SS: Take Your Ship!
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Song pre-alarm.

Song post-alarm.

Song for final encounter.

“So, this is where the distress signal came from, huh?” Boss crossed her arms and studied the large hexagonal facility that loomed in the distance before her. Another facility.
Another box.

“Yep! Right there, sis!” Nanami pinged the audio file to the others.

[???: Vague gurgling sound pinged in a barely-recognizable form of SoS]

“Fucking disgusting, but I know a cry for help when I see one!” Nanami put her hands on her hips. “So, how about we fuck up another box?”

“Ditto.” Tomi nodded.

“Hell yeah!” Momoko cheered

“Could be a trap,” Boss noted. “We just fucked up a base and broke out. They’re gonna be onto us.”

“Yeah, and?” Momoko asked.

Boss smiled.

The box was even larger up close. It smelled rank and had ventilation shafts dotted around the outer perimeter of its walls.

“Interesting.” Boss zoomed in with her ocular implants and studied the vents closely. “What’s with
all the vents…?”

Wizard groaned in disgust and pinched a portion of his bath robe over his nose.
“The hell is that smell?”

“I’ll say,” Tomi muttered.

“How do we plan to break in?” Ask Momoko.

Boss could see it her face; she wanted to do it kick-the-front-door-down-and-shoot-shit style. Boss had a different idea.

“Wait here.” Boss sprinted to the top of a hill and knelt down. She scanned the walls for signs of any cameras.

There were about five, all slowly panning side to side.

[Boss: Nanami. Get those cameras for me.]

[Nanami: Fuck yeah! \(^▽^)/]

Several pings later, those cameras hung limp.

[Nanami: You got ten seconds! (¬‿¬ ) ]

Boss was already sliding down the hill by the time Nanami bothered entering that into the TacNet. As much as she enjoyed taking the Momoko-approach, she also loved the stealthy approach.

[Nanami: Oh! You’re looking cool, sis! (* ̄▽ ̄)b ]

She smiled a little as dirt and pebbles bounced out of the way of her foot on her downward path to the bottom of the hill. She hit a rock with her heel, dove forward, rolled and then dashed to the wall.

The cameras came back on at the last second and continued panning the area ahead of them. Thankfully, none of them could pan downwards.

[Boss: I’m heading in. Wait for me.]

[Momoko: Make me! ]

[*Momoko was kicked from TacNet by Nanami: Get fucked. (¬‿¬ ) ]

[*Momoko joined TacNet]

[Momoko: Fucking really? ]

Boss bared her claws and used them to climb the wall until she reached a ventilation shaft; she waited until the camera was pointed away first before she crawled around it.

Thankfully, it couldn’t point up either!

Boss yanked off the vent cover, climbed in, and placed it back in as smoothly as possible.

[Boss: I’m in.]

[Nanami: Oh my fucking god are we gonna be some stylish as fuck thieves?! ٩(◕‿◕)۶ ]

[Boss: Hell yeah.]

Boss crawled through the ventilation shaft until she reached another opening. She peered down and saw some researchers and guards.

“Status report?” Asked one of the lab coat eggheads.

“Nothing new.” This one set his coffee mug down on a table. To his left was a very important-looking computer.

Boss turned on her video-share.

[Boss: Check this out. ]

[Nanami: Looks important! ]

[Boss: I’ll see if I can hook us all up so Nanami can work her magic.]

[Nanami: Bitchin’. (¬‿¬ ) ]

Boss pinged a signal to the computer to see if she could pry anything out of it. She was nowhere near as good as Nanami, but hey, they all had the same tech, so why not give it a try?

No good. She crawled around the virtual network as well as she could, but there were too many firewalls.

[Nanami: Hey, boss?]

[Boss: What?]

[Nanami: Git gud. (─‿‿─)]

Boss’ HUD was immediately overwhelmed with an overlay-map that showed each floor of the facility in perfect detail.

All with the exception of the absolute bottom middle; that was conspicuously empty.

[Nanami: You like that? (≧◡≦)]

Boss then realized that Nanami was right behind her.

[Boss: I told you to fucking wait!]

[Hana: They got bored.]

Boss sighed.

[Boss: One of you better be watching Wizard. ]

[Hana: I’m with him.]

[Boss: Good shit.]

Boss saw some blinking points of interest in three corners of the map.

[Boss: You see that?]

[Everybody: Yeah.]

[Boss: Good. Ping which ones you’re all going to.]

