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The following file is currently under review by RAISA. A summary of current findings has been attached as an Addendum to this file.


The surrounding area of SCP-025.

Item #: SCP-025

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Outpost-025.B has been established to monitor SCP-025 and prevent unauthorized access. All trails leading to SCP-025 have been destroyed or closed to public access. Outpost-025.B and SCP-025 are currently only accessible via helicopter.

Outpost-025.B is to be operated by a singular guard at all times, to be stationed in week-long alternating shifts. Guards assigned to Outpost-025.B are to be drawn from the Site-77 Security Department and are to have a Cognitive Resistance Value of no less than 8.

The stationed guard is only to leave Outpost-025.B with approval from the SCP-025 Containment Supervisor1, and such approval should only be given under extreme circumstances. Should the guard be granted approval to exit Outpost-025.B, they are under no circumstances to enter SCP-025, regardless of whether or not it is in an active phase. Access to Outpost-025.A is allowed but discouraged.

Should the stationed guard ever report a compulsion or desire to enter SCP-025, they are to be scheduled for immediate extraction. Remote controlled locks on the doors of Outpost-025.B are to be activated until a replacement can be delivered to Outpost-025.B. The guard who reported a desire to enter SCP-025 is then to be administered amnestic therapy to remove all memory of shifts at Outpost-025.B and then removed from the list of eligible candidates for SCP-025 Containment Duty.

Description: SCP-025 is a Gothic Revival style inn located in the Eastern Alps. Between sunrise and sunset, SCP-025 is nonanomalous. However, between sunset and sunrise, SCP-025 enters an active phase and develops variable and deleterious anomalous properties.

The most frequently observed of these anomalous properties is the corruption of data recorded or transmitted from within SCP-025. Other observed effects are the manifestation of hostile humanoid entities, alteration of physical matter and inconsistent topology. Most of these phenomena can be observed through the windows of SCP-025.

Given the consistent lack of coherent information produced from any attempt at entering SCP-025 during an active phase, all testing has been suspended.

Since coming into Foundation control, twenty-six individuals are confirmed to have entered SCP-025 during an active state. Only one of these individuals has been found alive following the end of an SCP-025 active phase.

History: SCP-025 was first discovered in 1874 by ██████ ██████, a naturalist and mountain climber. ██████ came across SCP-025 at night, during an attempt to traverse the Eastern Alps. He recorded the following in a journal, later collected from his personal residence by the Foundation in 1940.

The hill my colleague and I approached had an aura of tranquility to it; although it was just as jarring and unsettling as an abandoned sanatorium. I fear we made a poor choice in pressing onward through the storm, but I am grateful to see this inn as a welcoming overnight stay.

██████ ██████ and the other members of his party2 then enter SCP-025. At this point, ██████'s journal becomes mostly incoherent and hard to interpret, until leaving SCP-025. It is believed that this is an effect of SCP-025, but it is unclear if represents an altered mental state of ██████ or if the journals themselves were altered. Notably, all evidence indicates that the journal was written several days after ██████ had left SCP-025.

SCP-025 was first discovered by the Foundation in 1935 by a survey team. On their recommendation, Outpost-025.A was constructed in order to better study the anomaly. Outpost-025.A was originally constructed adjacent to SCP-025, but numerous security incidents forced the closure of Outpost-025.A and the construction of Outpost-025.B, at a distance from SCP-025.

All attempts by the Foundation at investigating the history of SCP-025 have been unsuccessful. No records exist of an original owner or designer, and no documentation has been found in relation to the construction of SCP-025. Explorations of SCP-025 during inactive phases have yielded no information regarding an original owner.

Addendum: Twenty-five personnel have been lost to SCP-025 since it entered Foundation control. A summary of these incidents follows:

  • Five deaths from hypothermia or other symptoms of exposure, despite adequate clothing to survive.
  • Two deaths from heat stroke, despite ambient temperatures.
  • Four deaths from one or more stab wounds to the chest or torso.
  • One decapitation, with the head not having been discovered.
  • The remains of one individual were found scattered throughout SCP-025. Cause of death was indeterminate.
  • Six deaths from renal failure.
  • The remaining six individuals that have been lost within SCP-025 could not be found once the active phase ended.

After nine D-Class personnel were lost within SCP-025 during testing, testing was formally suspended and entrance during an active phase was prohibited. The next six personnel entered SCP-025 of their own accord, breaking policy to do so. The following note was left by the last of these personnel before entering SCP-025.

February 12th, 1957

If you do not possess a Cognitive Resistance Value of at least 10, please do not read this note. I am sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, but I do not wish to harm the Foundation3.

I believe that I have been affected by an unknown mind-affecting agent originating from SCP-025, of which I am assigned to. While all evidence indicates that entrance into SCP-025 will be fatal, I find myself unable to prevent my own entry.

It is currently unclear to me what the vector of infection for this mind-affecting agent would have been, as well as the specific nature of the infection. I am currently under the belief that an unknown object or set of objects inside SCP-025 possesses previously unidentified cognitohazardous properties with a period of dormancy. Therefore, during an ordinary expedition into SCP-025, I was exposed to this agent and now find myself compromised.

Therefore, for my last act as SCP-025 Research and Containment Supervisor, I am ordering a review of the Special Containment Procedures for SCP-025. The construction of Outpost-025.B is an adequate measure to prevent further loss of personnel to SCP-025, but I fear that it may not be enough. I also recommend the prohibition of entrance into SCP-025 during the day.

I hereby resign from all roles and duties that the Foundation has given to me, effective immediately. I am sorry for not being able to perform my obligations.

A copy of my will can be found in my office. I trust that the Foundation will be able to execute it faithfully.

Thank you,

Dr. Joshua Eichen
Outpost-025 Director

Following the recovery of this note, a detachment from the Memetics and Infohazards Department was deployed to Outpost-025.A to investigate the claims of mind-affecting phenomena made by Director Eichen.

Over the course of this testing, five D-Class4 were sent into SCP-025 during an active phase to search for a memetic or cognitohazardous agent responsible for the suspected compulsion effect. The deployment of D-Class in this manner was unsuccessful.

Over the course of such testing, four personnel from the Memetics and Infohazards Department entered SCP-025 shortly before an active phase and were lost during the event. These personnel were evidently aware of their infection and elected to self-terminate as opposed to potentially infecting other members of the research team. As such, they left no intact records following their presumed infection, other than the message "We hear the Black Moon howl", a standard phrase indicating infection by a mind-affecting phenomenon.

After the loss of these personnel, the Memetics and Infohazards Department withdrew from further investigation of SCP-025, having failed to find a vector for the observed compulsion. An official recommendation was made to the SCP-025 Research and Containment Supervisor, including changes to the Special Containment Procedures. These changes were later implemented.

Under the course of the newly suggested Special Containment Procedures, the security crew of SCP-025 was reduced to minimal numbers and all entry into SCP-025 or the potentially compromised Outpost-025.A was forbidden. Despite these changes, a security personnel member was lost to SCP-025.

Further changes involving the immediate extraction of all personnel voicing a desire to enter SCP-025 were implemented, but another personnel was lost following the inability of the extraction team to reach Outpost-025.B in time as a result of inclement weather conditions.

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