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PSYCHE Records

Nornir or whoever manage Eurtec talking about the Spectre in a general sense

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new gang

very dangerous, running havoc over europe

either rather large or able to travel long distances easily

they have weapons from both the Factory, Scarlet Hammer, the Chaos Insurgency

we're going to call the boss UTE-1919-Discofather based off this info

PSYCHE Records

On XX/XX/2013, the Chicago Spectre successfully robbed a bank in Northern Ireland. Global Occult Coalition forces were deployed in response, and destroyed one vehicle as it was fleeing the scene. One individual, a BKOY Type Yellow entity parathreat (PTE-0781-Disco-Yellow) named Conall O'Sullivan was captured.

PTE-0781-Disco-Yellow possessed the ability to transmute its body-mass into an anomalous black crystal, giving it enhanced durability and physical strength. This allowed it to survive the munitions used by the Global Occult Coalition against the vehicle it was within, but did not prevent capture.

Recorded Interrogation Log:

Date: XX/XX/2013
Interviewer: "Hawthorn" (87635109/6H3)
Interviewed: PTE-0781-Disco-Yellow

Preamble: PTE-0781-Disco-Yellow was questioned again by Agent Hawthorne of the Global Occult Coalition. This specific interview was to ascertain information concerning UTE-1919-Discofather. Further information may be requested from the Records Management General.

Hawthorn: Hello, Conall. We wanted to speak about your employer in this meeting.

PTE-0781: The boss? No can do, buddy. There's too much about that one.

Hawthorn: You know, we've been working on new blades. We always are, here at the Coalition. From what you've told us, the Spectre is the same way with their gadgets and what not.

PTE-0781: Is this going somewhere?

Hawthorn: This is one of those blades. Look at it, it's got runes scribed all over it. Runes of sharpness and cutting. The boys in the lab tell me it could cut even something that's practically indestructible.

PTE-0781: Listen, I want to work with you, but the boss … there are rules about the boss. It's like fae law, and I know something about that myself.

Hawthorne: What, is he unnameable? Just avoid a name, then.

PTE-0781: Not quite as otherly as those esteemed and gracious folk for whom title should be avoided.

Hawthorne: If it's just a little taboo holding you back, I don't see what's the issue. It's your finger or the taboos.

PTE-0781: The boss is something of a boogeyman, you see. You give up his name and well, bad things happen.

Hawthorne: I see. Well, if he tried to get you, he'd have to go through us. And that's not to reassure so much as to point out we do want to kill him.

PTE-0781: Ha! That's fair. He wouldn't be able to get to me here.

Hawthorne: Open up, then. Tell us what you know about the boss.

PTE-0781: The boss is something of a weird type, compared to the rest of us. The Spectre is a high-tech outfit, right? All the lasers, rather flashy all things considered.

Hawthorne: We did assign you the name Disco.

Two weeks after the conclusion of this interview, O'Sullivan choked to death on a piece of bone served as part of his daily dinner. In the middle of choking, O'Sullivan's Type Yellow capabilities partially and involuntarily activated, preventing the extraction of the bone and leading to his death.

they somehow learn his name is Night

also probably the whole "talking to parallel versions thing" (ie the Inside Man)

probably a captured Spectre dude

PSYCHE Records

Following the tentative identification of UTE-1919-Discofather, a review of Global Occult Coalition Archives was conducted in order to find any potential matches. One such match was found, within the records of the USA Department of Diplomancy1.

The Unusual Incicents Unit had prior interactions "Mr. Night", and produced the following report for the Department of Diplomancy covering the individual. Additionally, he UIU has offered to assist the Coalition with the tracking of UTE-4004-Disco-Father, as he remains a wanted criminal under their jurisdiction. This offer has been turned down.



Case File Summary 1941-016

"Chicago Revenant"


An individual identifying as "Mr. Night" first came to the attention of the Unusual Incidents Unit in 1941 during a string of murders associated with the now defunct anomalous crime syndicate known as the Chicago Spirit. The primary leadership of this agency was brought into Secure Contain Protect Foundation custody in 1933, leading to the collapse of the group by 1938.