Boss had the top left. The others (sans Nanami) had the other corners.

[Boss: What will you be doing, Nanami?]

[Nanami: Whatever the fuck I want. (@^◡^)]

[Boss: …]

[Nanami: Diu hai, okay, I’ll go over to that lon-face (⇀‸↼‶)]

[*Nanami pinged a very large and important-looking square-space.]

[Nanami: —And I’ll see what I can find there. (# ̄ω ̄)]

[Boss: Better. Everyone, move your asses.]

Boss crawled towards her own specially-selected point of interest. She could faintly hear Nanami crawling away from her.

She made it over to another opening and peered through.

What the fuck?

It was a large, brown tube that jutted out from the floor and extended upwards into the ceiling. It periodically pulsed and bulged at the bottom; this bulge would then travel upwards until it reached the ceiling and went out of sight.

Boss could hear a sickening sloshing sound with each pulse.

[Boss: You see this shit?]

[Nanami: WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT?! \(º □ º l|l)/]

[Tomi: Stomach-churning.]

[Momoko: Uh.]

[Hana: For once, I’m glad I’m not in there with you.]

[Nanami: Wait a fuck—]

Nanami crawled over to her point of interest and saw that her room was empty.


There was a massive monitor sitting smack-dab in the middle of the room with wiring extending from it and in every direction. Bars and gauges decorated the screen and hovered around a certain percentile.

Nanami pinged a signal to it to see if she could gather any information out of it. No good. Too many firewalls.

[Nanami: Guys. Cover me. I’m going in. ( ・ิ ͜ʖ ・ิ)]

[Boss: Hold the fuck up.]


[Boss: Nanami!]

Nanami disrupted the cameras in the room, lifted the cover, leapt right into the room and connected herself to the main computer system itself.

[Nanami: I’m in! (⌒ω⌒) ]

[Boss: Get the hell out when you can.]

Nanami got past the firewall. She dug deeply into the system and pried for information, any information at all about the source of the distress signal. She barely stifled her gasp.


[Boss: Show us what you found.]

[Nanami: ████.jpg]

[Boss: For once, I’m speechless.]

[Momoko: Are you shitting me?! THAT’S what they’re hiding in this dump?!]

[Hana: I’m extra glad I didn’t go in there with you.]

[Tomi: Wow.]

[Boss: So what the hell are the pipes pumping?]

[Nanami: ████.docx]

[Boss: Hell yeah.]

[Tomi: …wow.]

[Momoko: So what you’re really saying is…”please break them, Momoko”]


Momoko did not respond after that.

Boss lifted the ventilation shaft cover off and took one last peek in the room. Nobody was there.

She dropped right in and rolled onto her feet. She then engaged her lung filters, bared her claws as far as they could go and slashed the rubber tubing with two clean swipes; the cuts were clean as can be, the tubing was in tatters, and the brown liquid gushed forth and covered the floor. The rushing torrent of brown began steaming the moment it met the open air; just as the document said it would.

Boss leapt back up into the ventilation shaft to get away from the steaming torrent.

[Boss: I’m good on my end. How about you guys?]

[Momoko: Done as fuck!]

[Tomi: Mission accomplished.]

[Nanami: Something’s off about this system. (″ロ゛)]

[Boss: How so?]

[Nanami: I’m trying to find a way down into the bottom. You know, where the gross thing is?]

[Boss: What’s the hold-up?]

[Nanami: The fucking thing isn’t there! Like there’s no map data at all! (⊙_⊙)]

The lights turned red, the klaxons started blaring and security shutters slammed down over all the doors.

[Nanami: Well, we knew this shit would happen. ┐( ̄ヘ ̄)┌ ]

[Momoko: Really, no caps lock?]

[Nanami: (凸ಠ益ಠ)凸 JUST GET THE FUCK OVER HERE ALREADY (凸ಠ益ಠ)凸]

[Tomi: Got it.]

[Boss: On my way.]

[Momoko: There it is!]

Boss crawled towards Nanami’s position as quickly as she could. Her section of the shaft rattled, snapped off and clattered to the ground, taking her with it.

“Over there!” Muffled voices could barely be heard over the alarms.

Boss didn't miss a beat; she scrambled out of the remains, dashed over to some cover and peeked around the corner.

Through the mist, two rifle-toting body-armored figures emerged.

Now was her chance.

