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Primary entrance to SCP-1444.

Item #: SCP-1444

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The land surrounding SCP-1444 has been purchased by the Foundation and disguised as a wildlife preserve. Civilian access to this wildlife preserve is to be prevented.

Outpost-1444 has been established within this wildlife preserve in order to prevent civilian access into the wildlife preserve and to monitor both entrances to SCP-1444. Guards posted to the boundary of the wildlife preserve are to be dressed in clothing typical for a wildlife ranger position, while guards posted to monitor SCP-1444 itself are to be armored in standard Mobile Task Force equipment.

Guards posted to the entrances of SCP-1444 have the primary responsibility of preventing unauthorized access to SCP-1444, but a secondary responsibility of ensuring that no anomalous entities emerge from SCP-1444. No anomalous entities have emerged from SCP-1444 during containment, but precautionary measures have been approved.

Outpost-1444 is to monitor SCP-1444 for any telecommunication signals emanating from SCP-1444. In the event that any are detected, they are to be recorded, logged and otherwise ignored.

Update: Following the events of MTF Zeta-Nine's Rescue Attempt, all plans for further exploration of SCP-1444 have been placed on indefinite hold until further notice.

- SCP-1444 HMCL Supervisor Doctor Kaisa Jarvinen

Description: SCP-1444 is an ice cave located in Oulu, Finland. SCP-1444 is present to a large number of anomalous organisms of variable features, designated as SCP-1444-1 instances. SCP-1444 is also present to other anomalous effects, including inconsistent Hume levels and topology that does not confirm to standard three-dimensional Euclidean models.

There are, at present, two entrances into SCP-1444. The primary entrance was original to discovery of SCP-1444, while the secondary entrance was created during MTF Zeta-Nine's Rescue Attempt. As a result of the circumstances of said Rescue Attempt, no exploration of the secondary entrance has been attempted.

Only three excursions into SCP-1444 have been conducted by Foundation assets. Circumstances of these excursions mean that little usable information has been recovered by the Foundation. See SCP-1444 Log Transcripts for more information.

SCP-1444 was initially discovered following a routine review of possible anomalies. SCP-1444 (or, more accurately, the possibility of SCP-1444) had been flagged as a possible anomaly following minor urban legends of a "monster cave". However, Foundation agents were unable to find SCP-1444 at the time, and the low suspected likelihood of anomaly lead to such efforts being called off.

However, in May 2013, a new report arose, following the disappearance of four hikers. One of these hikers was discovered alive thirteen hours later, although severely hypothermic and confused. The testimony of this hiker indicated that her hiking party had taken shelter in a cave and became trapped after falling into a crevice.

The surviving hiker did not fall into this crevice and reported hearing the screams of both other members of their hiking party and unidentified creatures. After failing to find a secure entrance into the crevice, the surviving hiker fled the cave and was discovered shortly thereafter.

An interviewer was dispatched to investigate further, but unfortunately, had their supplies of amnestics and veritants mislabeled. As a result, the memories of the surviving hiker were rendered incomplete, and the only testimony that was recoverable was the location of the cave.

SCP-1444 Log Transcripts:
Exploration Log: D-1820 and D-3749
Exploration Log: PTF Thorn-Two
Rescue Log: MTF Zeta-Nine
Debriefing Log: Z-9 Towers

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