The Demiurge (13220821)
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Item #: SCP-001

Object Class: Qliphoth

Special Containment Procedures: All objects related to GOI-004 (The Church of the Broken God) are to be turned over to GOI-004. Site-2217 is to be the primary liaison site for collaboration with GOI-004 members on Project Ophiotaurus.

Site-2095 is to be the primary liaison site for collaboration on Project Ophiotaurus with members of GOI-005A (Proto-Sarkicism). Travel between Site-2217 and Site-2095 requires O5 Council approval.

POI-882 ("Robert Bumaro") and POI-610 ("Grand Karcist Ion") are to be temporarily housed at Site-001 under the Marcion Agreement. Any hostility towards the Foundation or each other will signify their breaking of the agreement and the end of Project Ophiotaurus.


Symbol of SCP-001 in Sarkite mythology.

Description: SCP-001 is the Apex-tier Pluripotent entity known as Yaldabaoth, the primary divine figure in Sarkicism traditions and the hostile figure known as The Flesh in Mekhanite theology opposing Mekhane. SCP-001 is said to be in a similar neutralized state as Mekhane, but is believed to be rapidly regenerating itself (through the propagation of organic life) in an effort to enter baseline reality.

Should SCP-001 once again enter our reality, it is believed it will initiate a XK-610-Ω Scenario, mutating all organic life into Sarkic bioforms, effectively destroying human civilization.

The existence of SCP-001 had been known to the Foundation for a number of decades. However, information gathered from both Mekhanite and Sarkic religious texts from a variety of multiversal sources, coupled with the recent rise on both Sarkic and Mekhanite activity, has led the Foundation to the conclusion of SCP-001's coming return.

O5 Meeting on Establishing Project Ophiotaurus

O5-8: Are we sure about this? I don't meant to be skeptic, but it wouldn't be the first time we panicked and thought the apocalypse was coming.

O5-9: My sources in the Wanderer's Library have confirmed it.

O5-12: The library, really?

O5-9: It can be confusing , chaotic, or contradictory, but the library is never wrong. There severe penalties for those who knowingly bring false knowledge onto its shelves. Even if you don'tr trust my sources, the data checks out. Three?

O5-3: Based on various reports filed by Foundation personnel, both Neo and Proto Sarkite groups have seen a sixty percent average increase in activity, with a corresponding fifty-three increase by Mekhanite groups. Ideological hostilities have been observed throughout multiple Sarkic communities.

O5-5: We're using Mekhanite now?

O5-10: Agreed. I'd rather go back to previous terminology. We don't use Nälkä, why should we use Mekhanite? It humanizes our staff to them.

O5-9: Is this really the time to discuss politically correct terminology? We have a situation on our hands.

O5-2: Agreed. We can discuss it later.

O5-9: As I was saying, my sources in the library have seen an increase in Sarkic activity. It matches the signs we've seen so far in SCP-2510 perfectly. Yaldabaoth, the god of sarkicism and numerous gnostic cults, is returning.

O5-6: So… what now?

O5-7: What can we do? It's a god. I know we all like to pat ourselves on the back and remind ourselves of how many of humanity's gods and devils we've locked up, but they're nothing. Feared by primitive humans who convinced themselves they were why the sun set and the seasons changed. Yaldabaoth is a true deity. It would destroy us in the blink of an eye.

O5-11: Unless we had a god up our sleeve. We're all capable of wonderful and horrible things, but I don't believe any of us are actually a god. No offense, everyone.

O5-9: Well it's not completely hopeless. It's been beaten before. Mekhane, or the Broken God, whatever you prefer, sealed it away according to most anomalous mythologies.

O5-4: It's not like we can verify them. Besides, Mekhane is currently broken, hence the name. What are you suggesting? That we rebuild it? We'd have no idea where to start, and it could easily blow up in our faces.

O5-9: Of course not, we've never done it before. But the Mekhanites would know where to start.

O5-5: Please don't tell me you're suggesting we help the Mekhanites build their god so it can help us fight another god.

O5-9: [O5-9 does not respond].

O5-4: Jesus Christ, she's serious. Are you insane?

O5-2: Behave yourself, there's no need for insults.

O5-5: I'm sorry, I thought I just heard you defend the person suggesting we help the Broken Church build their god. Do you remember what happened in Mexico? It won't be a peninsula and a few thousand lives to cover up, it'll be billions this time.

O5-6: The Broken Church despises us. Who's to say they won't move immediately to wipe us out? We need to protect ourselves.

O5-9: We need to protect humanity. That's what the Foundation is for, not your own self-interests. That's something you conveniently seem to forget.

