The Exiled Black Lord of Alagadda
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The Exiled Black Lord of Alagadda

Wearer of the Anguished Mask1, Sorcerer-Prince of the Nevermeant, SCP-035


The Black Lord of Alagadda is one of the four sorcerer princes of the dimensional state of Alagadda, a hellish realm ruled by the god-shaped hole known as the Hanged King. According to accounts of deminsional travellers, the Black Lord was exiled after a political skirmish,e ventually surfacing in B-173 as SCP-035.



The Black Lord before his exile from Alagadda.


Traits: As one of the four Masked Lords of Alagadda, the Exiled Lord has the ability to posssess any creature (or certain objects, like mannequins) by having its mask placed on its face, overwriting its conciousnerss. The Exiled Lord is also said to posssess awe-inspiring sourcerous powers.

Nature: The Exiled Lord is said to be maniuplative to an almost supernatural degree, able to convince virtually any being that its whims, no matter how ouit of character or dangerous they are to the listener, are of the highest priority and must be carried out immediatly. This, coupled with its highly sadistic nature, make it a formidable foe even when beret of a host body.

History & Associated Parties: Like Alagadda as a whole, the Exiled Lord's are shrouded in mystery. As one of the Sorcerer Princes, it is known they owe fealty to the Ambassador of Alagadda, and through it, the Hanged King. Dimensional travellers to the city state throughout the ages have described encountering the four masked lords, suggesting that they exist in a state of immortality.

At an unknown point within the last three centuries, a dispute resulted in the Exiled Lord being exiled2 to the dimension of B-173. The nature of this dispute is unknown due to the nature of Alagadda's court, although rumors whispering in the far corners of the dimenison suggest that the Exiled Lord had been attempting to overthrow the Ambassador.

How SCP-035 came into the Foundation's custody is unknown, though leaks from the organization suggest its vast abilities are taxing the Foundation's ability to hold it. Covert assistance may be warranted, as it is in everyone's interest that the Exiled Lord remains imprisoned.

Approach: If you encounter the Exiled Lord in a state of imprisonment, shield your ears and do not listen to its trickery. Remember that its promises are false and hallow, and retreat from the area. If you encounter it in command of a body, your life is most likely forfeit. It is said however, that the Exiled Lord enjoys the fear of those he sees as subordinates. Playing to his emotions may provide an opprotunity for later escape.

Observations & Stories

Up until its poltical expulsion, the Exiled Lord confined its interests to Alagadda, rarely venturing beyond its borders. Like the rest of its brethren however, the Black Lord is said to grant its patronage to sufficently talented artists who catch its eye. Some of the greatest anartists throughout history have been patrons of one of the Masked Lords, and dark secrets trafficked among the Dreamsmiths of the Oneiroi whisper that prominent members of the Are We Cool Yet? movement are visited each night by the Lords in their dreams.

What they discuss is not and should not be known, though clear influences can be found in their works (see the Statue of the Minotaur).


While there is a consensus on the basic facts of the political make up of the King's court, further details are unknown and stubborn to spreading3. It is known compared to other poltical structures, the Ambassador of Alagadda wields an unusual amount of power4 operations of the citystae, adressing subjects, curting other dimensions, sich as the Sarkic Sate of Adytum. The Ambassador is law, as it is the voice of the Hanged King.

Whatever the Exiled Lord did, seemed to upset this balance of power. Perhaps it saw to overthrow the Ambassador, in return for resotring the true ruler of Alagadda to his throne. The Ambassador surely could not stand for this, so conspired with the other Masked Lords to banish it.

The thought of an unshackled Hanged King ruling over Alagadda is a terror to even contemplate. The entirety of Alagadda would collapse in on itself, as the dimension slowly fell to the god-shaped hole.

Perhaps this arrangement is for the best.

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