The Brawl of Ambrose New York

It sarted with a list.

CHAO, ALLISON (with 12 guests)
ICKY (with 1 guest)

Chaz Ambrose, the owner and name's sake of the fine franchise of Ambrose Resteraunts stood in the kitchen of his New York location, staring at the list. Truth be told, he hated this place. Something about New York brought out the worst in diners, it seemed. Everyone seemed to think they were the most important person in the world and how dare they have to make a reservation.

But it was still one his name on the lease, and as such, he was decidely most interested in it not becoming a smoldering pile of ash.

In light of all that money, Chaz was pretty pissed off.

He turned around to the small army of waiters before him, all who were desperately avoiding eye contact and wishing they worked somewhere else, like a crappy all-night diner with grimy windows off the highway in New Jersey.

"So," Chaz said, "Who was the idiot who booked all these reservations for the same day?"

Everyone looked at each other. Then Lillian Queen slowly raised her hand. "Uh, I think it was Briggs, chef."

Briggs. Of course. Idiot son of some stockholder of Wondertainment- kid only learned about the real world a couple years ago. Almost cost Chaz his library card after the catastrophe with the librarian.

Chas pinched the bridge of his nose and sighed. For a moment, he thought about just closing the place down for the rest of the night. Say there was maintenance, fake a fire. Hell, start a real fire. It'd cost less than a pissing match between some of the most powerful people on the planet if something went wrong.

"Fuck it. Everyone gather up, here's what we're going to do…"

Iris Darke never thought she would be dragged into a resteraunt by a pair of clowns against her will, yet her she was.

"Come on, it'll be fun!" Lolly squeaked. "You could try having fun just once in your life instead of wearing moody turtlenecks."

"As a matter of fact, I do have fun. I just don't like mixing my personal life with this. Anomalous food has a way of… backfiring," she finished. "I don't like eating anything with a weird Hume fluctuation."

"That's part of the fun of an-chow," Icky explained. "You never know when you'll just have a great meal, or turn into a five year old. Or just a little indegiestion- where's the host? Don't they have one of those at the stands, usually?"

Icky rang a little call-bell that wasn't on the stand a minute ago. "Hello? Very important guests here, people!"

A chef hurried out of the back. "Sorry ma'm, we just had- Icky! Great to see you, as always. Lolly, lovely to see you again."

This was Chaz Ambrose then. He didn't look like much, Iris thought to herself. Medium build and height, long brown ponytail tucked underneath his heat. Though when it came to the anomalous, assumptions were always a deadly mistake. The rumors swirling around his chains made him out to be a Sarkic of some power.

"…And we heard you'd be cooking at this one tonight, so we'd thought to stop by," Icky finished. "Speaking of business, have you met our friend."

Iris stepped forward. "Pleasure to meet you. I'm Iris, Iris Darke."

Chaz raised an eyebrow. "Dark, you say? Wouldn't happen to be related to-"

"My grandfather," she finished for him. "And I spell it with an 'e' at the end.

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