The Great Tubby Adventure
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Nudge. Nudge. Nudge. And suddenly, he was free Tubby fell from the shelf to the floor. He blinks a few times and begins to waddle off. He didn't make it far before he turns around and looks up to the lot of plushes almost identical to him.

"Come on!" Tubby squeaks. "It's dark time, leaving will be easier!"

"Tubby, we can't move. At least not me." A plush informs.

This confuses Tubby. He can move just fine.

"Are you sure?" Tubby asks, pawing at the ground.

"Hold on." A plush says.

There is a pause.

"Yeah, I'm sure."

"Hm." Tubby knows he needs to free his friends — but how? His arms are very short and bad at carrying things. What Tubby needs is something that can transport his friends out easily. This place is sure to have something.

"Hold on. I'm getting help!" Tubby informs cheerfully, hopping down the aisle. No friend left behind!

As Tubby waddles down the aisles searching for a device to transport his friends, the size of the building begun to dawn on him. This was going to be more difficult than he initially thought.

Tubby stumbled upon an aisle filled with large plastic rectangles with wheels. Wheels moved easily, this is the ideal transport. He made his way up to the plastic rectangle. Handles! Those will make escape way easier.

Now the question remained: How was he going to get it off the shelf?

Tubby supposes he could push it. Yeah, that could work. But, how is he going to reach the handle? The handle was neatly tucked inside of the opening of the rectangle. Tubby decides to get the rectangle first, get the handle later. He hops onto the first shelf and began to nudge it. Soon, the rectangle was on the floor!

Tubby begins to push the rectangle down the aisle. The rectangle went off-path very easily, which is inconvenient. This was going to take forever.

"Need some help, buddy?"

Tubby stops pushing the rectangle and looks around; where did that come from?

Suddenly, standing next to tubby was a grey and white plush cat.

"Hello!" Tubby squeaks. "I'm Tubby! What's your name?" Maybe this won't be so hard after all! Then again, this cat is smaller than he is.

"My name is Yang." The cat informs. "I saw you were having some trouble with this cart, and I wanted to offer my assistance!"

"That's very nice of you." Tubby thanks. "I need help pushing this rectangle to my friends so I can rescue them!" Even if Yang was small, his help was still valuable.

Yang gives a brief nod. The last thing Tubby expected occurs: Yang morphs into a cat — a living, breathing cat!

Tubby watches the transformation in awe.

"It will be easier for me to help you this way. Let's waste no time!" Yang hops into the rectangle and nudges the handle to the floor. He hops back out of the rectangle and walks next to Tubby. "It will be easiest if we pull it together."

Tubby blinks with approval. The two both grab a part of the handle and begin to pull.

Multiple plushies identical to Tubby are nudged into the rectangle by Yang and Tubby.

"Thanks for getting us off that shelf, Tubby!" One plushie chirps.

"No problem!" Tubby squeaks as he nudges the final plushie into the rectangle. Surprisingly, they all fit, tightly, but fit. "Thank Yang here for helping me get the rectangle!"

"Thank you, Yang!" A chorus of plushies say.

Yang chuckles with a nod. "My pleasure."

The group of Tubbies and Yang make it up to the front of the store.

"Good luck in the real world!" Yang wishes.

Tubby frowns. "Wait, are you.. not coming with us?" He asks slowly.

Yang lowers his head. "It's my job to help stray toys find their way to the place right for them." He explains calmly.

Tubby nudges Yang, attempting to hug him. "Promise you'll visit? Please?" He squeaks.

Yang nods. "Stay in the area, and I'll find you. Promise."

Tubby pulls away, and up to the wagon handle. "It was nice to meet you, Yang!"

Yang smiles. "Same here! Good luck, Tubby!"

"Thanks!" Tubby squeaks, pulling the cart out the automatic doors, and into the night.

"You better be joking." Mary demands, putting her phone on speaker, setting it on the bathroom counter.

"How could all of the Sumikko Gurashi super mochi tapioca blues have disappeared overnight? It's not like they walked out of there on their own!" She barks into the phone, slipping silver hoop earrings in.

"I want an explanation! A real explanation!" Mary slams her fist against the counter.

"Well I'll be there in twenty minutes, and you better tell me where the hell those Super Mochis went!"

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