeared to have experienced SCP-4423.

hetcopogg: All i'm saying is that there's a small chance pennywise DOES know how to poledance, we can't rul it out

bluntfiend: Kids these days.

*jockjamsvol6 has joined the chat*

jockjamsvol6: Okay.

gaycopmp4: whats up jj

jockjamsvol6: Was anyone fucking around with dreams? Cuz I had the weirdest thing happen to me

jockjamsvol6: bluntfiend, this seems like your sorta thing

jockjamsvol6: Not mad, just wondering

bluntfiend: No idea what you mean.

lesbian_gangar: lol, what happened

jockjamsvol6: so i went to sleep last night, had this weird case of sleep paralysis there was this demon or something sitting on my chest

hetcopogg: yeah, that's pretty common in cases of sleep deprivation

lesbian_gengar: op order: get more sleep

jockjamsvol6: lesbian_gengar: no

jockjamsvol6: anyways, it starts talking to me about the weirdest shit

jockjamsvol6: about how it wanted to fuck my dad

gaycopmp4: …what the fuck?

lesbian_gengar: please tell me you're joking

jockjamsvol6: not at all

jockjamsvol6: it said it was gonna seduce my dad, marry him, then have sex on my bed or something

hetcopogg: lol what the fuck

bluntfiend: Isn't your dad like sixty or something?

jockjamsvol6: Yeah, it said it'd make the sex even hotter

jockjamsvol6: then it made fun of me for spending all my time in chatrooms and called me a loser

bluntfiend: Holy shit, this is beautiful.

gaycopmp4: rip my sides

bluntfiend: I didn't make this, but I wish I did, this is golden.

harmpit: fuck, now i wanna have sleep deprivation

lesbian_gengar: gotta admit that sounds like something one of us would do

bluntfiend: Maybe no one did. Like, maybe it's just its own thing.

jockjamsvol6: what, a sleep demon just goes through peoples dreams and tells them its gonna fuck their dads?

bluntfiend: Exactly.

harmpit: Can we recruit this dude or watever? He sounds awesome.

bluntfiend: dear god yes

jockjamsvol6: its so fucking weird

gaycopmp4: Not exactly sure how we'd recruit a dream

lesbian_gengar: honestly thats not the hardest part

lesbian_gengar: but dream connections are a bitch to handle, we'd need something super stable to hold it on

jockjamsvol6: Bones?

bones: Hello. You're wishing to use my connection to anchor this dream?

bluntfiend: Yeah, you up for it?

bones: As long as it does not negatively affect me or Lyris.

gaycopmp4: wait who's lyris

jockjamsvol6: gaycopmp4: long story

bluntfiend: wait wait wait

bluntfiend: hold on

lesbian_gengar: whats up

bluntfiend: jockjamsvol6

bluntfiend: So did it actually fuck your dad?

bluntfiend: You checked, right?

jockjamsvol6: fuck

jockjamsvol6: brb

lesbian_gengar: jesus christ

bluntfiend: imagine your dad getting fucked by a dream

gaycopmp4: "might seduce your dad type"

*polaricecaps has joined the chat*

polaricecaps: what up

hetcopogg: jockjam's dad might've got fucked by a sleep demon dream

polaricecaps: what the fuck

Attempts to contact PoI-6877 or their father to recover more information on SCP-4423 are currently underway.

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