Spirit Snitches Secure Stiches
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Item #: SCP-139

Object Class: Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: Federal and state legislation have been subtly altered to technically legalize murder in the New York City metropolitan area, neutralizing the anomaly.

Description: SCP-139 was a cognitohazardous disease that was able to be contracted within the borders of New York City and it's surrounding metropolitan area between 1913 and 1924. A number of conditions were required to contract SCP-000, which had been inferred from investigations of past victims:

  • The subject must have witnessed an act legally defined as murder within New York
  • The subject must realize that a murder was committed.
  • The subject must have the intention of reporting the act to legal authorities.

Once these conditions were met, the subject will have had contracted SCP-139. The disease had an incubation period of one hour, though it had been observed to have advanced in as quickly as thirty minutes.1

In the first stage, patients will report a heavy sweat, regardless of present environmental conditions. These symptoms will progress to a headache, and a heavy anxiety similar to those observed in cases of imminent heart attacks, before abating after twenty minutes.

In the second stage of SCP-139, the patient's skin will begin to desiccate to an almost mummified stage, becoming unable to move after only fifteen minutes. Patches of epidermis all over the body will begin to crack and fall off, revealing the dermis underneath. This is the longest stage of the disease, lasting for nearly two hours.

In the third and final stage, patients will undergo spontaneous combustion. The fires will not respond to heat or oxygen dissipation and will burn for precisely three minutes before extinguishing itself. Subjects will usually perish at the beginning of this stage although a significant number have lasted to the point of disintegration, presumably through the fulfillment of other unknown conditions of SCP-139.

All that will be left of the patient after the cycle of SCP-139 will be the skull, which will have a message inscribed in English.


The person or persons responsible for SCP-0000 remain unknown to the present day.

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