O5-11: Here we go.

O5-12: Is anyone forgetting the Coalition? If they think we're trying to rebuild the Broken God, they'd nuke us into oblivion. It's a risky move.

O5-7: Your vote is as predictable as ever-

O5-12: I'm looking out for our staff, unlike you-

O5-4: It's insane, there has to be other options-

O5-2: Everyone, let's try to stay calm here-

O5-3: Has anyone considered-

O5-1: [O5-1 raises their hand, and the arguments cease.] Enough. Are we overseers or are we children? Nine, finish stating your proposal. Everyone will have a chance for an objection later on.

O5-9: Thank you ma'am. As I was going to say, I realize its a risky strategy. But you're forgetting the religious fervor of the Mekhanites. If they have a chance to wipe out their equivalent of the devil, they'll rush ahead and go for it. Afterwards, they may turn against us, but at least that wil be in a future where humanity survives.

O5-10: I suppose there's always the possibility that Mekhane will be in a weakened state afterwards and be vulnerable. Two birds with one stone.

O5-9: That brings me to my second point. I don't think it's possible for Mekhane to win on its own. Most religious texts describe its shattering as a last ditch effort, something it did when it realized it had no other choice. If we want to win permanently we'll need more help than that.

O5-8: So what, we need another god? One god willing to help us would be hard enought foind, two would be almost impossible.

O5-9: Not a god, just a person. It won't take much convincing, he hates Yaldabaoth more than anyone alive.

O5-12: You already have someone in mind?

O5-2: [O5-2 sighs]. Please don't tell me its who I think it is.

O5-9: I was thinking we could each have them bring their own mediators, allow us to have a little more control over the argument-

O5-2: Are you serious? Even if he'd agree, you can say goodbye to getting on Bumaro's good side. Forget getting them to sit down at the same table, we'd be lucky if they don't kill each other!

O5-8: I'm sorry, who are you talking about here?

O5-9: If you didn't like my last suggestion, you'll hate this one.

O5-2: She's talking about the only person to ever face Yaldabaoth and live to tell the tale. Grand Karcist Ion.

O5-4: Oh for the love of- Why don't we just partner up with the Chaos Insurgency now? At least we know they'll stab us in the back the first chance they get.

O5-8: It's a bad sign when that sounds almost plausible/

O5-7: I think we should have the Administrator's position on this. Where is he?

O5-1: He's unavailable.

O5-7: Again, where?

O5-1: I said he's unavailable, please don't make me repeat myself. If there are no other objections or proposals to be heard, I move that we vote on accepting Nine's proposal. All in favor? Good, let's proceed.




Project Ophiotaurus accepted.

Project Ophiotaurus is the ongoing collection of efforts aimed at neutralizing SCP-001, with the collaboration of Robert Bumaro and the Church of the Broken God, and Grand Karcist Ion and followers of Proto-Sarkicism.

Initial Meeting of the Marcion Agreement

O5-1: Welcome Bumaro, I'm glad you came. I don't believe I've met your associate here.

Ganymede: Call me Ganymede. I'm representing the Serpent's Hand in these matters. I believe we have a mutual friend in common.

O5-1: Ah, so you're the source. Please, sit down. I wasn't expecting the Seprnet's Hand to be interested in these matters, but we could use your assistance.

Bumaro: Ion.

Ion: Bumaro.

Ganymede: Remeber what we're fighting for here. He despises the demiurge perhaps even more than you do.

Bumaro: Do you really think you can trust him? Even if you believe those fairy tales about the Daevite uprising, he's spend thousands of years siphoning off its power. It's almost certainly corrupted him. Look, he barely looks human anymore. You're an idiot if you listen to a word he says.

Ion: You wretched little worm. Whose god was it that almost ended the world decades ago? I've only ever wanted to bring humanity a paradise free of those parasites. Your god on the other hand would've devoured it all.

Bumaro: That was not Mekhane, that was an abomination-

Ganymede: Robert, stay calm. We agreed to hear them out.

O5-1: We all want the same thing here, and Ion's the only one who's had any personal experience with Yaldabaoth.

Ion: Except for his so-called goddess. I wonder, how does it feel worshiping a pile of scrap?

O5-1: Enough. You're a religious leader, not a child. Tell us about the Adytum uprising.

Ion: Very well. It was some time ago, in what you now call Mongolia. The daevites ruled their lands with an iron fist of cruelty, and nowhere was that more apparent than Adytum. It was a rumor among us slaves that a hundred slaves were brought in each day to replace those that they had worked to death the day before. I was assigned to one of their clergy, a follower of the Scarlet King.

Bumaro: That must've been a cozy position.

