The Lions and the Nazareth

There was a time before He came, when they feasted on the singers.

They did not know why the singers nourished them, or where it had came from before the singers gave them the teeth and skin of their young. All it knew was its food, and so it ate. If it was anything close to a human's mind, it might have even said it was content.

Then He came, carried across the sea by the Not-Singers. The Not-Singers killed their Singers and took their food. Before where it was hale and hearthy, now it was starving. The Not-Singers saw this, and knew that it was good.

He came for the singers, and they ofught him. It did them no good of course, He was much stronger, feasting on millions of Not-Singers far beyond the waters. He would kill them, and take his Singers and turn them into Not-Singers.

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