Wayward Society Wendigo Draft

picture: sketch of the wendigo, since that's kosher
type: evergreen
threat level: black
active status: Inactive Pacified
other names:

Description: The wendigo is an incorporeal spirit that resides in the vague area around the Great Lakes of the US and Canada. The exact range isn't quite clear, but it appears to be generally around those areas. We've seen some in places far away, but it generally prefers to go north of the Great Lakes if it's leaving the area. Of course, once it takes a physical body it can go all over the place. Always goes back to the Lakes, however.

Background: We've found good hard evidence of the wendigo a couple times, a few real stories that we can trust. Some of them aren't from the Wayward Society itself, but we trust them all the same.

few stories

Location and Population: guess the great lakes stuff goes here

Hunting or Procurement Methods:

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