Ganymede: Robert, not the time for this.

Ion: I assure you, it was not. I was the target, the slave to blame for every thing that drew her ire. But I admit, it had its privileges. She assigned me the task of copying her tomes. It was there I first learned of the demiurge. Yaldabaoth, the progenitor of mankind. It was said that she could grant power to those who would serve her. I sought another way. I would not trade one master for another, especially not a godly one.

O5-1: So what happened next?

Ion: The exact details would be lost on you, but it succeeded. I, Nadox, Ieva and a few other overthrew the daevites. We freed every slave in the city and butchered every daevite like Ab-Leshal had done to my father. Blood rained from the towers for seven days…. It was a wondrous day.

Bumaro: And then the devil came calling, and you realized who you had sold your soul to.

Ion: For once, I agree with you. The price I had paid was too high. I could feel Yaldabaoth clutching at my soul, taking away everything that I knew even as I drew more and more power from her. It would have used me to escape Mekhane's clutches, as a gateway to this world. So in a final, desperate act, I banished myself- and Adytum- to a place beyond space and time. It took millennia to escape from Yaldabaoth's grasp, and even longer to recover my power.

Bumaro: So you're not as strong as you were when you overthrow the Daevites?

Ion: In those days I channeled the power of a god, suckling away at Yaldabaoth without any concern for myself. I am a pale imitation of what I was. I certainly would not be able to defeat her once again. But if you were to remake your god, in its true form, the two of us fighting side by side…

Bumaro: Perhaps we would have a chance. But it's easier said than done. We've been trying for millennia, and that was before our schisms. The Orthodoxers and the Maxwellists, they'd fight me every step along the way once they learn I'm working with the likes of you.

O5-1: But this time you'd have us helping. Everything we've collected from your sects, I could have them turned over to you by the end of the day.

Bumaro: You would hand over the pieces of God? I sense conditions coming.

O5-1: We work together. You too, Ion. From all accounts, Yaldabaoth is one of the greatest threats the Foundation has faced. We can't afford to be fragmented, or tear at old wounds. That means no infighting, no attacks on each other's groups, everything we do from now on, we do as a team. Understand?

Ion: …I suppose it's necessary. I can't control the heretics, but I will send the orders to my people. They understand her threat.

Bumaro: You'll have an easier time than me. I wouldn't be surprised if they tried to kill me…. but if you do as you promise and hand over the pieces, perhaps I can keep them together. At least until the threat has passed.

Ganymede: You'll have the Serpent's Hand as well. Our organization is structured loosely, but those of us who I can command will assist Bumaro and his followers in rebuilding their god in any way we can.

O5-1: I understand Bumaro and Ion. With all due respect, what interest does the Serpent's Hand have in these matters?

Ganymede: It's our world too. We don't want to see it fall to Yaldabaoth anymore than we do.

O5-1: …I see. Well, thank you for your assistance. I'll draw up an agreement and have it here within the hour. For now, let's take a break.

The Marcion Agreement were signed by O5-1 on behalf of the Foundation, Robert Bumaro on behalf of the Broken Church, and by Grand Karcist Ion on behalf of Proto-Sarkites. The terms dictate that all signatory parties pledge to share all relevant intelligence on SCP-001 with each other and cooperate fully on Project Ophiotaurus. The terms of the Marcion Agreement are enforced by a Magister-Class Blood Oath, with all relevant penalties for breakage included.

Project Ophiotaurus-2217 Report

"Uh, this is Director Sinope of Auxiliary Site-2217, reporting on Mekhanite compliance with Project Ophiotaurus as ordered.

The Church of the Broken God- sorry, Mekhanites, set up shop on the beach a few weeks ago. All objects deemed necessary to their cause were shipped here as ordered, and uh… I guess they're building themselves a god.

Sorry, I don't know how else to put. It's some sort of construct on the beach that they keep adding metallic objects to. Doesn't look human, but I've been told that there's been a slight spike in the ambient Akiva radiation every time the lightning hits the construct, so we're assuming its working. They seem pleased with the results.

I've asked for a time frame on when they estimate construction will be complete. That didn't make them happy. Something about not being able to compare building a car to building God. The Serpent's Hand liaison, Brother Ganymede, he listed off a whole bunch of Type Blue lingo about the requirements and anomalous materials. Short answer: they have no idea. Could be a few years, could be a few days.

I have to say I was expecting some hostility, having our three groups on the island, but it's going remarkably well. There's a little tension between us and the Hand, but everything's running smoothly. There's not a lot for us to do other than take notes, but our researchers are making the best of it. Even heard one telling a joke to one of the Mekhanites. Almost makes you thinking about all the years we've been fighting them.

