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Item#: 5580
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:


Drawing of Sam Bodel approximately 3 days after initial containment.

Special Containment Procedures: A 600 meter metal perimeter has been established around SCP-5580. Personnel and recording devices are not to cross this barrier at any time. Neither SCP-5580 nor SCP-5580-1 is to be observed or recorded at any time. Recordings of SCP-5580 and of SCP-5580-1 are to be destroyed.

Should SCP-5580 de-manifest, Foundation Artificial Intelligence Sato-6 is to predict the locations where SCP-5580 will most likely re-manifest. These locations are to be surveilled remotely until SCP-5580 re-manifests, after which a 600 meter metal perimeter is to be re-established.

Description: SCP-5580 refers to a former army camp located within Death Valley National Park. Equipment found in SCP-5580 and used by SCP-5580's 62 soldiers was manufactured in the United States between 1951 and 19531. SCP-5580 soldiers (collectively referred to as SCP-5580-1) have been generally friendly towards Foundation staff, conversing and sharing meals with them during breaks.

SCP-5580 (and subsequently SCP-5580-1) will occasionally de-manifest. SCP-5580 will then re-manifest in a different location within Death Valley National Park approximately 4 days after de-manifesting. When unobserved, SCP-5580 will de-manifest after an unknown length of time estimated to be approximately 7-8 months (see Interview Log 5580-2). However, observations of SCP-5580 and SCP-5580-1 (both direct observations and recordings) can reduce this interval to under 2 weeks.

Addendum 5580-1: During the 5 months following initial containment, SCP-5580 de-manifested and re-manifested 11 times. The coordinates of each manifestation were entered into Sato-6's database. Foundation staff have been spending considerably less time within SCP-5580, reporting feelings of discomfort and/or inhospitality from SCP-5580-1.

Incident Log 5580-1: On 24/7/2019, Junior Researcher Ferrick was followed by 3 SCP-5580-1 soldiers throughout SCP-5580. These soldiers harassed Junior Researcher Ferrick both verbally and physically; flicking lit cigarettes at Junior Researcher Ferrick and repeatedly asking him to follow them into a tent. The incident ended when a fourth SCP-5580-1 soldier escorted Junior Researcher Ferrick out of SCP-5580.

Incident Log 5580-2: On 3/8/2019, Senior Researcher Kevin Minh was assaulted by 3 SCP-5580-1 soldiers while walking through SCP-5580. Witnesses reported that the soldiers harassed Minh for several minutes before the attack, repeatedly threatening him and referring to him as a "murderer". When Senior Researcher Minh turned to leave SCP-5580, the 3 soldiers dragged him into a tent and beat him up. The assault was ended by another group of SCP-5580-1 soldiers. Senior Researcher Minh was hospitalized in critical condition and has been put on medical leave until further notice.

Note from Head Researcher Paresh: What happened to Senior Researcher Kevin Minh is the result of our carelessness handling dangerous anomalies. The amount of unsupervised interaction with SCP-5580, an anomaly containing dozens of armed soldiers, is negligent, embarrassing, and unacceptable. I have submitted a request to triple the number of armed guards assigned to SCP-5580's containment site and elevated SCP-5580's risk class from "caution" to "danger".

Effective immediately, staff entering SCP-5580 must be accompanied by at least 2 armed guards. However, I would advise staff not to enter SCP-5580 at all. This is a dangerous and volatile anomaly, not a de facto breakroom.

Addendum 5580-2: During the 5 months following Incident 5580-2 and the subsequent change in staff policy, SCP-5580 de-manifested and re-manifested 4 times. The coordinates of each manifestation were entered into Sato-6's database.

Incident Log 5580-3:

Foreword: In accordance with SCP-5580's containment procedures, the original recording of this incident was destroyed. The following incident log was recreated from first and second-hand sources. For this reason, it may contain inaccuracies.


<23:17> SCP-5580-1 discharges multiple rifle rounds into the air. This action is repeated 4 times between 23:17 and 23:194.

<23:19> The following message is sent from SCP-5580 via a flashlight blinking in international morse code:


<23:38> An emergency meeting between Head Researcher Paresh and all Senior Researchers assigned to SCP-5580 is held. During this meeting, a request for light armored vehicle support from MTF Nu-7 is placed. This request is approved some time between 23:44 and 00:51.

<23:41> The following statement is sent from Head Researcher Paresh to all members of staff assigned to SCP-5580:

As some of you may be aware, the soldiers from SCP-5580 have threatened violence against us unless we leave within the next 12 hours. Despite their threats, we will maintain containment of SCP-5580.

Armored support from Hammer Down is on its way.

— Head Researcher Paresh

<01:06> 6 armored trucks from MTF Nu-7 arrive at the containment site. The closest truck is parked approximately 50 meters away from SCP-5580, with its headlights powered on and pointed towards SCP-5580. A sniper rifle shot is discharged from within SCP-5580. It is unknown whether it was a warning shot or if it missed its target.

<01:07> Two sniper rifle shots are discharged from within SCP-5580, destroying the headlights on the closest armored truck.

<01:08> An order to power off all lights pointing towards SCP-5580 is issued by an unknown staff member. 5 more headlights are destroyed before the order is fully executed.

<01:31> All personnel are onboard armored trucks. An order to evacuate is issued, and all trucks depart from SCP-5580's containment site. An estimated $74,000 worth of non-essential equipment is either damaged or abandoned during the evacuation and has since been declared missing without chance of recovery. All temporary housing and office units at SCP-5580's containment site are abandoned.

<01:59> External sources confirm that the sniper rifles SCP-5580-1 is likely utilizing have an effective range of 600 meters. All armored trucks are parked on slightly elevated terrain5 600 meters northeast of SCP-5580.

<02:17> Evacuated personnel and equipment exit the armored trucks. Trucks are repositioned to form a barricade, blocking evacuated personnel from SCP-5580 sniper sightlines.


Addendum 5580-3: Research on SCP-5580 has resumed. Analysis of SCP-5580 de-manifestations and observation of SCP-5580 has shown an inverse correlation between time spent observing SCP-5580 (and recordings of SCP-5580) and how long SCP-5580 persists before de-manifesting. Description has been updated accordingly. To decrease the rate of de-manifestation, all existing recordings of SCP-5580 have been destroyed. Containment procedures have been updated accordingly.

A ring of mesh fence and corrugated metal with an approximate 600 meter radius has been constructed around SCP-5580. This was done to prevent observation of SCP-5580 and to shield personnel from SCP-5580 snipers. Containment procedures have been updated accordingly.

Following Incident 5580-3, no attempts to communicate with SCP-5580-1 have been made.

During the 5 months following Incident 5580-3, no de-manifestations have occurred.

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