Strike Down the Sun

"Calvin, you available?"

Researcher Calvin Irkwright jolted up at the mention of his name. It wasn't something that got said often. He got a single curt "Calvin" from the main desk when he swiped in, another curt acknowledgement when he swiped out, and a few scattered nods if he ever ran into someone he knew.

It was Director Sophia Light, and she looked unhappy.

Oh shit. Calvin was pretty much invisibile to everyone who had better things to do, which was pretty much everyone. He didn't even think the Director knew his name. If she was walking down all the way down to his office for something, one of two things was happening. Either he was being promoted to the O5 Council, or he was getting shot for treason.

"Uh, yes, I'm totally available," he sputtered out, desperately trying to sort out his messy desk before he realized the implications of what he said. "Uh, not to say I'm not doing anything important, just some, er, routine data entering…"

Director Light walked over to him, casting a critical eye over the scattered reports on his desk. "How's that going? Any breakthroughs with the lizard?"

Of course there wasn't, he wanted to say. There never was.

When Calvin was told that he was being transferred to the SCP-682 project, he was ecstatic. Here he was, an eternal level 2, being promoted to a level three clearance and assigned with killing one of the most dangerous threats the Foundation had contained. Finally, things were looking up for him.

Then he learned it was the equivalent of ressaignment to Antarctica. No opportunites for promotion, long hours, and everyone saw you as a joke. He got moved to Area-682 to be closer to the team, then sent back to 17 when the budget was cut, then moved to 31, then moved to 17 again. It couldn't have been more obviouswhat they thought of him if they had just thrown him to the overgrown lizard.

Light seemed to be thinking something over as she contemplated the termination attempts. She turned and headed back for the door, stopping just before the hallway to turn back at him.

"Stop whatever you're doing, we have a meeting to attend immediatly."

Calvin's eyebrows shot up. "We?", he repeated. He couldn't think of any situation where'd be sitting in on a Director's meeting, unless there was a 682 containment breach the rest of the team decided not to tell him about.

"Yes, we. Hurry up, this isn't a type of meeting you want to be late to."

Quickly logging out of his computer, he scurried up to meet Light, closing the door behind him in one smooth motion.

She was taking long strides, the type of strides people took when they were pissed off about something, but couldn't scream at their underlings in public. He could see his coworkers giving him sympathetic looks while they ran for cover.

Up ahead, there were two unfamiliar task force members standing guard outside Light's office. Definitely weren't from 17, couldn't quite place them…

One of them turned as the two approached them. "You have identification?" he calmy asked, as if he wasn't talking to the Site Director outside of her own office.

Light passed him a id badge, which he handed off to his eerily quiet female partner. "Director Sophia Light, Specialist Calvin Irkwright."

The guard's eyes flicked over to Calvin. He turned to his double, who gave him a quick once over from head to toe, before nodding and handing back Light's identification.

The two stood aside, and Light opened her door.

There were two people sitting around the meeting desk. One was Tobias Penderton, a senior researcher at the site. He specialized in the high-security humanoids, like 953. Always was polite, though like most people, didn't treat Calvin too seriously.

The woman he didn't recognize. Tall, fair features, hair that was beginning to gray. Every detail of her, her hair, her clothing, the jewelry, seemed to be made with almost surgical precision.

Something was off about the way she was sitting. It reminded him of the task forces members he had always seen around. The quiet, humble confidence in knowing that you were one of the most dangerous people in the room.

Penderton stood up when he saw them. The woman did not.

"Calvin, good to see you," he said with a wide smile. Well, at least he made an effort to be polite. "Didn't think you'd be joingin us, truth be told."

"Still not sure what this is," Calvin said, realziing that was the first word he had said since his ffice. "What exactly am I doing here, again?"

"Have a seat," Light said. "You know Pemberton already, head researcher for 239. And this is our representative from the Overseer Council."

Calvin's eyhes almost bulged out of his head. An actual overseer? He wasn't sure if they even existed. They were pretty much unicorns around his level- hell, even he'd seen a unicorn. Never an Overseer.

What exactly was going on? Calvin took a look around. They had the site director, the head researcher for over a dozen anomalies, an Overseer, and him, a lowly termination specialist.

Wait a minute. All the pieces quickly fell into place in his head. What did him and Penderton have in common? They both worked with two of the most dangerous anomalies the Foundation had contained.

"You're planning to terminate 239, aren't you?"

The Overseer made a face that almost looked like a smile. "Sharper than you look.

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