Your Home Away From Home That Is Your Home
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Item #: SCP-3565

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The hotel enclosing SCP-3565 has been purchased by a Foundation front company and SCP-3565's entryway marked as a maintenance closet prior to reopening the rest of the hotel. Access for testing is limited to Level 2 personnel and above.

Description: SCP-3565 is Room 222 of the former Viewpoint Hotel in State College, Pennsylvania. Outside of an active state, SCP-3565 is totally non-anomalous, albeit lacking all of the furnishings present in other rooms within the Viewpoint Hotel save for a bedside table. Foreign objects placed in the room disappear following the conclusion of the next active state.

SCP-3565 enters an active state whenever a human subject places more than $50 in legal US tender in the drawer of the bedside table. At this point, all other occupants will find themselves outside the room and the entrance sealed. Attempts to image the interior of SCP-3565 produce conflicting results, as a result of what is believed to be rapid shifts in the interior space of the room.

An active state lasts for a period of time proportional to the amount of cash placed within the drawer, and will last at a minimum of two hours. At the conclusion of an active state, the entrance will unseal and the subject will be found unconscious, lying next to the bedside table.

After regaining consciousness, subjects will believe that they have spent a period of time at their 'home' incongruous to the amount of time spent in SCP-3565. Attempts to remove these memories via amnestic treatment or convince them of the falsity of these memories universally fail, despite obvious inconsistencies.

Addendum SCP-3565-1: Summarised Testing Log

Subject: D-1983
Cash Inserted (USD): 50
Duration of Active State: 2 hours, 3 minutes
D-1983 reports having spent a day with his brother and dogs at his home in Darwin, before leaving for work and falling unconscious upon exiting the confines of his house. During the interview, he was unable to describe the physical appearance of his home, but insisted repeatedly that he had been living in it 'since birth'. In addition, his brother's physical appearance did not match that of his actual brother, which D-1983 attributed to 'a growth spurt and a dye job'.
Subject: D-2913
Cash Inserted (USD): 75
Duration of Active State: 2 hours, 53 minutes
D-2913 reports that she spent two days with her mother1 and cousin at her new apartment in Chicago, where she had moved to from Phoenix as part of her new job at a Chicago-based consultancy firm. She described her new apartment as 'familiar', although, as with D-1983, she was mostly unable to give specifics. The one detail she was able to provide was the presence of a bedside table matching the description of the one inside SCP-3565.
Subject: D-3982
Cash Inserted (USD): 100
Duration of Active State: 3 hours, 21 minutes
D-3982 believes he spent a week with his partner at a hotel in State College during a business trip. Despite claiming to have had several meetings with business partners and superiors that occured outside the confines of his hotel room, he was only able to remember the periods of time he spent within the hotel room. His descriptions of his job vary from interview to interview, but consistently center around the hotel he stayed at. Careers he claimed to have range from the receptionist of the hotel he was staying at to a 'interhotel diplomat and relations manager'.
Subject: D-2369
Cash Inserted (USD): 150
Duration of Active State: 3 hours, 43 minutes
See Addendum SCP-3565-2.

Addendum SCP-3565-2: Interview with D-2369

D-2369: Everything's like looking through snow now, but I used to want to live in a hotel as a kid, that much I remember. It was like- I used to think I wanted to live there because whenever we were at a hotel, we were always going somewhere exciting. Disneyland or the Grand Canyon or shit like that, somewhere away from home.

Dr. Khayyam: Any reason why you bring that up in particular?

D-2369: Because that's what this place is, it's- what's the word for, um, not here, not there-

Dr. Khayyam: In-between.

D-2369: Yeah. That. It's not an in-between like every other hotel room, it's the in-between. It's never what you do there that's important, it's what you do around it.

Dr. Khayyam: Start of the day, end of the day. I see.


D-2369: You have a family, Adileh?

Dr. Khayyam: Past tense. I don't remember them.

D-2369: The ambula- amnesty- um… amnestics, right?

Dr. Khayyam: One thing we share in common.

D-2369: Yeah. Right. Figures.


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