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Black Monarch Butterfly.​​

The Black Queen ATRAREGINA

Hi everybody! The other Queens all call me Sunrise, so I guess that's how I'm supposed to introduce myself here!

Black Queen Grinds a Mountain of Sin Into Fine Dust


Black Queen Minerva. haikus won't work, new gimmick


An alternate version of the SCP Foundation that is acting as a sovereign nation-state in some capacity. Frequently aim at global domination or world control. This appears to be the destiny of the Foundation, in general. Destiny can be subverted, of course, but this is their fate. Wait, is Grinds a Mountain of Sin Into Fine Dust your name or is that a title? What does it mean? How'd you get it? Can I get a title like that? Maybe something like "Black Queen Bashes the Fash"? It was the name given to me at birth. My world has different naming conventions than your own.


  • Obviously, the existance of the SCP Foundation in some capacity. Normally fascists.FERETYRANNI Every Foundation is fascist, dear. At least, those that aren't are the unusual ones.
  • after a K class
  • None of the worlds in which I've found Federations had (working) versions of Deus Ex Machina or the Ennui Protocol or anything else that would let them reset and rebuild the world after the end. A couple had them in the past but they broke or something while others never had them in the first place False. Boudica, please elaborate on that, at least a little. Greedy opportunists. Federation end goal.
  • lack of opposition groups (excepting ORIA-ERIA) - correction, opposition weak



oh boy

Instance: Timeline I-07

world where

Instance: Timeline T-84


Instance: Timeline P-96


Instance: Timeline X-67

  • world where…

Instance: Timeline B-53


Instance: Timeline T-89

tufto's headcanon

Instance: Timeline C-36

the world in which Chicago Insurgency takes place

  • rockfish eat stuff
  • collapse of us
  • DC Al Fine dies, GOC eats itself
  • Foundation slips right in
  • ERIA in a greater Iranian era
  • Hy-Brasil and the fae conquer Europe
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