Item #: XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be kept in the Anomalous Painting and Sculpture Gallery of Site-47. The anomaly will be contained in a standard containment gallery fitted with extra soundproofing and two Scranton Reality Anchors. When not in use, all lights in the gallery are to be extinguished. Any organisms or matter generated by SCP-XXXX are to be incinerated. Testing of SCP-XXXX is suspended indefinitely with no chance of appeal for at least 10 years.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a partially intact sandstone sculpture, depicting an apsara, a cloud and water spirit from Hindu and Buddhist myth. SCP-XXXX is missing its arms and legs; The cause of this is unknown. SCP-XXXX is currently 2.1 meters with variable weight. X-ray analysis has revealed a small opening within the statue containing various circuitry; Its purpose is unknown.

SCP-XXXX activates when a subject makes physical contact with the anomaly and says "Awaken" in any language. SCP-XXXX will then emit an avatar made of golden photonic matter around itself. The avatar constitutes of a thin covering of light around itself and arms and legs stemming from SCP-XXXX truncated limbs. The avatar is fully solid and allows SCP-XXXX to locomote. Once awoken, SCP-XXXX will play the message "I have awoken. What is your command?" with a computerized voice.

Once activated, SCP-XXXX will obey any command given to it, to the best of its ability.

Abridged List of SCP-XXXX Commands:

Command Effect
"Walk" SCP-XXXX walks forward at approximately 2 mps. SCP-XXXX stopped at a wall, indicating spatial awareness.
"Protect" SCP-XXXX generates photonic matter barrier. Attempts to destroy the barrier failed until the barrier dissipated 44 minutes after activation.
"Destroy" Command directed at an armored truck. SCP-XXXX emitted a yellow laser from both its eyes. The attack was successful in the detonation of the truck.
Sleep SCP-XXXX's avatar dissipated and the anomaly entered its inactive state.

Codename "Tandavam" [3/XXXX CLEARANCE REQUIRED]

When the command "Dance" is given, the following exchange must occur:

SCP-XXXX: Begin tandavam?
Activator: Yes.
SCP-XXXX: Do you accept the title of Nataraja, and the consequences that come with it?
Activator: I do.
SCP-XXXX Then the cycle begins anew.

If the exchange occurs as shown, SCP-XXXX will begin to perform SCP-XXXX-1. SCP-XXXX-1 is a powerful, reality-altering kinetoglyph. Currently, five stages have been recorded, each with different steps and effects. Additionally, SCP-XXXX will compel others near it to perform SCP-XXXX-1 as well. [psychic broadcast unit kilorhines]

Stage 1

Name: "Shrishti, Creation"

**Description: **This stage consists entirely of stationary hand positions. Sometimes, mudras are used, but it is mostly composed of rapid movements. The duration is about 24 minutes.

Effect: Firstly, the Hume levels of the surrounding area begin to steadily decrease. After half the duration of the dance has elapsed, SCP-XXXX will expel clouds of elementary hydrogen from its avatars hands. Subjects under SCP-XXXX's effect will also expel substances; Chemicals like helium, oxygen, carbon dioxide, methane and even complex molecules like RNA have been observed. Using the remainder of the kinetoglyph, SCP-XXXX will create nebula- like structures. Participants can create more complex chemicals and shape substances into other forms. On one occurrence, participants were able to create simple life such as bacteria, to more complex life like jellyfish. The stage concludes with SCP-XXXX condensing all created matter into a singular luminous, gaseous object, forming SCP-XXXX-2, which resembles a protostar.

Stage 2

Name: "Kalpa, Eternity"

**Description: **This stage is slow, characterized by circular rotation with the legs, gliding motions and intricate footwork. During this stage, if any ambient rhythm is present, SCP-XXXX will time itself to the rhythm.

Effect: The stage commences when SCP-XXXX places SCP-XXXX-2 above its head, where it will levitate, following the movement of SCP-XXXX. Within 5 minutes of starting the stage, SCP-XXXX will resemble a yellow main-sequence type star. In the area around SCP-XXXX, the effective passage of time will slow. The effects of this include, resistance to injury, states of heightened consciousness. In most instances, SCP-XXXX will project the image of one to five figures around one subject under SCP-XXXX's effect.

Stage 3

Name: "Maya, Illusion"

**Description: **This stage is dynamic, with the anomaly moving across space relatively quickly. The steps consist mostly of arm movements and gestures, often alluding to actions of pushing, falling and tearing. Noticeably, at points in the dance where anomalous effects manifest, SCP-XXXX will include motions of flicking, poking and twitching.

Effect: The decrease in Humes continues, with no significant deviation. The most significant effect in this stage is the fluctuation in natural laws. Encountered examples have included but are likely not limited to: The cessation in gravity, spontaneous creation of antimatter. change in the quantity of the speed of light and Planck's constant, shifts in temporal position, the complete destruction of matter, etc. Subjects show lowered perception but heightened cognitive ability. SCP-XXXX has also been observed spontaneously generating illusory copies of itself, the largest instance being about 60 meters tall. Some subjects have reported a sense of "having come across a great revelation.", with that exact phrasing invariably being used. SCP-XXXX-1 takes on the appearance of a red supergiant star.

