title: "Quiet"

class: euclid

idea: anomalous condition, some people do not antimemetically tune out sound produced by "STAL entities" (which are not explained). as such, they hear noises of various objects move around slightly, but cannot identify what has changed (other antimemetics are in effect).

others without the condition will not know what they're talking about.
others with the condition will agree there are strange sounds but cannot agree on when the sounds occur or what they are.

low-priority anomaly, as most civilians ignore interactions with STAL entities as minor unexplained sounds. in cases where an individual suffers greatly, they can be cured showing them a specific non-anomalous image:

However, sometimes showing the image causes the individual to lose all antimetic filtering for SCP-XX, and are greatly distressed at the presence of a STAL entity in the photograph and cannot be easily consoled. they will then attempt to arm themselves with curved objects such as spoons or ladles, before falling unconscious. The only known cases of regaining consciousness is after amnestics were applied, and they lost previous SCP-XX immunization


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