She leapt high out of her cover, flipped through the air, quickly caught hold of both of their masks—one in each hand—by the chins and ripped them off. She immediately let go of them and rolled onto her feet, didn’t even look back; she grinned as she heard them both fall over from the fumes.

Time to get to Nanami.

Momoko spotted several security guards all gathered around the opening to the massive computer room where Nanami was hiding.

They did some funky gestures and nodded and waved their fingers, fully expecting to get the drop on Nanami.

Not for Momoko to get the drop on them.

She kicked the shaft cover down and followed it. The first guard ate metal bars for lunch, the second ate cyborg cat foot and had their Big Richard Rights ripped right out of their hands, and the third backed away and opened fire.

Momoko ducked and rolled, turned around on one knee to engage her shield projector.
She sprayed, but she didn’t pray, no need to, since her aim was more than true.
The guards fell, their souls sinking to hell.

Hell yeah.

Tomi stayed inside her side of the vent and decided to keep snooping; Nanami couldn’t pry the info she needed out of the computer, but maybe Tomi could just…find it?

She examined the map that Nanami had sent everyone; there was a huge space missing in the middle and it was obvious that that…thing in the picture was what they were hiding, but where?

Just where…?

Tomi then zoomed in to a particularly interesting point on the map.


She passed by another opening in the vent and saw something she could definitely make use of:
A room full of Foundation equipment. She hopped right in and helped herself.

Boss sprinted round a corner and saw a tall shape knelt over in the mist. She’d recognize that feline fuckface anyday.

“Oi!” Boss called to her.

Momoko reached into the pocket of a security guard and pulled out a key card.

“Hoh-mah?” Momoko asked.

“Could be worse.”

[Tomi: Where are you guys?]

[Boss: About to get in the room with Nanami.]

[Tomi: Good. I have an idea. Get in there and wait.]

[Momoko: Who the hell put you in charge?]

[Tomi: Me.]

[Nanami: (・・;)ゞ Nani?]

Boss and Momoko shook their heads and went into the room.

“Come on, let’s head to the safe room,” Tomi nodded to the Senior Researcher. He was a flabby,
muscle-less egghead who looked fit to shit himself, with or without Nanami’s help.


“Come on, sir. We need to move!” Tomi held a gloved hand out and felt her tightly tied hair struggle under the Foundation-issue security guard helm.

The Senior Researcher took her hand and they ran to Nanami’s room.

The other three catgirls hid behind the large computer mainframe and waited as per Tomi’s instruction.

It wasn’t long before the other door to the room opened and a Senior Researcher stepped in along with a security guard. The security guard slammed the door shut and kicked the Senior Researcher over.

“Now!” Tomi screamed.

The other girls leapt out of cover, rifles pointed at the man.

“Y-you tricked me!” He croaked in a pathetic whimper.

“No shit.” Tomi tore off her helmet, gloves and vest before she, too, held the man at gunpoint.

“Open it.” Tomi stated simply.

“O-open what?!” The Researcher barely managed to choke out of his throat.

“That,” Tomi pointed at the computer.

“I don’t know what yo—“

Tomi fired a warning shot so close to the Researcher’s ear, it grazed the absolute edge and drew a tiny bead of blood. He yelped, touched his ear, saw a smidgen of red stain his fingertip and burst into tears.

“Okay! Okay!” He slowly and steadily got up from the ground and stumbled over to the computer. Everybody gathered around him in a square formation as he did what Tomi told him. He unlocked a small cover right above the monitor, opened it and spoke into it.

Something clicked, the room shook for a bit, then the computer slowly slid out of the way and revealed a hidden staircase.

“Now get the fuck out of here.” Tomi grabbed the Researcher by the back of his coat and roughly shoved him aside.

He ran away in tears.

“How the hell?!” Nanami blurted out afterwards.

“You couldn’t find it in the system, so I just looked for it.” Tomi allowed herself a tiny smirk.


“All the pictures you sent,” Tomi said as she walked over to the stairs. “Shall we?”

“Good shit,” Boss slapped her back encouragingly and took front point. “Let’s hurry the fuck up.”

“Hell yeah!” Momoko yelled.

And thus, they hurried the fuck up.

They dashed down the stairs and into a metal-grated hallway that allowed them a grand view over the underside of the facility. Massive metal crates were stacked on top of one another right next to the walls. They were all spotless and perfectly maintained.

There were three glass chambers in three separate corners of the facility, all connected to that brown rubber tubing, and all filled with the same brown liquid.

