SCP - Tesla's Pissed

Note: Placeholder at the moment! But, imagine there's a picture of him here or something -Mendels
Caption: SCP-xx, photographed in Menlo Park Museum, on [date of recovery]

Item #: SCP-xx

Object Class: Euclid (or Keter, idk, might change. How liberal are y'all with Keter classifications?)

Special Containment Procedures: something something faraday cage

Description: SCP-xx is a biologically immortal human male, identified as Nikola Tesla, Serbian-American electrical engineer and inventor.

(Note: Tesla's possible anomalies? I actually haven't thought too much about them yet orz
- electrical powers, like the SSF Tesla [definitely]
- anomalously creating technology, general technopathy [possibly Maxwellist at risk of shoehorning GOI]
- Magneto's powers)

(Note #2: This is also kind of a parody of SCP-3872, what with some Historical McFigureson rando being immortal and needlessly hung up on one specific thing)

Plan: 2 quoteblocked logs, the first one being of him raising hell at menlo park and screaming about the ways Thomas Edison personally wronged him (may be real or imaginary). Defo include american humour reference for the lols and SSF reference
The second one with Dr. Seward (again, 3872 joke) and

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