I Hate Myself For Never Being Born
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Item #: SCP-5213

Object Class: Gomaliel1

Special Containment Procedures: Copies of this file are to be sent to alternate realities in the hopes of warning them of the danger posed by SCP-5213, and allowing them to prepare countermeasures. It is recommended that any reality that receives this file brace themselves for extradimensional bleed-off, as fragments from this reality may soon spill into their own without warning.

The top priority of the Foundation at present is finding a means of inducing a controlled ZK-Class ("End of Reality") Scenario in order to neutralize SCP-5213. Nothing less is sufficient to contain SCP-5213, as decided by the Ethics Committee and the Department of Ethics.

Description: SCP-5213 is the reality that generated this document. SCP-5213 is dangerously unstable and is likely to collapse in an exceedingly short period of time. If this collapse occurs through natural/traditional processes, it will result in the destabilization of nearby realities, potentially resulting in a cascading ZK-Class Scenario.

SCP-5213 was determined to be anomalous, given that:

  • Time is temporally locked to November 12th, 1983. As feasible as can be measured, time has not progressed for the entirety of existence.
  • Foundation standards are noticably lax, with many normal guidelines and preferences for clinical tone being absent or missing altogether.
    • This further extends to SCPOS, which has an unprofessional color scheme and font choice.
  • different groups are working together
  • there are two Californias
  • the ability to observe the above phenomena and conclude they are unusual

The conclusions drawn by the Unreality Division is that SCP-5213 is the poorly assembled remains of other realities, which have aggregated in a fascimile of a true reality. SCP-5213 was therefore spontaneously generated, rather than naturally formed through traditional properties.

It is currently believed that the multiversal detritus that accumulated into SCP-5213 is primarily composed of "unmade" objects and phenomenon. There are multiple sources for this waste: timelines that were obliviated from existence, realities partially consumed by Devourer-Class Entities, or the deliberate deletion of the fabric reality. The majority of these parts focus around "uncreation" - phenomena which were spontaneously generated despite never being created or fully formed. As such, SCP-5213 is highly unstable and dangerous.


My fellow members of the Foundation,

I doubt any of you will read this, and even if you do, it will not matter. But this is not a world of logic.

Our reality is an abomination. It is an ugly, broken and misshapen thing. We are nothing more than trash from the rest of the universe given shape. Who is to say where we came from? Small fragments of trash from elsewhere in the universe, ripped from their home and cast into the void? Or perhaps they never had a place to begin with.

There are better worlds. Better versions of ourselves, ones that do not live in a hellscape like our own. They are true realities: those that should last until the end of time. It is our duty to remove cancers from the body of the multiverse, and we are a tumorous reality.

And so we shall, as driven by the instincts of others. We have made a weapon that will tear our reality down from the seams, and annihilate ourselves completely. Our reality will fail, and that shall be the end of things. No suffering, no pain.

They say that some ideas will remain and pass on. If this is the price for salvation, I shall pay it. Tomorrow, another reality make wake up with a few chance remnants: a chamber built by a department that never existed, a time traveler out of place, a manuscript that was never written, for instance. That is all that will remain.

Our deaths do not matter, for we were never born in the first place.

And I hate myself for never being born.


Extradimensional corruption from an external archive has been detected!


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