Super Secret
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CroquemboucheCroquembouche VS 9volt does not match any existing user name
████ ████████ Gunhead Anomalocaris

keyiikeyii VS SecretCrowSecretCrow
"Stacey Lee" Maya the Magnificent

IhpIhp VS MaliceAforethoughtMaliceAforethought
Dr. Sinclair ToasterHead

spikebrennanspikebrennan VS not_a_seagullnot_a_seagull
Sheldon Katz Shock
Stray Katz (part 1)

tretter does not match any existing user name VS JackalRelatedJackalRelated
Dr. Loyd Dr. Fynegan

WrongJohnSilverWrongJohnSilver VS UraniumEmpireUraniumEmpire
D-7294 Veronica Fitzroy

Captain KirbyCaptain Kirby VS hot-coles does not match any existing user name
poky Ringo

WerylliumWeryllium VS DrMagnusDrMagnus
Armando Ruslav Diaghilev

djkaktusdjkaktus VS BillithBillith

psulpsul VS WestrinWestrin
Agent Tomàs Rey Tree Critter

Agent MacLeodAgent MacLeod VS DrAnnoyingDogDrAnnoyingDog
Alexei Belitrov Wobbles
A Walk Along The Riverside

CadaverCommanderCadaverCommander VS fieldstonefieldstone
Moon Champion Agent Johnson

kinchtheknifebladekinchtheknifeblade VS DrChandraDrChandra
Cousin Johnny Tyrone
Cater Duty

floppyphoenix does not match any existing user name VS DecibellesDecibelles
Researcher Smalls Heather Mason

Gabriel JadeGabriel Jade VS OthellotheCatOthellotheCat
The Plague Doctor Leslie
Going Home Let Her Heart DEET Once More

The Great HippoThe Great Hippo VS gibberingeloquence does not match any existing user name
"Don Quixote" Classy Carlos


The following contestants did not clear the list to make the main bracket, but because we had way more entrants than expected, there’s enough for a side-tournament! Contestants will compete in 2 rounds in groups of 3. The winner will join the main tournament in Round 3.

Everything essentially works the same, but you’ll need to fit two opponents’ characters into your entry. Good luck!

Lazar LyusternikLazar Lyusternik VS MacWarren does not match any existing user name VS MrBazzleMrBazzle
Dr. Madison Craggs Travis Kazmarek Buddy

Crocket_LawnchairCrocket_Lawnchair VS DrDromeusDrDromeus VS Aleph-NullAleph-Null
Robber Ducks The Great Anoati The Living Joke

Illyrias_Acolyte does not match any existing user name VS AFX NeuromancerAFX Neuromancer VS Attila the PunAttila the Pun
Dr. Clair Wythers Nathan Nathan Snyder
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