Temporary Thing

For Dramps~!

11:19 AM <&DarkStuff> Hmm. I need to propose a /place/ for this to go
11:19 AM <&DarkStuff> Like, a story
11:19 AM <&DarkStuff> I'm talking about how it needs one, and doesn't have one
11:19 AM <&DarkStuff> But I need to propose two or three directions it could go, to show what I mean
11:20 AM <&DarkStuff> It does nothing to say "this is wrong!", it does slightly more to say "here is why", but it does the most good to follow those two things up with "and here are some ways you can fix it"
11:20 AM <&DarkStuff> unclenicolini: Thoughts? Where could GAW Mr. D.A.R.E. in WWS custody go?
11:21 AM <&DarkStuff> Or, if we want to have the story in the discovery log, what good story could we tell with the GoI interaction?
11:21 AM <&DarkStuff> I'm simply blanking
11:21 AM <&DarkStuff> usually i think i'm good at this
11:21 AM <unclenicolini> Hmm
11:21 AM <unclenicolini> Okay for starters
11:21 AM <unclenicolini> Gaw wouldn't hurt an animal
11:21 AM <unclenicolini> So tattooing leo is off the table
11:22 AM <&DarkStuff> Well, that's a tonal issue
11:22 AM <&DarkStuff> Which is different, we can have that in your response post to mine
11:22 AM <unclenicolini> Oh roger
11:22 AM <unclenicolini> Okay so
11:22 AM <unclenicolini> Storywise
11:23 AM <unclenicolini> I dont really see how the gois could interact given that gaw is online and Wilson is an old man. Maybe fae? Or maybe they start noticing weird social media posts from dummie accounts about this randomly loose lion?
11:23 AM <&DarkStuff> Well, if we have a physical lion, I assume that we have physical people with it
11:23 AM <&DarkStuff> Because GAW would not just
11:23 AM <&DarkStuff> RELEASE an animal
11:23 AM <unclenicolini> Yeah, no
11:24 AM <unclenicolini> It must have gotten out by accident or some thing
11:24 AM <&DarkStuff> So unless GAW… was also looking for it…
11:24 AM <&DarkStuff> "My big dumb cat got loose"
11:25 AM <unclenicolini> Ehhhh seems kinda careless for gaw
11:25 AM <unclenicolini> They take good care of their stuff for the most part
11:25 AM <&DarkStuff> Right, so it might not be their fault
11:25 AM <&DarkStuff> There could be a third GoI
11:25 AM <&DarkStuff> If not an established GoI, just, you know, group
11:25 AM <&DarkStuff> That made this happen
11:25 AM <&DarkStuff> Or person
11:26 AM <&DarkStuff> It could be a /gift/ for WWS, if we want to go full wholesome, but A) I somehow doubt that and B) we've had a lot of that, haven't we
11:27 AM <&DarkStuff> Oh
11:27 AM <&DarkStuff> Oh oh oh
11:27 AM <&DarkStuff> Wait a gosh darn second
11:27 AM — @mlister doesn't wait
11:27 AM — @mlister for she is a rebel
11:27 AM <unclenicolini> sorry im back from mobile
11:27 AM <&DarkStuff> How about… SCP or GOC or some other group has been on their tail, someone caught wind of Mr. D.A.R.E.
11:27 AM <&DarkStuff> Or even a non-anomalous organization
11:27 AM <unclenicolini> then thats Ringo all over again
11:28 AM <&DarkStuff> Someone who's like "you can't have an exotic pet, that's illegal here!"
11:28 AM <&DarkStuff> Something forces GAW to give up the cat and try and give it a home where it can stay
11:28 AM <&DarkStuff> And they're like, "Well, here you go, WWS!"
11:29 AM <&DarkStuff> "Take good care"
11:29 AM <&DarkStuff> A letter could come with him
11:29 AM <&DarkStuff> But since they want to hide that he's a Mister, say, because of !SCP-3879's GoI stuff
11:29 AM <%jarvis> darkstuff: Page not found.
11:29 AM <&DarkStuff> We can have — oh screw you
11:29 AM <&DarkStuff> SCP-3879
11:29 AM <%jarvis> darkstuff: SCP-3879: Musical Jolly Ape™ by Dr. Wondertainment (written a month ago by Uncle Nicolini; rating: +37) - http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-3879
11:29 AM <&DarkStuff> unclenicolini: Because of this ^ ruling, they know they can't be open about who they are
11:30 AM <&DarkStuff> So the reveal that this is a GAW mister is a /twist/ at the end
11:30 AM <&DarkStuff> In the letter, there's a line that should hint at it
11:30 AM <&DarkStuff> And make the reader go "oooh!"
11:30 AM <&DarkStuff> Without spelling it out
11:30 AM <unclenicolini> That could work.
11:31 AM <unclenicolini> It does, however, mean that is has to align with the WWS canon

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