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Item #: SCP-500-EX

Object Class: Explained

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-500-EX is kept within a refrigerated temporal isolation container1 and protected by standard security measures.

Research regarding SCP-500-EX-A through SCP-500-EX-J are classified Level-4 prior to emergence, and Level-0 afterwards.

Information concerning SCP-500-EX-K is available to O5 Command only.

Description: SCP-500-EX is a large aluminum suitcase. It is durable, non-anomalous, and was manufactured and assembled around 2135 CE.

It was discovered in 18██ during the construction of Site-19 (then called Facility-C), along with explanatory information and its current temporal isolation container. The object was promptly remanded to the Temporal Anomalies Department where it was studied and documented.

SCP-500-EX contains a number of vaccines (designated as sub-objects -A through -K), detailed instructions for their manufacture, and extensive scientific literature concerning the diseases they immunize against. The vaccines, their methods of preparation, and the diseases themselves have been confirmed to be wholly non-anomalous. Unusually, not all diseases mentioned in SCP-500-EX affect humans.

The Foundation has been able to replicate the production of all vaccines within SCP-500-EX, first in 1943 using paratechnological assistance, and later in 1965 without. All vaccines (except SCP-500-EX-K) have been made available for use within the Foundation and allied organizations.


Foundation vaccine replication research at Site-11.

Alaunus Protocol requires that agents of the Temporal Anomalies Department be immunized against all diseases described within SCP-500-EX2 prior to temporal deployment of any kind, in addition to standard measures to avoid medical anachronisms.

In 1919 the protocol was expanded. It now requires that all Foundation personnel, contractors, and (when relevant) contained anomalies be immunized soon before the first natural emergence of each disease. However, it does not apply to anomalies where immunization is considered to be a breach of containment.

A summary of the information provided in SCP-500-EX has been compiled below:

Instance Emergence First Approved Vaccine Disease Name Estimated Deaths3 Description
SCP-500-EX-A 2101 2102 Bakkeren's disease 62 thousand Bacterial disease which, while rarely lethal, causes severe cirrhosis (chronic liver failure).
SCP-500-EX-B 2082 2085 SARV-82 14 million Human retrovirus which causes difficulty with digestion and homeostasis, typically leading to deaths from malnutrition.
SCP-500-EX-C 2019 2021 COVID-19 37 million Viral disease spread via infected droplets through air, which can cause long-term effects such as lung damage, brain damage and heart failure.
SCP-500-EX-D 1983 2032 HIV/AIDS 45 million An autoimmune disease which typically spreads via fluid contact.
SCP-500-EX-E 1976 2019 Ebola 1.6 thousand A virus which causes fever, muscle rashes, and internal and external bleeding.
SCP-500-EX-F 1918 2009 Influenza A 50 million Subtype of human influenza virus, which frequently results in severe bacterial pneumonia followed by death.
SCP-500-EX-G Before 1647 1937 Yellow fever 51 thousand A short duration viral infection, causing fever, muscle pains, and liver damage.
SCP-500-EX-H Before 1500 1796 Smallpox 500 million Fatal infection causing fever, vomiting, ulcers, and scabs.
SCP-500-EX-I Before 500 1963 Measles 153 thousand Virus causing fever, inflammation, and severe rashes.
SCP-500-EX-J Before 1700 BCE 1897 Bubonic plague 200 million Painful and swollen lymph nodes, vomiting, and sepsis.
SCP-500-EX-K [REDACTED] [REDACTED] Night Children Fever 7.3 billion Causes intense hallucinations, paranoia, aphasia, and cranial bleeding. Not transmissible to homo sapiens.
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