The Fairy Dancer of Eagle Nebula
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Item#: 5548
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Special Containment Procedures: All images of the Eagle Nebula are to be scanned for the presence of SCP-5548. Confirmed appearances should either be confiscated and destroyed, or altered to match SCP-5548's appearance in the attached photo.


SCP-5548 upon its discovery in 2004.

Description: SCP-5548 was a 9.5-light-year1 tall pillar of hydrogen dust located in the Eagle Nebula, 7000 light years away from Earth. Among civilians and astronomical organizations SCP-5548 is known as the Fairy of Eagle Nebula, due to its roughly humanoid shape.

Foundation investigation revealed that SCP-5548 was capable of human ambulation, appearing to walk across the Eagle Nebula. SCP-5548 tended to linger around the Pillars of the Creation2, climbing and walking across them as if the gas was solid. Occasionally, SCP-5548 appeared to enact a series of movements involving intricate spins and leaps before resuming its normal activities.

The exact degree of sentience and/or sapience possessed by SCP-5548 remains unknown.

09/01/2007: In 2007, civilian astronomer Nicolas Flagey and his team from the Institut d’Astrophysique Spatiale in Orsay, France, captured an image with the Spitzer Space Telescope of a cloud of super-heated dust caused by the explosion of a supernova. Flagey noted that the dust appeared to be around 1000 years away from reaching the Pillars of Creation and SCP-5548.

Accounting for the time it took for the light of the image to reach the telescope, SCP-5548 is estimated to have been Neutralized for approximately 6000 years.


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