A Time for the Great to Die

Chatroom: secr has been created!
Sam89 has joined the chat!
Alex-trex has joined the chat!
Sam89: hey, what's this about
Alex-trex: Yo
Alex-trex: Wait for brunhilda
swampwoman has joined the chat!
swampwoman: hi
Alex-trex: Sup
Alex-trex: Okay so
Alex-trex: Welcome to our gay girl clubhouse
Sam89: why are we on irc
Sam89: you said this was important
Alex-trex: It is
Alex-trex: I'm talking to yall here because our bosses can't really track us down here
swampwoman: What did you do this time, Alex
Alex-trex: Oh, nothing bad
Alex-trex: I just found something that I don't want our bosses to find out. I dunno why, it just seems juiocy.
Alex-trex: juicy*
Sam89: what are you talking about
swampwoman: I do not understand.
Alex-trex has changed their name to alexcw
alexcw: That name was dumb
alexcw: I'll cut straight to the chase
alexcw: I found something large and metallic underneath the woods near where I live. It's a large metal square, roughly 10ish meters across
alexcw: Found it while metal detecting
alexcw: I'm pretty sure it's an abandoned containment cell. I dug a bit just to take a quick look and look what I found
alexcw: https://imgur.com/gallery/TcHTEsdv
alexcw: uh its not loading
Sam89: loading fine on my end. this looks legit
swampwoman: I agree.
alexcw: The logo confirms that it's a foundation containment cell
swampwoman: Why have you not reported it to the higher?
alexcw: I was planning on it, wanted to do some digging before hand to see if knowledge about the crll was classified or something. I couldn't find a single thing
Sam89: seriously?
alexcw: cell*
Sam89: dont mess with that kinda stuff. ive seen doctors get terminated for a lot less than that
alexcw: killed or being fired?
Sam89: fired
alexcw: Well, y'all might disagree with me here, but I wanna see what's inside first
Sam89: thats how you get instantly killed by a coghaz
alexcw: If it has a warning stating it's a coghaz, we'll leave it alone. Until then, I'm curious
swampwoman: Have you given permission from Dr. Rouslin?
alexcw: Nah he isn't gonna entrust this to a junior researcher. That means all of you too
Sam89: yeah i figured
swampwoman: Hmm, I don't know…
alexcw: Hey, it beats doing paperwork for the 700th day in a row.
Sam89: yeah okay fine


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