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The following file is Level 5/3385 Classified
Unauthorized access is forbidden.
Item#: 3385
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Assigned Site Site Director Research Head Assigned Task Force
Site-98/Site-01 O5-1 Director Foresythe Alpha-1

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3385 is held at Site-98 under armed guard by members of MTF Alpha-1 ("Red Right Hand"). Personnel attempting to enter the containment chamber without express authorization from the Overseer's Council are to be immediately detained for interrogation, regardless of rank. Procedure Locusta is carried out by trained Alpha-1 members twice a month using specially-bred specimens from the site's Low Risk Anomalous Flora and Fauna containment zone.1

Immediately after bottling and sealing, all containers of V-080 are to be sent to Site-01 under armed guard by Alpha-1 operatives. While theft or attempted theft of V-080 is grounds for immediate employment termination, guards are fully cleared to eliminate personnel who refuse to obey orders to unconditionally surrender.


SCP-3385 upon discovery.

Description: SCP-3385 is a 178 cm tall statue depicting the biblical story of the temptation of Eve (SCP-3385-E) by the serpent of Eden (SCP-3385-S). Despite its composition of ordinary marble (as far as can be determined by structural analysis), SCP-3385-E is tacitly analogous to living flesh to all observers. Similarly, SCP-3385-S feels like reptilian scales.

SCP-3385's main anomalous feature is activated when Procedure Locusta is performed, wherein SCP-3385-E will begin to 'weep' a substance designated as V-080. V-080 is a highly potent multi-toxin-based venom3 that causes vomiting, seizures, rapid necrosis, and eventual death by the paralysis of the heart in 3-5 hours after an incubation period of approximately 36 hours. No known cures, anomalous or otherwise, have been found to mitigate or prevent the effects of V-080.

Any human killed by V-080 will have all monetary funds in their possession or under their authority transferred to their killer4 at the moment of death. Funds on the individual's body are usually moved to the killer's person, while funds in a bank or similar institution will be transported to a location deemed "safe" by the killer.

Aetheric Resonance scans of the process of V-080 reveal a large spectral snake reminiscent of SCP-3385-S that appears, biting the individual at the exact moment of death before vanishing again.

Addendum 3385.1: Discovery

SCP-3385 was discovered during an unrelated raid on a Marshall, Carter, and Dark auction warehouse in 1981 in Seattle, WA. Documents found by MTF Mu-3 ("Highest Bidders") indicated that the object had initially been up for auction for its aesthetic properties but was quickly pulled off the market when its other features were discovered.

Status In Reserve
Demand High
Value Not for Sale
Availability Unique
Identifier Temptation by Rachel Li
Description Item is a life-sized statue of Eve (life-like to the touch) clutching an apple, with the Serpent of Eden coiled beside her. If a certain ritualized formula is followed, a highly toxic substance will be produced that appears to have no known cure. Upon the introduction of it into the target's bloodstream, all monetary funds will be transferred to the killer's possession.
Marshall, Carter and Dark, LLP

Addendum 3385.2: POI-1593



Name: Rachel Li

Born: June 9th, 1954 (Age 27 years)

Nationality: Chinese-Canadian

Veil Status: Aware

Profile: Radical anarcho-collectivist based out of the Pacific North West using sculpting as a form of protest art. Six sculptures made by POI-1593 have been recovered so far, with many having been placed in high-visibility areas for maximum exposure. While POI-1593 is a confirmed member of the Are We Cool Yet? movement, she has been determined to have no information of use to the Foundation. As such, capture has been deemed a low-level priority.

Interviewer: Dr Hadrian

Interviewed: POI-1593


POI-1593: How'd you find me?

Hadrian: We never lost you. Your sculptures… well, they tend to attract a lot of attention. We could've grabbed you beforehand, but with you living in high-visibility areas, there just wasn't enough of a need to talk to you.

POI-1593: Hmph. Figures. Hard to stay hidden when you have the shadow CIA looking for you. So, what changed?

[Hadrian slides a photo of SCP-3385 across the table]

Hadrian: You're familiar with this piece, I'm assuming? How exactly did a sculpture of yours get into the hands of Marshall, Carter, and Dark?

[POI-1593 sighs.]

POI-1593: Should've known those pigs would've gotten their hands on it. Lost it at a private showing in Three Portlands. Well, it was supposed to be private, only members allowed, but I guess enough money and all the morals go out the window. There was a guy in a suit walking around, leering at all the pieces. Next thing you know, a fire broke out, my sculpture was one of the ones "destroyed" in the blaze.