In 1941, a series of anomalous murders occurred, targeting individuals associated with the Chicago Spirit. Following each of these murders, the UIU would receive an anonymous tip directing them to the location of that murder. These tips were all signed by Mr. Night, who indicated a familiarity with the operations of the Chicago Spirit.

It was initially believed that the purpose of these murders was to obscure information concerning the Chicago Spirit, but further review indicates this may not have been the case. Mr. Night, in one instance, refrained from killing several former members of the Chicago Spirit when able. Additionally, all individuals killed by Mr. Night during this serial killing episode were involved in the upper management of the Chicago Spirit.

UIU investigators, therefore, concluded that Mr. Night was attempting to conceal a secret that had only been known by the primary leadership of the Chicago Spirit. As a result, the UIU shifted their focus to finding additional members of the Chicago Spirit who had been in the upper management of the said group.

This was not successful, as Mr. Night had been able to terminate all members of the Chicago Spirit aware of this secret. The UIU then turned to try to determine the identity of this Mr. Night, and was able to do as such.

Several former members of the Chicago Spirit detailed that Mr. Night was a legendary figure in the Chicago Spirit, who few members ever directly interacted with. Allegedly, this Mr. Night had been involved in the founding of the Chicago Spirit and was the creator of many of the anomalous objects and phenomena employed by them. However, some suggested that Mr. Night was merely an alias of the presumed leader of the Spirit, Richard Chappell.

Since this initial series of murders in 1941 and 1942, Mr. Night has eluded all attempts by the UIU to capture and prosecute him. While sightings of him have occurred infrequently over the past sixty years, very little progress has been made in investigating and learning more about Mr. Night. As such, Mr. Night has been placed on the UIU's Supernatural Top Ten Most Wanted List.

make the recap shorter and then spend more time talking about the past-present

Threat Entity Database Entry

Threat ID:

UTE-1919-Discofather "Mr. Night"

Authorized Response Level:

2 (Sub Moderate Threat)

The name of the parathreat is speculated to be a nomenclative hazard by certain factions of the Global Occult Coalition, most notably PHYSICS Division Strike Teams assigned to the Chicago Spectre. If these concerns are accurate, the name of the parathreat leads to increased fatality rates and parathreat gaining awareness of the speaker. This is not confirmed, but suspected to be likely.

Rules of Engagement:
As the name of the parathreat is a nomenclative hazard, agents are to solely refer to the parathreat as "UTE-1919-Discofather."

PSYCHE Records

summary of incidents involving the Spectre - heists, bootlegging operations and the like. Night is spotted at some of them

in another incident, Leggy (UTE-4137-Disco) is seen running around doing his thing

one incident where they try to stop Night but the Golden Horde (PTE-1227-Khan) shows up and complicates things, the GOC has to say that they still know who Genghis Khan is but by then Night is gone

one raid of the Hy-Brasil palace or somesuch (in an alternate universe where the events of War on All Fronts never happened)


raid is conducted to go after Night, and fails. Night leaves a taunting letter

Recorded Transcript Log

Date: GOC breaks Night's mojo and doesn't work on a holiday
Strike Team: ST-0638
Agent: Stormbeard (96231847/0638)

Preamble: Strike Team 0638 "Bigger Guns" was deployed to liquidate UTE-1919-Disco and attack the Chicago Spirit, following the discovery of a Chicago Spectre base of operations. A transcript of this follows, recovered from the ocular implant of Stormbeard.

the dude with a stand shows up here

[9:54] UTE-7269-Disco-Purple: Under Pressure!

[9:55] A large gold colored humanoid entity (designated UTE-7269-Disco-Purplechild) manifests in the behind UTE-7269-Disco-Purple. The gravity in the room significantly increases.

[10:00] UTE-1919-Discofather: Too much ambition in that, I'm afraid.

[10:04] UTE-1919-Discofather removes the knife from his shoulder.

A spectre is haunting Europe — the spectre of Chicago.

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