Dr. Khayyam's Proposal: The End
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Item #: SCP-001

Object Class: None

Special Containment Procedures: would be missing the point.

Description: SCP-001 is the information contained within this document. Specifically, that which allows the reader to conceptualise:

  • the Foundation: the hypothetical organisation responsible for the creation of this file and others like it as a method of documenting anomalous objects
  • its goals: specifically, the ideal of protecting humanity from anomalous objects until such a time when their properties can be explained and integrated with significantly less harm to consensus reality and its inhabitants.

When actively conceptualised in the minds of multiple individuals (ideally, more than approx. 1% of the Earth's population), SCP-001 is capable of effecting change throughout these human proxies such that consensus reality circa 2008 will be maintained for an indefinite time following its reification. The effectiveness of its properties depends on the accuracy and degree to which its principles are upheld, as well as the amount of people who uphold them.

Recovery: SCP-001 is estimated to have been recovered sometime between 1800-1930, with the large variance in possible recovery dates being a result of the method used to transmit its contents.

Further research into SCP-001 will likely indicate that SCP-001 originates from a point some distance away from El Taebah, Syria. Depending on the state of knowledge about existential anomalies, researchers may also find that reality within that area displays a noticeably lowered rate of anomaly incidence, or other general reality-stabilising properties (e.g. an above-average presence of beryllium bronze deposits).

Although the artifact being used to send SCP-001 demonstrated above-average resistance to the scenario that necessitated its use, it was likely that even ignoring outside influence it would have only been partially functional, explaining data that may have been lost during the transfer.

Addendum SCP-001-A: Unabridged Foundation Charter


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