Unknown: All right everyone, let's get started. Hello, and welcome to Introductory Yoga. For those of us who are new, I am Reverend Nothing, for I cast my name into the sky long ago.


Unknown: Has everyone found a yoga mat? Good, good. Unroll your mat and sit down.

All people in the room sit on a yoga mat.

If you've been here before, you know I like to start my sessions with something a bit unconventional. Let's all lie back in savasana position. Close your eyes and think of your happy place. Where ever you feel safe and free. Wherever feels like home. It could be a cozy cabin or an alpine lake. A tranquil moonlit forest. If you've done this correctly, it will be night time. Now once you've centered yourself, take a moment to exist.

Unknown: That's enough. Stand up, in your mind only. Find your footing. Maintain your balance. Now, find the ocean. No matter where you are, it will be there. Open the door of the cabin. Follow the alpine river to the ocean. Look up to the treetops and watch the direction of the birds. Just listen for the sound of the waves. Let your destination be the only thing in your mind. Reality will follow suit.

The room is silent for approximately two minutes. Occasionally, the sound of crashing waves is heard.

Unknown: Look at the great expanse before you. Take in its majesty, its incomprehensible magnitude. Take a moment now to comprehend the oceans magnitude.


Unknown: Look around now. The other members of our group have joined you. Our congregation is whole. As one, begin to move to the water. Feel the sand parting at your limbs behest. You are in control. The sand is nothing but the cold, dead remains of some ancient monolithic concept, eroded down by the sea into its most basic components. Channel it. With each footstep, shift each grain into a beautiful new concept. Reality presents itself as a shore for you to sculpt. You are in control. As you move closer-

The speaker is interrupted as a member of the congregation1 violently coughs up a plume of dark smoke

Williams: S-sorry. The-the smell…

Unknown: Mmm. Things get washed up on this shore. Dead and rotting things. Seaweed and feathered hair. Fish bones and gender norms and the diamond industry. Try not to get caught up.

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