Originally documented floorplan of Apartment 2B, actual floorplan of SCP-100012 varies slightly.

Item #: SCP-100012

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: 145 … Street, Paris, France has been purchased by the Foundation, and converted into Safehouse Calvin. Safehouse Calvin may be used as permanent or temporary employee lodgings for personnel staying in Paris, France. Update 08/01/2016: Apartment 2A has been set aside for the family of Agent Morrose.

Something about the maintenance of the DANKEs.

The door to SCP-100012 has been barred shut. Access is forbidden.

Description: SCP-100012 is Apartment 2B, XXX name street, Paris France. SCP-100012 is spatio-temporally looped upon itself. A door located off the living room, situated in a frame intended to lead into a small study room, instead opens into the foyer of an identical duplicate of SCP-100012 as it was at 3:46 PM, June 29th, 1946. The front door of SCP-100012 opens into the living room of a similar duplicate of SCP-100012.

[door leads into 100012 and out until closed]

All windows in SCP-100012 cannot be opened, and have withstood up to 300 PSI of direct force. Matter that enters SCP-100012 cannot be removed by any currently known means.

Discovered after people disappeared and everyone who looked for em disappeared

Addendum 100012-A:

boring generic note at the end about wanting to go back to that day
parody note at the end if possible

Addendum 100012-B: Agent Calvin Morrose (E-100012)

On November 5th, 1978, SCP-100012 was entered by Agent Morrose during initial containment attempts. As a result, Agent Morrose was subject to the anomalous phenomena of SCP-100012, and became unable to exit SCP-100012.

To this day, Agent Morrose remains within SCP-100012. Agent Morrose remains the surviving subject of individuals who entered SCP-100012, having survived by continually entering new rooms and using the food found within.

Agent Morrose has expressed his explicit desire to remain in SCP-100012 as long as possible, in the hopes of possible extraction. This has been deemed unfeasible. Agent Morrose was informed of this. Agent Morrose did not change his desire based upon this information.

The following is a transcript of logs recieved from Agent Mortose's DANKE agent device, from his entry until the present day.

| BETWEEN: S14 & Morrose
| subject line

Morrose: hello command

| BETWEEN: S14 & Morrose
| subject line

another contact and such for many years

| BETWEEN: S14 & Morrose
| subject line

years past, this one comes decade later

Morrose: hey command
Morrose: you there?

Morrose: it's been a while

Command: Morrose, you're still alive?

Morrose: I know, right?

| BETWEEN: s14command and morrose
| subject line

s14com | hey calvin
S29MisCon: | are you there

AgCaMorrose: | of course
AgCaMorrose: | whats going on
S29MisCom: | some things have happened recently
S29MisCom: | there was a large anomalous disaster in korea
AgCaMorrose: | foundation didnt stop it questionmark
S29MisCom: | could have been a lot worse
AgCaMorrose: | kclass questionmark
S29MisCom: | would have been a k cla you got it
S29MisCom: | important thing is that the masquerade is gone
AgCaMorrose: | sounds like you have a lot of work ahead of you
S29MisCom | that s an understatement
S29MisCom | but we re now able to review some of your requests again
S29MisCom | eth com is going over your familial contact request
S29MisCom | leaning favorably
agcamorrose | holy shit
agcamorrose | i never thought this would happen
s29miscom | we ll keep you updated
agcamorrose | yes oh my god please do
s29com | you ll know immediately
agcamorrose | thank you so much
morrose | please excuse me for a moment i need to process this
s29com | of course calvin
s29com | take your time

| BETWEEN: S14 & Morrose
| subject line

civ_morrose | hello
agcamorrose | _ is that you
civ_morrose | hi dad
agcamorrose | im so sorry
agcamorrose | im so so sorry
agcamorrose | you were ten the last time i saw you
civ_morrose | its not your fault
agcamorrose | i never should have taken this job
agcamorrose | all it ever did was keep me from you and your mother and your brother
civ_morrose | you couldn't have known
agcamorrose | how have you been
civ_morrose | it was tough growing up without a dad
civ_morrose | but you get by
civ_morrose | i went to _ im a doctor now
agcamorrose | not foundation i hope
civ_morrose | no
agcamorrose | what did they tell you happened to me
civ_morrose | the front you worked for said you died in a machine accident
civ_morrose | unrecognizable they said
agcamorrose | classic for them
agcamorrose | tell me more about yourself please
agcamorrose | i love you
civ_morrose | i got married twelve years ago
civ_morrose | two sons theyre seven and three
agcamorrose | i feel too young to be a grandpa
civ_morrose | too bad old man
agcamorrose | hey exclamationpoint
civ_morrose | look deep into your heart you know it to be true
agcamorrose | you still remember that dumb movie
civ___morrose | i could say the same
agcamorrose | i haven't had much to do in here for the past

[the Safehouse is named after the guy]
[danke sites are used for the comms between the guy and his family]

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