In the fourth corner was another set of stairs. Red lights pulsed and cast their shadows over the individually wired links that kept them in.

They continued down this path until they turned a corner and were met face to face with the ends of rifles pointed directly at them.

Boss immediately grabbed the barrel of one of them and bent it right back at the guard who held it; the very sight of it blew his mind and painted the walls pink.

Boss grabbed hold of his limp body and used it as a meat shield to get to another guard. From there, she chucked it at him, knocked him off balance and yanked his mask off as he fell back.

Second guard down. She flipped backwards twice, just in time to get behind a crouched Momoko who had knelt down to produce her shield. From there, they all opened fire and took down the remaining guards with ease.

They high-fived each other before they continued.

[Momoko: Hana, did you fucking see that?!]

[Hana: Yeah. I did.]

[Momoko: Jelly?]

Hana did not respond. That was okay. In Momoko’s headcanon, she was definitely jelly.

They continued down the hall and down another flight of stairs where they emerged into the storage facility below. Soldiers immediately spilled out from behind the boxes. The girls immediately knew that these weren’t just standard security guards. They had a certain stance and formation to their movements which implied, nay, screamed that they were a step above. And they were here for them, hiding.

Hiding behind boxes.

More boxes.

All these goddamned boxes!

Momoko did her thing and they all opened fire. A volley of bullets flew between the catgirls and the soldiers fell like dominos. Or at least, it seemed like they did…

They unloaded their bullets into these armed men, and yet, they just kept coming. Where one soldier fell, another took their place. They didn’t end.

Before long, their ammo ran dry.

Boss eyed Momoko’s shield energy.

Not good.

It was getting dangerously close to zero.

[Boss: Distract these fuckers for me!]

[Nanami: Fucking nani?! (・・;)ゞ]

[Boss: Do it!]

Boss sprinted out of cover, ignored all the bullets that either narrowly missed her or grazed right past her skin. Her veins had discarded all semblance of blood in favor of pure adrenaline; she could feel and see each individual bullet flying straight towards her.

She heard every single tiny, barely noticeable whistle of a bullet, every single clattering shot, dodged them, dodged just in time before they struck her, bent back slightly to see the wall to her left spark a bit, felt tiny yet powerful disturbances of wind speed towards her, did some bizarre ballerina bullet-hell ballet, side-stepped, bent forward, bent backwards, all while hearing the wall right next to her dent and clatter with missed bullets.

She stopped just before a box, ducked down just in time to dodge a particularly well aimed shot, leapt up to the edge of the box, grabbed hold of it, flipped onto it, all in one smooth motion.

She extended her claws, jammed them into the box and sprinted along the entire length of it, going as far as to get in front of the soldiers, who had all noticed what she was doing, stopped firing and started legging it.




[Tomi: SHIT!]

The catgirls all extended their claws and immediately clung to the wall like bugs. Their air-filters had been on the entire time, but this liquid’s stench was now near-overwhelming even that. They watched as the soldiers drowned in a tidal wave of brown and, for once in a long time, felt their eyes grow wide at what they witnessed.

The soldiers all fell over and tripped in this torrent, but the moment they were submerged, they immediately stopped struggling.

They weren’t dead; their scanners showed that each soldier still had a heartbeat, albeit…it had all slowed down significantly.

“So that’s what it does to humans…”

They waited until the liquid drained via the grating on the floor before they hopped back down. Boss allowed herself a slight grimace at what she witnessed next: the soldier’s skin shriveled up and retracted to the extent that it became shrink wrap for their rapidly-fossilized skeletal structure.

“What the fuuucckk?” Nanami whispered beneath her breath.

An understatement of the century, especially horrifying since it came out of Nanami’s mouth.

“Same,” said Tomi.

“Well…shall we?” Boss jerked her head to the staircase.

Everyone nodded and they continued downwards.

[Hana: How go things?]

[Nanami: ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ Weird as shit.]

[Tomi: What she said.]

[Boss: Basically, nothing’s new, except for this.]

[Boss sends Hana video footage of what transpired.]

[Hana: I’ve seen some shit, but that?]

[Boss: Well, we’re getting damn close to the source of the distress signal. We’ll keep you posted on our end.]

[Hana: Got it.]

“Updates?” Wizard asked Hana.

“They’re getting close,” stated Hana.

“Sweet.” Wizard sat down and leaned against a rock, hands behind his head.

