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Item#: 5XXX
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Several SCP-5XXX instances resting

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation efforts are focused on introducing new political systems to SCP-5XXX cells as a preventative measure to stop potential wars and breaches from occurring. All SCP-5XXX instances are contained in a medium-sized biodome at Site-132. Site-
132 is disguised as a botanical center, with a buffer zone of 100 m² to prevent public access. Due to SCP-5XXX's self-sustaining food1 and water sources, there is no need for foundation interference, except for monitoring of the containment chamber. However, should warfare initiate between SCP-5XXX instances, then all efforts are to be focused on stopping it, this due to SCP-5XXX instances aggressive behavior and the large chance for a possible containment breach.

Description: SCP-5XXX refers to an anomalous species of slime mould cells, similar to the fuligo species. Unlike regular slime moulds, instances of SCP-5XXX are sapient and can move freely, despite the lack of legs or other similar limbs, this is done by changing their shape just like regular slime mould cells, but at very fast speeds not possible to achieve by normal cells.

SCP-5XXX instances have the capability of creating structures out of dead mould cells. This is done by molding the dead cell in a manner similar to clay, using it to create the desired object. Larger structures of around a meter like skyscrapers or complex structures like tanks usually require a large number of dead cells to create.

When an SCP-5XXX instance makes contact with any non-anomalous slime mould cell, that cell will undergo a heavy transmutation. This causes them to get anomalous traits similar to SCP-5XXX, the only unchanged trait being their outward appearance

SCP-5XXX cells have created a society mirroring 1940s Italy, including social life, traditions, politics, and technology. SCP-5XXX cells live under a fascist regime, led by one SCP-5XXX cell, hereby referred to as SCP-5XXX-A. As such, SCP-5XXX cells have a positive view on violence and will see various life forms as ¨enemies¨, which includes, but is not limited too:

  • All transmutated cells that are not of the fuligo species.
  • All species of mushrooms.
  • Small bugs like ants or aphids
  • Humans not affiliated with the Foundation

SCP-5XXX instances regularly engage in wars with these enemies, and sometimes themselves. SCP-5XXX wars are highly militaristic, and a large amount of SCP-5XXX's economy is devoted to making equipment and tools for these wars.

It should be noted that, possibly due to prolonged containment and exposure to foundation personnel, instances of SCP-5XXX believe that Foundation personnel are their ¨gods¨ and use this belief as a reason to continue their violent behavior.

Addendum 5XXX.1

Observation log Micro-scout AS-69338

On 12/06/2019, after discovery and initial containment, an effort was made to observe SCP-5XXX society. Due to the small size of SCP-5XXX instances and their structures, Micro-scout robot AS-69338 was used. The following document is a transcript of AS-69338´s observation of a major settlement of SCP-5XXX instances.

Time Noticable event
16:43: AS-69338 is placed near a small population of SCP-5XXX instances, who have taken settlement near the foot of a Betula pendula.2
16:44: Subject´s camera goes online, and remote control is activated. SCP-5XXX instance notice AS-69338, but do not react to its presence.
16:47: Subject moves through the main road of the settlement. At the end of the road, several SCP-5XXX instances appear and try to attempt to place a poster on AS-69338´s camera. This poster depicts several anthropomorphized SCP-5XXX cells in military uniforms, saluting SCP-5XXX-A.
16:53: Subject moves away from the settlement, and goes further to the main settlement of SCP-5XXX instances. As subject moves from the main road to the road leading to this settlement, a large amount of smoke covers the road. The origin point of this smoke is believed to be from several large factories around 20 meters away from the road.
16:58: Subject arrives at main SCP-5XXX settlement. The subject is surrounded by 4 SCP-5XXX cells, who appear to examine the object. After an estimated one minute of inspection, subject is allowed access into the settlement.
16:59: Subject enters a SCP-5XXX neighbourhood. Several juvenile SCP-5XXX cells are playing on the street. It should be noted that several cells of the fuligo appear to steal several toys of a cell of the wolf's milk species.
17:12: Subject approaches what appears to be a military parade. Closer inspection reveals that around a thousand cells are marching with what appears to be a large mechanical structure carried on a large cart behind them.
17:20: Subject approaches a large prison-like structure. A yard outside the structure reveals subjugated cells not of the fuligo species, small bugs, and non-sentient mushrooms. Several SCP-5XXX cells of the fuligo appear to physically assault the trapped entities. When these cells notice AS-69338, all instances stop assaulting and rush inside the structure.
17:39: Subject approaches the largest building in the settlement. As subject enters this building, SCP-5XXX-A is holding what resembles a speech. As to attempt communication with SCP-5XXX-A, subject moves closer to SCP-5XXX-A, until several SCP-5XXX guards approach AS-69338.
17:42: Subjects tries to push the guards to the side to approach SCP-5XXX-A. As subject touches SCP-5XXX-A, all SCP-5XXX-A cells panic, and try to destroy AS-69338.
17:43: SCP-5XXX instances assault AS-69338. SCP-5XXX-A is rushed away by two SCP-5XXX guards.
18:00: Subject is completely destroyed. Subject recovered at around 17:05.

Addendum 5XXX.2

Incident 5XXX.7739

On 01/02/2020, SCP-5XXX instances engaged in a war with large amounts of transmuted cells, not of the fuligo species. Before foundation personnel could intervene, all possible entrances were blocked by large piles of dead SCP-5XXX cells in the form of walls. These structures continued to stand even after sustained gunfire. As such, security camera feed was used to observe the ongoing war, log follows.

Time Noticable event
19:13: Both sides set up camps at the edge of the containment chamber. The SCP-5XXX instances have a larger camp, and more soldiers
19:20: Both sides send out their troops, who meet each other at the middle of the containment chamber, where the largest SCP-5XXX settlement resides. SCP-5XXX-A emerges from the group of SCP-5XXX instances and holds what resembles a speech, which encourages both sides to fight. SCP-5XXX-A is then quickly rushed away from the battlefield
19:29: Several large, motorized vehicles similar to tanks enter the battlefield, manned with SCP-5XXX instances and subjugated cells arrive at battlefield. These vehicles fire explosives at soldiers and each other.
19:39: SCP-5XXX instance destroy all vehicles of subjugated cells. Subjugated cells flee the scene, with SCP-5XXX instances chasing them close behind.
19:42: An ambush by subjugated cells takes out most chasing SCP-5XXX cells. The remaining cells flee back to their camp.
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