The Cole Mines

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Where have the Teletubbies Gone? SCP Where have the Teletubbies Gone? Inactive No
Thomas and Josephine GoI Format (AWCY)/Tale Project Proposal 2002-051: "Name of Fond Memories" Inactive No
Elephabet Learning SCP In Sandbox Inactive Yes (Pending)
Faithful June SCP Faithful June Active No
Business Is The Path To Success! SCP Business Active Yes DrAnnoyingDogDrAnnoyingDog
Griseo Blocks Your Path! SCP Griseo Blocks Your Path! Active Yes plaguebearerplaguebearer
Anton Chupalov's Manifesto Finale Tale Pravda Active No

Ideas in Work

  • Boxer v Boxer v Boxer: The story of 3 boxers that wanna duke it out. Probably going to be a -J article, probably going to be an anomalous boxing tournament. Features boxer briefs, a boxer dog, and a box humanoid.
  • Instant Party Bomb: A glass box that has a big red button on it that states 'Press if you're looking for a good time, baby.'
  • Konichiwa! Welcome To Tsurīrobin!: A group of three Japanese Robins running a Japanese street-food business in a tree. Problem being is that there is already an SCP that is basically the same thing.

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