To sum things up, everything's been fine here. No incidents have occurred, the Veil Protocol is being maintained, and the Mekhanite group is in full compliance. I'll be sending this file with my full notes attached.

Director Sinope signing off."

Mediterranean Incident Report:

At approximately 20:12 EET, Site-26 reported low-level seismic activity on Gyaros, the location of Site-2095, as per standard protocol concerning non-anomalous disasters. No injuries were noted at the time.

Twelve minutes later, additional seismic activity was reported. The site-wide alert had been activated briefly before being taken offline. The decision was made to mobilize MTF Nu-7 ("Hammer Down") to Site-26 in the case of possible breach of the Marcion Agreement by Sarkic forces.

Site-26 had been destroyed, through what appeared to be damage consistent with major seismic activities. SCP-2095 had suffered catastrophic structural damage, as no traces of it above ground could be found. Personnel inside are believed to be lost.

Deceased security personnel laid scattered throughout the site, apparently having been engaged in a firefight with an insurgent force of GOI-005 members.

Recovered Footage of the The Mediterranean Incident

Several robed individuals are seen walking up to the facility gates. A security member goes to greet them, believing them to be from Site-2095.

A pillar of flesh erupts from the security guard's head, killing him. Other security guards open fire, but have little effect on the attackers. The attackers tear the fencing down, knocking the security camera to the ground.

Members enter the site. One stands over the corpse of the securty guard, appearing to collect something from his feet before following the others.

Seismic activity is observed. Remaining fencing can be seen swaying slightly

Time passes, and the shaking ceases.

Additional seismic activity is observed.

Seismic activity intensifies violently, knocking the remaining fencing down and shaking the camera view wildly.

Camera begins to degrade in quality due to damage, cutting out to static.

As the camera goes offline, Site-26 is observed breaking apart as SCP-2095 rises from underground.


Incident-2095 Meeting

Ion: Why have you summoned us?

Bumaro: Yes, I'm curious about that too. Brother Ganymede has assured me that everything is going to plan on the construction process.

O5-1: Last night, there was an incident at Auxiliary Site 26, which overlooks SCP-2095. I was hoping you could tell me what happened there, Grand Karcist.

[O5-1 displays the footage to Bumaro, and Ion].

Bumaro: Well, Ion, it looks like you have some explaining to do.

Ion: I do not know what happened. These insurgents were not under my command.

O5-1: Really? We've recovered the bodies of several Nälkä practitioners inside the Site. Additionally, none of your original team can be found. Our best guess is that they reanimated 2095 and used it to escape.

Ion: I- none of my followers there would be capable of such an act.

O5-1: Really? Well I can replay it for you, but it's not going to change.

Bumaro: Perhaps they're not as loyal as you thought, Ion. What a shame.

Ion: Be quiet, you toad, I- wait. What is that one doing to your guard?

O5-1: What? I don't know. [O5-1 replays the footage again] It looks like… he's taking something from his feet. Is that a toe?

Ion: Wait, a toe? Of course. That little witch.

Bumaro: Great. Just what we needed right now.

O5-1: Is there something I'm missing here?

Bumaro: Sorry, yes. Trust me, Ion and his followers are not behind this, I swear it.

O5-1: You two finally agree on something. Alright, who is?

Ion: Karcist Halyna Ieva. Once upon a time she may have been a loyal follower of mine, but now she serves only Yaldabaoth and her six archons. A disgusting perversion of all that Nälkä represents.

Bumaro: I met her once in Turkey, some time ago. She took downs several of our war machines, and integrated an entire sect of my faithful into her halkost. I had to run. Barely escaped with my life.

Ion: A wise course of action. Ieva draws her power directly from the archons. There are not many who could contend with her.

O5-1: So now what do we do? I'm assuming she's determined to stop our collaboration somehow, if she worships Yaldabaoth. And if she's powerful enough to resurect SCP-2095, it's only a matter of time before she breaks the Veil.

Bumaro: We're on the brink of the apocalypse, and you're scared that civilians will find out about the anomalous?

O5-1: With all due respect Bumaro, the Foundation has kept the world safe and unaware through numerous apocalypses. I doubt you've noticed any. We need to keep this under the radar. Handle it discreetly.

Ion: …Very well then. I'll send Klavigar Saarn to deal with her.

Bumaro: Saarn? I wasn't aware she was still around.

Ion: She will answer my call. You have no need to worry, Overseer. Saarn is one of my finest achievements. I would not have toppled the Daevites without her. She will accomplish her mission.

O5-1: Let's hope she does. For all our sakes.


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