Something whistled, just out of sight, too quick for the human eye, but Hana felt it, felt it just in time.

She rushed over to a very confused and very surprised Wizard, grabbed him by the scruff of his bath robe and pulled him out of the way, just in time for his horrified wide eyes to see part of his rock-lounge get blown away.

“What the hell?!” Wizard screamed.

MTF troops stormed up the hill towards them, bullets flying in their direction.

Hana and Wizard ran along the length of the facility, using the low hilltops as cover.

This staircase had the trademark ominous signs of finality; it was dark and the air was permeated with the sounds of clattering footsteps and vague whirring of unknown machinery. Their low-light ocular settings allowed for better sight, but the noxious fumes were disorienting them to the extent that it almost didn’t even matter, not even with their breathing filters.

[Boss: Something doesn’t make sense.]

[Momoko: What doesn’t?]

[Boss: The tubes looked like they were pumping something up, but we’re going down. This is creepy as shit…]

[Nanami: I can’t even ping to any computer up ahead, sis. There IS no computer up ahead.]

The sound of the blaring klaxons dimmed in the distance behind them as they descended into this abyss. Something foul and rancid permeated the air and nearly overwhelmed their nasal filters, leading them to gag.

[Momoko: That is some rank shit if I’ve ever smelled it.]

[Boss: Agreed.]

The smell only grew fouler and fouler, getting closer to short-circuiting their sense of smell.

Oh, the things they did for love.

A gurgling sound enveloped them and traveled through the walls with a sickening glop…drip…glop… that maneuvered its way in front of them and beyond.

[Nanami: What the actual fuck? (⊙_⊙) ]

[Hana: Bad news, guys!]

[Boss: Status report.]

[Hana: They found us and they’re shooting at us!]

[Boss: Tell me Wizard is okay!]

[Hana: He’s fine! I have him with me.]

“Fuck!” Boss spat through gritted teeth.

“What do you wanna do?” Momoko asked. “Abandon mission?”

Boss noticed the little indentations in the ground at the last second, which gave her enough time to not place her foot down.


Too late.

A sliding gate slammed shut behind them, blocking their path; clamps closed around Momoko’s, Tomi’s and Nanami’s ankles.

“What the fuck?!”

A loud screech echoed through the air as the wall pulled away and unveiled more blaring klaxons and alarms and flooded the darkness with an angry red light.

The clamps slid forward as the three sisters struggled to get out of them.

The wall forward slid open and out of the way, revealing a thin, balding man in a suit.

“Nice pings,” he spat at Boss as he stepped out of the way of the clawing, swiping sisters. A small sweat bead of fear slid down his wrinkled face, refracting the pulsing, spinning red lights in each corner of the room. “That and the camera hacking gave your position away clear as day. I just wish those MTFs lived up to their names.”

“Kill them!” Three soldiers stepped by from just out of sight and trained their guns on the three sisters. They looked strange; their firearms were attached to them by the shoulder joints. One of them trained their gun on Boss.

Boss frantically swept her sights across the room for something, anything she could use to her advantage. Then she saw the little clamp on the ground and the sliding mechanism; she had an idea.

She crouched down, kicked it and sent it sliding quickly towards the soldier, who noticed it, stumbled and locked their own ankle in the process. It carried his entire body weight unimpeded and slid him directly in the way of the other soldier’s gunshots, which forced him to take the full brunt of this volley of bullets.

Momoko grabbed the soldier and held him in place. Nanami grabbed his shoulder-mounted gun and pinged a tidal wave of viruses to make it fire uncontrollably. Tomi grabbed the other shoulder-mounted gun and made sure it wouldn’t go to waste.

The other soldiers dove for cover as their trapped comrade was used against them. Their captured
comrade struggled and fought against their grip, which made the volley of bullets more erratic.

Boss wasted no time. She sprinted directly towards her sisters and heel-stomped the clamps that held them in place. She extended her claws, jammed them into the soildier's shoulders, felt the satisfying crackle of electricity arcing between flesh and metal, grinned a wicked grin at the separation of such a perfect system, gazed in slow-mo fascination at the sight of oil and blood arcing from the tips of her claws, and staining the cyborg soldier's body armor, then gave his neck a loving scratch through the flesh.

The guns immediately stopped firing and clattered against the ground. The soldier's severed head looked up at her with a sort-of strange blend between fascination and anger.