Hadrian: Do you remember what he looked like?

POI-1593: No, not really. Just a man in a suit, never saw him before or after.

Hadrian: Alright. We had some questions to ask you regarding the sculpture. Just to start off, how exactly did you make this?

POI-1593: Marble? Just got to have the right type.

Hadrian: Hmm. And what type of marble is this?

[POI-1593 hesitates.]

Hadrian: I suppose that's not strictly necessary; we can figure it out ourselves. Very well, moving on. I can see why you would make something feel like flesh. It's a nice touch, no pun intended. But why make it venomous? This poison it produces supposedly has some pretty nasty effects on human flesh.

POI-1593: Well… Kind of obvious, isn't it?

Hadrian: Sure, but why poison? I can think of a few more effective, less traceable ways to kill someone with a statue.

[POI-1593 sighs.]

POI-1593: Yeah, I can guess. Two bullets to the back of the head from a hidden chamber in the statue? It's not just about the quickest way possible, that's not what Temptation is. It has a purpose.

Hadrian: And that purpose is?

POI-1593: Justice. Actual justice, not the plutocracy everyone keeps insisting doesn't exist.

Hadrian: Justice. That's what you're calling the killings of… six people, now? That's murder, plain and simple. What crimes did they ever commit against you?

POI-1593: It was thirteen deaths, not six. And yes, that's what I call it. All of them have spent more money on mansions and prostitutes and trips to the Caribbean than any of their employees would ever see in their lifetimes. You wanna just pretend they actually deserve it? Fine by me, I don't need your approval.

Hadrian: I- whatever. I'm not here to get into a political discussion. Moving on. I wanted to ask, how exactly does the poison work? I can see the necrosis, paralysis, et cetera, but how does it result in the wealth of the victim- or target, to put it more neutrally, being transferred to the killer?

POI-1593: Honestly? I have no idea. Magic, I guess. I got the recipe from a friend on the mainland. She had this recipe, said if I bound the spirit of a cobra to the statue, it'd make gu.5

Hadrian: I thought you said you made it yourself?

POI-1593: Just the statue. I didn't need much help on that. But when I finished that, something just felt missing. It was perfectly sculpted, true, but there was nothing beyond it. I didn't even have a name for it. It was as lifeless and boring as a boulder by the roadside.

Hadrian: And then the recipe changed this, somehow.

POI-1593: It breathed life into it. It had a purpose, a soul, it was something I could be proud of. It turned into something of value, not just a pretty little ornament to fetch a nice price at a soulless auction.

[Hadrian takes notes.]

Hadrian: I see… you mentioned a ritual you had to perform, I'm assuming that's to produce the poison, seeing as it hasn't exactly "flowered" in our captivity… what does this ritual entail?

[POI-1593 remains silent.]

[Hadrian pauses taking notes.]

Hadrian: This isn't exactly optional, Miss Li. Come on. If you cooperate, I'll see what I can do about getting you released. If not-

POI-1593: N-no. I'm not telling you. I know what you'll do with it.

Hadrian: And would it be any different than what you were doing? There are only so many ways you can use poison, after all.

[POI-1593 remains silent.]

Hadrian: Look, there's two ways we can go about this. One: you tell me. We release you after amnestics, drop you off back home. Two: you dig in pointlessly. We hold you here. I go away, and then someone a littler meaner asks you. Then they go away too, and someone else asks again. And then they get tired of asking, and start being more direct. Is that the way you really want to go?

[POI-1593 leans back in their chair, kicking their feet onto the desk.]

POI-1593: Take your best shot.


Closing Notes: POI-1593 was turned over to the Internal Security Department. After several days of direct questioning, POI-1593 relented and produced the formula for the generation of V-080 and was later amnestized and released. Monitoring has been upgraded to a medium priority.

Addendum 3385.3: Initial Testing

Following the first successful enactment of Procedure Locusta, a series of tests were ordered to determine the exact effects of V-080.

