Something to work towards

Hey, you ever read The Killing Joke? It's a Batman comic-

Oh, so I guess you're not just a labcoat wearing a pair of glasses.

You know that famous line from the Joker, one bad day? How everyone was one bad day away from being just like him? I always thought that was bullshit. People don't just snap from one badf day. They have choices. I mean, look at batman. He had an awful day and he turned into a superhero. Sure, sometimes they might have another bad day, but they still have a choice.

I'd say it takes about a month. A whole month of One Bad Days. Where you choose the good option, the righteous option every time, because that's what you're told good people do. And everytime you do, you get stomped right back down.

And then if someone else offers you a hand back up, even if means being the bad guy… Why not?

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