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I am unsure to write in the SCP-914 Experiment Log Sandbox due to having my mainsite member status revoked for more than a week. However, I'd want to put an idea in, yet I'm afraid if I write one anywhere in the internet, it will be added to my 05 Command disc record as I will be banned from the act of it.

Also I swore an oath that I will not do anything on the mainsite until I can join again. Even after access, since I'm afraid to even type anything without non-suggestion critique and an added record on my disk, I will not write in the mainsite for a new SCP or story anymore. Too high of a risk to type anything, too low of a chance of any idea to be good even if it was s**t to begin with. There's nothing I can think of to do.
Actually, anything I can do, anyone else can do better. It will be best if I just sit and watch, forever. The "I'm not a reviewer" disclaimer failed, the extensive opinion failed. The first 10 or more ideas never got anywhere. Asking for suggestions failed. Proposing suggestions get rejected. I had my first (I agree it was horny furry bait when I looked at it) ban-worthy idea also get redlighted. All of my ideas in the forum, well, I think got locked too since nobody commented on them after the 3rd of August. I'm not going to explain why anything failed or got rejected since that I'm afraid will be rejected too…

If this goes on my record too, fine. If I get banned from wikidot sites from this, the password is on private content on the mainsite, so I can't get back anyways.

I have one story left in this site, and I'm retiring after it gets done. It's all I can do right now. I know I can't do more.

I respect all of you. You are right about me… And you are more experienced too.
This is my last mainsite issue comment. I hope I don't work with them since I'm afraid that I'll mess up. Even if I don't know why or get to.

Zyn, if you read this, you are already restricting me. Just let me be, so I won't reply anymore. I know what I done now, so I restrict myself out of fear.

Also looking at what I done and 05's take on my activity… Nothing's wrong with what's there. It's just that I never knew about 05 Command until I requested it.

This entire comment is what I fear might ban me again. I'm just letting it all out before it kills me. Without trying to be a dick.
Just don't let me back on the mainsite, I see no purpose for me to go back there. I'm not quite ready to go there again, I'm still trying to understand the vast rules, regulations, and basically all of your informational text. It might take me years to finish.

Just compared Djkaktus's 05 command files versus my file on there. I'm 10 times as confused. Except I was horny and gave some bad "critique" through my opinions. I'm letting this comment sit here. Or I still don't understand anything like I said and should shut up.

No matter how many times anyone lets me back on the mainsite, I will not ever retake the "Join Site" application form. Ever. Again. Just read the level 5 clearance thingie.

I fried my mind already to the sheer number of ideas AND the scp files. If I had an idea, it's been done or tried.

But yeah, I cooled down in 8 days at first.
05 command site = heart attack from what seems to me as my crime.
Mainsite = migraine from expansive information. And banned for a week? Nah, I won't return.
Kontainer Djkaktus= a nice vacation in an oasis. Chilling with Dr Miranda Bretigivnar as well.

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