Subject Method Result Conclusion
D-2343 Subject was given 500 dollars in cash immediately before testing. The money was instantly transported to the administering Doctor Amari's pocket at time of death. Appears to be no direct time restriction to the transference.
D-2453 Terminally ill Researcher Jeremiah Turner bequeathed 1000 dollars to D-2453 in his will.6 D-2453 was administered promptly after signing of the will. Subject died as usual. Upon the later passing of Turner, no money was found to have been relocated to Amari. V-080 does not act on financial consequences made after passing of the target.
D-2980 Documentation was signed making the subject the legal owner of 60,000 shares of stock in the Coca-Cola Corporation, worth approximately $42,000 USD. 60,000 paper shares of Coca-Cola stock appeared beside Doctor Amari, all bearing her name. V-080 can affect stocks owned in a company.
D-5432/D-3522/D-4585 1.2 million dollars was put into a trust equally split between the three of them. Upon the death of D-5432, only 400,00 dollars were deposited into Amari's bank account. If there is equal control of funds, V-080 will acquire a proportional share of the target's funds.
D-3522 O5-7 signed a legally binding document declaring D-3522 the sole proprietor of the Foundation front Spicy Crust Pizza franchise. All funds marked for the payment and maintenance of Spicy Crust Pizza reappeared in Amari's bank account. V-080 can affect companies that have sole proprietorship.

Addendum 3385.4: Operation Jupiter

On 21/02/1982, O5-7 brought forth the details of her proposal to the O5 Council for the usage of V-080 on GOI-07 owner and CEO Johnathan Stephanopoulos in the ongoing Operation Jupiter project.








S. Arkwright / L. Hartle / E. Cosniak / J. Thompson / M. Johnson / S. Maureen / D. Brennan


Foundation operatives monitoring emergency lines near Stephanopoulos's home in Portland, Oregon confirmed that an ambulance was sent after he started showing symptoms of V-080. He was rushed to the local hospital and was declared dead at 1:34 AM, March 27th. News of his death (and subsequent bankruptcy of his company) broke out on the following Monday.

Addendum 3385.5: Following the publishing of the bankruptcy of Prometheus Labs, a letter was delivered to a dead drop location used by Foundation operatives.

To the esteemed Foundation's Overseer Council,

Our two organizations have gotten to know each other quite well over the years. Raids on warehouses and sites, auctions, thefts, general blackmailing, etc. It would be fair to assume that we will quite likely never view each other as allies, much less as partners.

But there is one facet of life we both agree on. The Veil. Our reasons may differ, true. You prefer operating in the dark rather than the light, and we find that our business runs smoother when the majority are not able to access the anomalous. It is in both of our best interests to maintain this masquerade, and our company has always strived to maintain this barrier.

As a show of good faith, we have returned all items acquired from your facilities that we still possess (you should expect packages for the less volatile items at your front facilities soon, the more dangerous ones will take a little time), along with a voucher for 10000 GBP in store credit and free entry to all future auctions for one representative of your choice.

We humbly hope you keep our cooperation in consideration when planning any further experiments with item CAS74/A4LO9/6CSP8.

Eternally yours,
Partners Marshall, Carter, and Dark

After deliberation, the Foundation decided to send no acknowledgment of the letter.

Addendum 3385.6: Addressing Concerns on Operation Jupiter

A Letter from the O5 Council:

We're aware that there's been some discontentment with our usage of V-080. Moreover, we're aware that many people feel uncomfortable with our seizure of Prometheus Labs' assets. I wanted to write this letter to address any concerns people may have with Operation Jupiter.

I cannot stress this enough- it was not about the money. Prometheus Labs was an unlanced boil of the anomalous community. They had dozens of contracts with ORIA, Pentagram, the Chaos Insurgency, anyone who had enough money to flash around. We've approached them time and time again to find some common ground, even offered to design containment procedures for some of their more dangerous products (free of charge, I might add), only to be rebuffed again and again. They were a problem that was about to burst.

The seizure served two goals, beyond our standard policy of anomaly confiscation. One, it prevented a vice-president, or any similar executive from taking over and keeping the company running. Two, it served to mitigate the power vacuum a company of that size would leave. Even now, I've been told that several warehouses of assets we were not able to reach in time have been raided by numerous Groups of Interest. MTF Gamma-13 has been handsomely expanded and has been charged with the recovery of all Prometheus-brand paratech. I'm confident they will succeed.

The Council has decided that SCP-3385's Thaumiel status has been retired and will be downgraded to Safe. Production of V-080 will continue however, to maintain our stockpile in case of an emergency. God willing, we'll never have to use this again.

For now, I'd like to extend my personal gratitude to everyone involved in Project Jupiter. The civilian world, even though they may not know it, owes you an enormous debt of gratitude. Keep up the excellent work.

- O5-1

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