Stage 4

Name: "Anugraha, Emancipation"

**Description: **After announcing the stage, SCP-XXXX is motionless for the entire duration.

Effect: The only observed effect is the Hume level drops to zero. Subjects have reported feelings of acceptance and peace or alternatively, fear and dread. Currently, it is unknown if those feelings are caused by SCP-XXXX or are unrelated.

Stage 5

Name: "Samhara, Annihilation"

**Description: ** The dance is extremely fast-paced, using complicated, dynamic movements. Most of the steps are kicking, stamping or spinning motions. SCP-XXXX will make complicated hand gestures throughout the duration of the stage, often coinciding with the start of an effect. SCP-XXXX has been observed generating a ring of fire around itself. Due to the pose it makes, a figure on one foot with arms outstretched, it is believed that it is in reference to Shiva Nataraja, an aspect of Shiva, a god from Hindu myth. As the dance continues, the stamping movement is used more frequently; the purpose of this is unknown.

Effect: Large amounts of energy are spontaneously created, manifesting as heat1 light, and powerful winds. A sound described as "shattering glass at a thunderously loud volume" is heard playing from an unknown source. Distortion of physical laws continues, as well as new effects manifesting, like the generation of plasma and strange matter, cognitohazards played from SCP-XXXX, and the spontaneous dissolution of random objects. Over the course of the dance, SCP-XXXX-1 will grow in size and luminosity. This stage has not yet been fully completed, due to subjects dying of exhaustion, at which SCP-XXXX will go inactive. Based on the similarity to real red supergiant stars, and the nature of the anomaly, it is projected that if the dance continues, SCP-XXXX-1 will undergo hypernova and form a black hole.

Addendum 1-XXXX:

A partially burnt journal was discovered in an empty apartment believed to be connected to the GoI, "The Galactic Federation" in Dharamshala, India during a raid. A drawing resembling SCP-XXXX is present on the front cover, likely connecting it to the anomaly. Currently, the author is unknown. Below are all recorded entries.

Just now, I have awoken from a beautiful dream. I dreamt of a beautiful sermon, echoing off every cloud, ringing through the sky. I was given a revelation. In my dream, I witnessed the most primordial essence of this universe: the rhythm of creation. I think it is beautiful, that all of existence can be condensed into one rhythm. It’s the crash of fusing atoms and the pulsing of jellyfish in the blue abyss and the beat of cells endlessly splitting. I could feel the footsteps of pilgrims, the murmur of praying lips, the throb of an angry consciousness, somewhere deep in the universe. This must be how Lord Brahma felt, watching the dawn of yet another world. I realize now that existence is cyclical, it is a natural phenonomen, observed by divine bystanders. I must meditate on my revelation.

I’ve stared at my ceiling for what seems like an eternity. Ironic how the blandest of rooms has sparked some of my most colorful visions. My ennui has brought me to ponder the impermanence of the universe. If impermanence is the natural, entropic way of things, does that mean with effort and energy, one could maintain the permanence of the universe, as Lord Vishnu does? With moments of permanence like this room I perpetually think in, it’s evident that permanence is possible. With enough power, you could make everything permanent, preserving the whole universe, even staving off death! What would it be like, to be immortal? To spit in the face of the universe, knowing you’ve won? Quite an idea, but how could one realize it?

My head is pounding. I can see the true nature of reality, but I cannot clear the illusions from my vision. The truth is covered in phenomena and folly and beautiful unrealities. I can peel back the layers of illusion, but it’s so very difficult. I am not meant to see what is behind the veil. It is not the way of things. I can feel reality becoming undone, under my touch. It hurts, it hurts so much…

Oh, I feel it! I feel the cosmos! I feel it whispering to me, lending me power. I’ve been so afraid, everything has been dark for days. I’ve dreaded for days what was coming, but now I can see beautiful pinpricks of light in this abyss. I feel emancipated. I will release my fears and accept freedom, I will will myself into salvation. I feel the universe coalescing around me. She’s beautiful. It’s so quiet.

I have come across one final revelation. Existence is cyclical. I've felt the beginning. Therefore, there must be an end. Whether it be a slow heat death or celestial cataclysm, the universe is destined to be destroyed.

I have tried to achieve permanence, to preserve myself and the universe for all time, and I have been denied. If I cannot be the preserver, I will be the annihilator. I will be like Lord Shiva, crowned Nataraja by a crown of fire. I will dance in a burning ouroboros and my feet will pound against the celestial dome to the beat of stars imploding until everything is nothingness. I grow ever stronger. Hear me, world! Your time draws to an end. The Tandavam begins. Be ready.

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