The soldiers peeked emerged from their cover and unleashed a hailstorm of bullets at them once more. The sisters sprinted away

[Boss: Fucking nice!]

[Momoko: Bad-fucking-ass!]


[Tomi: Not bad.]

They duck, slid, dove, and rolled from cover to cover as the soldiers closed in on them in an attempt to flank them and close them off.

The thin balding man was long gone, to say the least. Too damn bad that that was the case.

[Boss: Follow my lead!]

She sprinted in a straight path towards the soldiers and rolled right behind cover again. One of them turned their attention to her and stalked towards her.

She peeked around the corner, just enough to see, but not enough for the hail of bullets to strike flesh. Once he got close enough, she leapt out of cover and reached for his head, but this one still had one arm.

He curled his fingers around Boss' throat and squeezed, squeezed harder than she thought he could, squeezed until airflow was restricted, lifted her off the ground, saw her kick and flail her feet, searching for purchase, then aimed his gun directly at her gut, before Boss risked it for a biscuit, hacked off his arm in the middle, felt precious, if a bit stale air return to her lungs, knocked the gun-arm out of the way, then disappeared behind cover.

The soldier followed close behind, but then realized he could just wait for her to come out the other side. What he didn't bet on was Boss pulling a double-mind game and returning to him when his back was turned.

She drove her claws directly into his gun arm, tore it off, then did the same for his head; she held it by the hair for a moment and stared into its eyes, its still-living eyes, scowled a little and then tossed it away.

Her claws were growing just a little blunt from being repeatedly shoved directly into metal, but hey, that just how it be.

Nanami stayed put and waited for one to get closer. Momoko took this chance to sneak around and get behind them.

[Nanami: Hold him still!]

[Momoko: Way the fuck ahead of you.]

She full nelsoned (as best as one could against this overloaded fuck) and held them in place. They flailed wildly in her grip and struggled to get free; nearly succeeded, too!

Until Nanami shut down his systems with an overload of on-the-spot viruses. The flesh part of this wannabe cyborg stared at them with cold curiosity and perhaps a smidgen of admiration.

Momoko elbowed him in the face and felt it give alongside a satisfying crunch. He fell to the ground with a nice thud.

The last soldier backed away from all of them, her guns firing a neverending torrent of bullets. She seemed to have a turbo setting, as these bullets seemed to come quicker and quicker with each passing second.

[Boss: Where the hell is Tomi?!]

[Tomi: Yes. Where, indeed, is Tomi?]

A clang came from above and large heavily dented metal plates crashed directly in the center of the room. Tomi followed them and rolled onto her feet, not a single beat missed.

Large tendrils…no. Large flesh-colored appendages with long fingers extended from the ceiling, swooped in and grabbed the last soldier before she could pump it full of bullets. She quickly disappeared up a shaft.

The catgirls froze in place, save for Tomi, who watched with a sly smile on her face. Moments later, bloody chunks of metal clattered to the ground before them, spreading small pools of diluted red that clashed with the angry, pulsing red that was still ongoing.

Hana nearly tore Wizard’s arm out of its socket as they sprinted as quickly as they could away from the encroaching troops. Whistling heat whizzed right past and nearly grazed their heads on multiple occasions.

[Hana: Sis!]

No response.

[Hana: Sis!]

A very long shadow fell across the hill and then they turned around to look. An
obscenely long, vaguely humanoid arm extended out of the walls of the facility and smashed the soldiers that were giving them chase. Bullets drew miniscule rivulets of blood from the appendage, but it wasn’t enough to deter it from crushing them like the ants they were.

[Hana: Sis?]

[Boss: Sorry we went quiet. Yeah, we see it too.]

[Hana: Yeah, but HODSG;SddGADKJG]

The arm reached over, grabbed Hana and Wizard and pulled them inside.
Blurry red pulses and loud klaxons greeted their eyes and ears respectively as the arm pulled them past several war zones before it brought them to the basement level and reunited them with the rest of the BRC.

It gently put them down on their butts, which left them quite shaken yet quite unharmed and out of
harm’s way.

“Hey there,” Boss knelt down in front of Wizard.

He held his arms out like a baby and Boss obliged in picking him up and swinging him around gently.

“You missed a god damn riot!” Momoko pulled Hana to her feet and patted some debris off her.

The gurgling then came again.

…Out of here…

“Oi, out of here and where?”

No response; the appendages just grabbed them and lifted them upwards.

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