Item #: SCP-2761

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2761 is currently isolated within SCP-2761-A, which stored within a single terminal in Site-15. This terminal is to not be connected to the internet. Access and communication with SCP-2761 requires permission from a level 3 researcher.

Note from O5-██: I want any references to Procedure Lutnos-Kapa expunged from the SCP database  except for this document, and made accessible with the right clearance of course. I also want all memetic symbols from Lutnos-Kapa stripped of anomalous properties and released into the public. Make sure everybody was properly amnesticized, we don't want to start this again. 

Description: SCP-2761 is the collective designation of 3 entities that exist within digital space (designated SCP-2761-1 to -3). If SCP-2761 is introduced to a digital client on any computer, they are capable of modifying the data in the source code of that program and can interact with the features of the client. If it is introduced to a website connected to the internet, SCP-2761 is capable of relocating between websites, and is capable of interacting with and viewing information on the website as if they were the owner of the site. Each instance is sapient, and each have unique patterns regarding modifying data in a client. 

SCP-2761-A is an IRC1 client formally called "████████████ ████████." SCP-2761 uses SCP-2761-A as a means of communication, and will rarely use any other IRC client even if one is presented. SCP-2761-1's username is often "NutterButter," SCP-2761-2's username is often "JhenKenColt," and SCP-2761-3's username is often "InsertCleverNameHere." 

Addendum 2761-A: SCP-2761 interview log:

SCP-2761 Digital Transcript: Site-15, 00:57.
Dr. ██████: Hello, SCP-2761, how are you doing today? 
SCP-2761-2: Meh, could be worse.
SCP-2761-1: my fukcing girlfriend brok eup with me
SCP-2761-2: Really? Why didn't you tell us?
Dr. ██████: That is not what we are going to talk about today. Please, SCP-2761, tell us about where you came from.
SCP-2761-2: uuugh, fine. What'cha want?
Dr. ██████: Where did you three come from, and why do you edit websites?
SCP-2761-3: Oh, sure man. We used to like look at the butts surfing the web, making sure they did what they were supposed to: making the internet a better place. Like, we we're all over the place, editing this and that.
SCP-2761-1: /me riases thumbs
SCP-2761-1: Can confirm.
SCP-2761-3: We gotta make sure that the peeps don't screw up, so we enforced the rules.
Dr. ██████: Rules?
SCP-2761-2: Sorry for chiming in, but I'm the best guy for info regarding the rules.
SCP-2761-2: The rules, or today known as the "Rules of the Internet," were a set of 100 rules that we enforced on all the users of the internet. Rule 34, Rule 62, Rule 87, you name it.
Dr. ██████: Interesting. Tell me, are you three on good terms with each other.
SCP-2761-1: mots of the time.
SCP-2761-2: Generally, yes.
SCP-2761-2: @NutterButter: :p
SCP-2761-3: Yea, we get along. After all, we did rule an entire empire for like 20 years.
SCP-2761-2: Heh, yea.
Dr. ██████: Thank you for cooperating, SCP-2761, but I have a question. Why are you still tolerating us after what we did.
SCP-2761-1: we were first pissed, butt he internet is doign fine without us>
SCP-2761-3: Yea, you all good. We realize that such a force like that doesn't need a ruler. :)}
{{Dr. ██████: That is good to hear. Thank you once again for the cooperation. I will see you tomorrow.

Addendum 2761-B: The following document requires 4/2761 clearance to access. Personnel attempting to access this documentation without proper clearance will be reprimanded.

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