I Hate Myself For Never Being Born
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Item #: SCP-5213

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The access door to SCP-5213 has been welded shut and buried. Short-root vegetation has been planted over the location to ensure ground integrity and further concealment.

Description: SCP-5213 is a bulkhead of unknown construction, located on the inside of Truchas Peak, New Mexico, USA. SCP-5213 is accessible through an angled cellar door affixed to the side of the mountain. This door is labeled "Property of the Department of Abnormalities". No record of this group exists in any capacity.

The accessible interior of SCP-5213 consists of a large opening chamber, made of steel. This interior chamber is a cube, fifteen meters to a side. There are no features within this chamber, other than a single door attached directly opposite the entrance. This initial chamber is lacking any light fixtures.

The door on the far side of SCP-5213 has been welded shut, and all attempts to open it have been suspended. However, a small window in the middle of the door allows for partial observation of the other side. This window only permits a limited view of the other rooms of the facility.

The other chamber appears to be of the same dimensions as the initial chamber. Six human fetuses lie on the ground of the chamber. These fetuses emit red light at approximately 50 lux at all times. All of these fetuses have suffered grievous injuries.

A seventh fetus is floating five feet above the ground in the other chamber. This fetus is encased in a translucent sphere of unknown materials. The fetus or sphere emits red light at approximately 250 lux.

Occasionally, the seventh fetus will twitch. When this occurs, a red liquid (visually consistent with blood) will manifest in the interior chamber, and the emitted light from the seventh fetus will increase to 1000 lux. Faint noises can be heard from within the interior chamber.

On a single occasion, an adult, naked human was observed to manifest in front of the seventh fetus. It began to scream at the fetus before disappearing.


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